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Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : GAR 501, 512, 515, 516 & 603
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Hand Embroider Theory

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Hand Embroider Model Question Paper :

Duration : 60 Minutes
Maximum Marks : 50
Each questions carry 2 marks

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1. The important of hand embroidery is ____________
A) Decorative purpose
B) Compulsory
C) Domestic purpose
D) used in garment industry

2. The use of basic embroidery is _____________
A) Essential
B) For stitching purpose
C) For fastening
D) Eyelets

3. The embroidery used in lucknow is ____________
A) Herring bone
B) Mirror Work
C) Eyelet work
D) kantha work

4. The frame is a must for working different kinds of embroidery stitches _______
A) Required
B) Is of no use
C) Used only for Machine embroidery
D) Not required

5. Transferring of design is done by ____________
A) Brown paper
B) Tracing paper
C) Tissue paper
D) Velvet Paper

6. Using a thimble for hand embroidery _________
A) Is choice
B) Is must
C) To hold needle
D) To hold frame

7. The hand needle used for embroidery is _____________
A) 6
B) 8
C) 10
D) 9

8. If we are not looking into our work while doing embroidery our _______
A) Eyes will damage
B) Ears will damage
C) Fingers will damage
D) Cloth will damage

9. The tools used for hand embroidery _______
A) use correct frame
B) Scale
C) Shears
D) Pinking scissors

10. For finishing patchwork, we use ___________
A) Chain stitch
B) Blanket stitch
C) Stem stitch
D) Herringbone stitch

11. Basic stitch are ________
A) Eyelet
B) Stem
C) Satin
D) Running

12. For enlarging the design by hand the method suitable is ____________
A) Carbon method
B) Tracing method
C) Graphic method
D) Free hand design

13. Hand embroidery articles are pressed on ___________
A) Animals design
B) Motif
C) Wrong side of the material
D) Applique work

14. For high lighting the embroidery thread that is most suitable __________
A) DMC thread
B) Zari thread
C) Anchor 6 strands
D) Silk thread

15. For bobbin thread embroidery designs are traced on the ____________
A) Cord thread
B) Sindhi work
C) Wrong side
D) Zardosi work

16. In West Bengal the embroidery famous is ___________
A) Sindhi Work
B) Mirror work
C) Kantha work
D) Bullion stitch

17. A smaller border designs are suitable for _________
A) Pillow work
B) Choli work
C) Pettycoat
D) Cushion work

18. Big border design is suitable for ____________
A) Children Garment
B) Kurtha
C) Saree
D) Pettycoat

19. Geometric design is suitable for __________
A) Frock
B) Zablas
C) Cushion cover
D) Bed spread

20. Eyelets are used for ____________
A) Dupatta
B) Suit
C) Shirt
D) Saree petticoat

21. Choose the best frame used for hand embroidery?
A) Wooden
B) Plastic
C) Metal
D) Glass

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