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YASHADA Entrance Test Sample Question Paper : Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration

Organisation : Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration – YASHADA
Exam : Entrance Test
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2015 – 2015
Category or Subject : Dr. Ambedkar Competitive Exam

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YASHADA Entrance Test Sample Question Paper :

Part – I :
Question no. 1 : In a land mark historic judgement on 14 September 2015, the Delhi High Court, passed which of the following verdict?
1) Acceptance of same gender marriages.
2) Permanent commission of women in the Navy.

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3) An unwed mother can claim guardianship of her child without disclosing name of the father.
4) Recognition of the right to negative vote for the electorate in the country.

Question no. 2 : Arrange the following states according to the decreasing order of their underground water resources.
1) Punjab – Telangana – Assam – West Bengal
2) Telangana – Assam – West Bengal – Punjab
3) Assam – West Bengal – Punjab – Telangana
4) West Bengal – Punjab – Assam – Telangana

Question no. 3 : Any expenditure charged on the consolidated fund of India needs the approval of the ……..
1) Parliament
2) Prime Minister
3) Cabinet
4) NITI Commission

Question no. 4 : Which of the following statement/s is/are correct?
a) Textile industry contributes about 14% to India’s industrial production and 13% to the country’s export earnings.
b) The decentralized power looms, hosiery and knitting sectors form the largest section of the Textiles Industry.
c) Online sale of handloom products is banned.
1) only b
2) b and c
3) a and b
4) a and c

Question no. 5 : World Health Organisation (WHO) released the Global status report on road safety 2015 on 19th October 2015. Consider the statements in relation to the report. Which of these statements are true?
A) In the last three years 79 countries have seen a decrease in the absolute number of fatalities while 68 countries have seen an increase.
B) Worldwide the total number of road traffic deaths have gone up to 1.50 million per year.
C) The report has been prepared from information of 180 countries.
1) A and B
2) B and C
3) All A, B, and C
4) A and C

Question no. 6 : The famers are provided credit from a number of sources for their short and long term needs.The main sources of credit to the farmers include.
1) The primary agricultural cooperative societies, commercial banks, RRBs and Private money lenders.
2) The NABARD, RBI, Commercial banks and private money lenders.
3) The District Central Cooperative Banks (DCCB), The lead banks, IRDP and JRY
4) The large scale multi–purpose Adivasis programme, DCCB, IFFCO and commercial banks.

Question no. 7 : “It is a monster made of rock with the head of a man and the body of a crouching lion, with its fore paws extended in front. The figure is over 18 mts high.”. The above description speaks about which famous historical monument?
1) The Great Sphinx of Greece
2) The Sphinx of Assyria
3) The Sphinx of Egypt
4) The Sphinx of Mesopotamia

Question no. 8 : Match the following
Group I – Group II :
A) Carbet National Park – i) Madhya Pradesh
B) Bandhavgad Sanctury – ii) Rajasthan
C) Sariska Wild Life Sanctury – iii) Uttaranchal
D) Manas Tiger Reserve – iv) Assam
1) A – iv B – ii C – iii D – i
2) A – iii B – i C – ii D – iv
3) A – iii B – ii C – i D – iv
4) A – ii B – i C – iv D – iii

Question no. 9 : The Raghuram Rajan Committee was appointed to study ………
1) the dispersal of industries and generation of employment.
2) the agrarian indebtedness and improvement in rural backwardness.
3) the problems confronting inclusive growth.
4) the regional backwardness and improvement in Development Index of the states.

Question no. 10 : Read the following statements.
a) Quick Response code (QR code) is a 3–D code.
b) It was first developed in 1994 in Japan by an automobile company Denso Wave.
c) Scanning of QR can be done by special devices only.
Which of the above sentences regarding QR code are incorrect?
1) a and c
2) a and b
3) b and c
4) a, b and c

Question no. 12 :The product life cycle from inception to demise is shown in the graph. Match List I and with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below.
1) A – I B – IV C – II D – III
2) A – I B – IV C – III D – II
3) A – IV B – I C – II D – III
4) A – IV B – I C – III D – II

Question no. 13 : Upanishads are books on ……..
1) Religion
2) Yoga
3) Philosophy
4) Law

Question no. 14 : The ministry of Information and Broadcasting reconstituted the Central Press Accreditation Committee (CPAC) recently. In this context consider the following statements. Which of these is /are correct?
A) The CPAC issues Press Information Bureau (PIB) cards to journalist.
B) PIB Director General Vijay Malhotra is the ex-officio chairman of the committee.
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Both A and B
4) Neither A nor B

Question no. 15 : Which of the following states are demanding special status?
1) Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam.
2) Bihar, Chhattisgad, Zarkhand, Goa, Odisha, Rajasthan
3) Bihar, Rajasthan, Goa, Madhy Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
4) Meghalaya, Haryana, Zarkhand, Karnatak, Goa

Question no. 16 : Identify the correct pair of genetic diseases from the following.
1) Diabetes – Gangrene
2) Heart disease – Malaria
3) Haemophilia – Colourblindness
4) Blood cancer – Neural disease

Question no. 17 : Identify the rivers A, B, C, D, E and F in the map given below.
1) A – Kosi B – Ghagra C – Gandak D – Yamuna E – Ganga F – Son
2) A – Ghagra B – Gandak C – Kosi D – Yamuna E – Ganga F – Son
3) A – Kosi B – Gandak C – Son D – Ganga E – Yamuna F – Ghagra
4) A – Ghagra B – Son C – Gandak D – Ganga E – Yamuna F – Kosi

Question no. 18 : Which among the following is an indicator of the Human Development Index?
1) Education
2) Average Life expectancy
3) GDP
4) All of the above

Question no. 19 : Match the following.
Author – Age
i) Sudraka – a) Amarkosha
ii) Varahamihira – b) Bruhad Samhita
iii) Vishnu Sharma – c) Mrichcha Katika
iv) Amarsimha – d) Panchatantra
– e) Hitopdesha
1) i – b, ii – e, iii – c, iv – d
2) i – c, ii – b, iii – d, iv – a
3) i – d, ii – c, iii – a, iv – b
4) i – e, ii – a, iii – a, iv – c

Question no. 20 : Which of the following winds are cold winds?
A) Sirocco B) Bora C) Khamsin D) Mistral E) Salano
1) B and D
2) A and E
3) C and D
4) B and E

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