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Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : SS101
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : Soft Skills for Base Line Staff in Service sector

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Soft Skills for Base Line Staff in Service sector Sample Paper :

1. Every message we send should have a clear __________.
A) word
B) purpose

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C) spelling
D) ending

2.If we have to communicate with someone about a number of different topics, we should consider writing a ___________ email for each one.
A) common
B) separate
C) attached
D) combined

3. The abbreviation NEWS means-
A) North East West South
B) Never Eat While Sleeping
C) Night Ends While Sitting
D) North East We See

4. A speaker has to dress ________ for the presentation.
A) informally
B) casually
C) formally
D) clumsily

5. The girl in the picture is _____________.
A) Amazed
B) Nervous
C) Happy
D) Sleepy

Q-1. Another name of interpersonal communication is
A) Mass communication
B) Face to face public communication
C) Dyadic communication
D) Virtual reality

Q-2 Communication is a ___________
A) one way process
B) two way process.
C) three way process.
D) four way process

Q-3 Which of the following cannot work as an input unit
A) keyboard.
B) trackball.
C) lightpen.
D) none of the mentioned

Q-4 ——– if the first quality of business letter
A) Comprehensive
B) Correctness
C) Conciseness
D) Clarity

Q-5 AIf you hear a tannoy at the railway station what information is likely tobe announced?
A) who the station manager is
B) where to get a coffee
C) the next train departure
D) How to get a Job in Railway.

Q-6 ____ Means linking words and phrases together so that the whole text is clear and readable.
A) Cohesion
C) Conjunctions
D) Junctions

Q-7 Internet can be used for____________
A) uploading
B) downloading.
C) chatting.
D) all of these.
Q-8 __________refers to the time of action
A) Tense
B) Tense
D) Main verb

Q-9In the structure of the business letter what comes first
A) Reference
B) Date
D) Heading

Q-10Find out the prepositions from the following: The cat jumped off the chair
A) The

Q-11 He __________ his work after dinner?
a) Shall do
b) Will do
d) Is doing

Q-12Young one of Lion is called?
a) Chicken
c) Cub
d) Puppy

Q-13______ Is nothing but checking whether we have followed the earlier stages promptly and efficiently
A) Review
B) Reading
C) Recalling

Q-14Hi, Neha! What’s up?” This expression is an instance of
A)Formal expression
B)Informal expression
C)Both the above
D)None of the above

Q-15 Which term is often used interchangeably with the term “motivation”?
A) personality
B) emotion
C) need
D) perception

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