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University College Of Health Sciences Talent Search Exam Sample Question Paper :

Organisation : University College Of Health Sciences
Exam : International Talent Search Examination- II
Document Type : Sample Question Paper

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Download Sample Question Paper :

International Talent Search Exam Sample Question Paper :

Total Questions: 40
Marks: 80
Times: 1 hr

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1. Most Common cause of Wrist Drop
A. Trauma
B. Injection Deltoid
C. Leprosy
D. Tuberculosis

2. Fastest Conductor is present in which
A. SA Node
B. AV Node
C. Bundle of Hiss
D. Purkinje Fibres

3. Site of action of ADH (Anti diuretic hormone) is
A. Glomerulus
D. Collecting duct

4. Spirometry measures all except
A. Vital Capacity
B. Inspiratory Reserve Volume
C. Functional Residual Capacity
D. Functional residual Volume

5. Which tissue has highest amount of Glycogen
A. Muscle
B. Liver
C. Kidney
D. Brain

6. Increase prothrombin time is seen in deficiency of all except
A. Factor 2
B. Factor 7
C. Factor 9
D. Factor 10

7. All changes are seen in Acute M.I except

8. Toxic shock syndrome is due to which vaccine
A. Mumps
B. Salk
C. Sabin
D. Measles

9. All are STD except
A. Syphilis
B. Hepatitis B
C. Chancroid
D. Mumps

10. Beta blocker that can be used in renal failure
A. Propranolol
B. Pindolol
C. Sotalol
D. Oxyprenolol

11. Potassium sparing diuretic are all except
A. Spironolactone
B. Amiloride
C. Triameterene
D. Frusemide

12. Important side effects of Isoniazid therapy tuberculosis are mainly related to
B. Nervous system
C. Endocrine system
D. Respiratory system

13. Patechial Haemorrhage is not seen in
A. Drowning
B. Thrombocytopenia
C. Heavy Metal Poisoning
D. Shock

14. Methyl alcohol poisoning is best treated by
A. Sodium Bicarbonate
B. Ethyl alcohol
C. Disulfiram
D. Atropine

15. In gastric lavage tube is passed upto
A. 25 cm
B. 40 cm
C. 50 cm
D. 60 cm

16. Which Vitamin act as Harmone
A. Vit D
B. Vit A
C. Vit C
D. Vit K

17. Transplacental Passage occurs in
A. Filaria
B. Relapsing Fever
C. Malaria
D. Plague

18. Occurrence of cases complaining of diplopia, dysphagia, dysarthria, blurring vision & muscle weakness could be due to
A. Diphtheria
B. Botulism
C. Infantile Beriberi
D. Chemical poisoning

19. Pulsus Paradoxus is seen in
A. Pericardial Effusion
B. Myxoedema
C. Anaemia

20. A 26 year old asymptomatic woman is found to have arrthymias and systolic murmur associated with midsystolic clicks; which investigation would you use:
A. Electrophysiological Testing
B. Tc scan
C. Echocardiography
D. Angiography

21. Osteoporosis is seen in all except
A. Hyper parathyroidism
B. Hypo parathyroidism
C. Hyper thyroidism
D. Cushing disease

22. Alkaline phosphatase is increased in all except
A. Obstructive jaundice
B. Prostate carcinoma
C. Carcinoma liver
D. Carcinoma of lungs

23. Wilson’s disease is characterized by all except
A. Spasticity
B. Sensory loss
C. Rigidity
D. Cholera

24. Which is autoimmune disease?
A. P. vulgaris
B. Lichen planus
C. Lupus vulgaris
D. Impetogo

25. Shortest acting muscle relaxant
A. Curare
B. Gallamine
C. Pancuroniym
D. Succinylcholine

26. A patient with pneumonia for 5 days admitted to hospital. He suddenly ceases to recognize doctor and staff and think that he is in jail. He complains of scorpions attacking him, is in altered sensorium: condition is:
A. Acute delirium
B. Acute dementia
C. Acute schizophrenia
D. Acute paranoid

27. If brocas area is involved all are true except
A. Impaired comprehension
B. Impaired repetition of language
C. Impaired naming
D. Decreased fluency

28. Most common cause of post menopausal bleeding
A. Endometriosis
B. Uterine Ca
C. Ovarian Ca
D. Endometrial Ca

29. A pregnant woman having mitral stenosis is most likely to develop cardiac failure by
A. 32 weeks
B. 1st stage of labour
C. 3rd stage of labour
D. 4th stage of labour

30. Rhinophyoma is caused by
A. Viral
B. Bacteria
C. Fungal
D. None

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  1. I want to download the last five years question paper of AIMS talent exam.

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