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Organisation : Central University of Rajasthan
Exam : Central Universities Common Entrance Test
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : UG
Year : 2016

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CUCET UG Model Question Paper :

Part – A :
Fill in the blanks from the options given below (Questions 1 to 7) :
1. Somebody is knocking _________ the door.
A) at
B) across
C) through
D) with

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2. She never listens _________ her mother.
A) at
B) for
C) to
D) in

3. My friend shared his book _________ me.
A) for
B) with
C) on
D) at

4. Sheela was _________ in the river.
A) depressed
B) drowse
C) drowned
D) drug

5. The children came _________ as animals.
A) dressed
B) make up
C) looked
D) glitter

6. If in _________ consult your doctor.
A) drought
B) draft
C) decline
D) doubt

7. The firm is involved in a legal _________ with a rival company.
A) disrepute
B) disrespect
C) dispute
D) disrupt

Mark the correct tense in the given sentences (Questions 8 to 10) :
8. He had been driving for about an hour.
A) past perfect continuous
B) past perfect
C) past continuous
D) past simple

9. She has not waited long.
A) present perfect
B) present simple
C) present perfect continuous
D) present continuous

10. Did you meet her ?
A) present simple B) past simple
C) present perfect D) past perfect

11. Peter walked 10 meters towards North, took turn left and walked 15 meters and again took left turn and walked 10 meters and stopped walking. Which direction was he facing when he stopped ?
A) West
B) North
C) East
D) South

12. Introducing a girl, John said, Her mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law.”
How is John related to that girl ?
A) Uncle
B) Father
C) Brother
D) Husband

13. Which of the following diagrams shows the relationship amongst English, Greek, Latin ?
A) P
B) Q
C) R
D) S

14. A cube is coloured red on all of its faces. It is then cut into 64 smaller cubes of equal size. The smaller cubes so obtained are now separated. How many smaller cubes will have at least two surfaces painted with red colour ?
A) 4
B) 18
C) 32
D) 24

15. P and Q each working alone can do a work in 10 days and 15 days, respectively. They started the work together but Q left after sometime and P finished the remaining work in 5 days. After how many days from the start did Q leave?
A) 3 days
B) 6 days
C) 2 days
D) 4 days

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