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ITSE Class 3rd Previous Year Paper 2022-23 : International Talent Search Exam

Organisation : ITSE
Exam Name : International Talent Search Examination (ITSE)
Class : III
Document Type : Previous Year Paper
Year: 2022-23
Website :

International Talent Search Examination (ITSE)

ITSE is an educational organization bringing into the vague academic competition and developing competitive spirit among school children. The exam is Mainly conducted to find the young genius. Their grades or marks in school will not be considered. The Pattern and syllabus for International Talent Search Examination (ITSE) would be similar as provided in school syllabus as per NCERT. ITSE is conducting the test in 6 subjects ie. Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Cyber (Computer) & General Awareness.

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ITSE Previous Year Question Papers For Class 3rd

1. Why do plants need to adapt?
(A) to survive
(B) to protect
(C) both
(D) none of these

2. tree never shed their leaves.
(A) evergreen
(B) conifers
(C) deciduous
(D) none of these

3. Plants grown in water, are called plants.
(A) wet
(B) aquatic
(C) both (A) & (B)
(D) none of these

4. Rose plants have to protect them.
(A) leaves
(B) root
(C) flower
(D) spines

5. Native place where animals live is called
(A) forest
(B) home
(C) habitat
(D) none of these

6. Changes and development of body, habit in animals which help to survive them
(A) training
(B) Exercise
(C) adaptation
(D) Adjustment

7. Animals living in cold regions have on their bodies to protect them from cold.
(A) fur
(B) jacket
(C) both
(D) none of these

8. Frog can breathe through their
(A) skin
(B) ears
(C) eyes
(D) all of these

9. Our city’s air has humidity in the monsoon.
(A) low
(B) high
(C) both
(D) none of these

10. A tight football is heavier than a loose football because air has
(A) shape
(B) weight
(C) both
(D) none of these

11. Exhaled air contains oxygen than inhaled air.
(A) more
(B) less
(C) both
(D) none of these

12. The substances that causes air pollution are called
(A) pollutants
(B) dirty things
(C) both
(D) none of these

13. The force that tries to stop an object moving on a surface is called
(A) magnetic force
(B) gravitational force
(C) electrical force
(D) frictional force

14. Is it easy to move an object on a rough surface?
(A) no
(B) yes
(C) can’t say
(C) None of these

15. How do you feel if you do not get food for a long time?
(A) Tired
(B) weak
(C) sleepy
(D) none of these

16. Foods rich in carbohydrate are called giving foods.
(A) energy
(B) Sweets
(C) both
(D) none of these

17. Butter is a good source of
(A) carbohydrates
(B) protein
(C) minerals
(D) fats

18. Excess consumption of fats causes
(A) scurvy
(B) obesity
(C) anaemia
(D) none of these

19. Meat and pulses are good source of
(A) Vitamins
(B) water
(C) fats
(D) proteins

20. are protective foods
(A) carbohydrates
(B) chocolate
(C) fats
(D) vitamins

21. Digestion start in our
(A) mouth
(B) intestine
(C) Stomach
(D) none of these

22. Tube like structure in our digestive system is
(A) stomach
(B) lungs
(C) food pipe
(D) none of these

23. The biggest gland in our body is
(A) none of these
(B) liver
(C) stomach
(D) heart

24. Two bean shaped organ in excretory system are
(A) lungs
(B) heart
(C) kidneys
(D) none of these

25. There are permanent teeth
(A) 32
(B) 21
(C) 50
(D) none of these

26. Upper surface of a tooth is
(A) dentine
(B) gum
(C) enamel
(D) none of these

27. is the internal part of teeth.
(A) Enamel
(B) Gum
(C) Pulp
(D) none of these

28. is a common problem in our teeth.
(A) Anaemia
(B) Cavity
(C) Toothache
(D) none of these

29. Which is the artificial source of light?
(A) stars
(B) sun
(C) electric bulb
(D) moon

30. Which amongst these are transparent objects?
(A) window pane
(B) thin plastic sheet
(C) both of these
(D) none of these

31. The Sun, Stars and glow worms are sources of light.
(A) Natural
(B) Artificial
(D) Electric
(D) None of these

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