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UIEO Unified International English Olympiad Sample Question Paper :

Organisation : Unified Council
Exam : Unified International English Olympiad – UIEO
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : Class II – X

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Unified Council UIEO Sample Question Paper

Class – III :
I. Vocabulary and Grammar :
1. Collective noun to represent a group of ships is______.
A. cavalcade
B. caravan

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C. cargo
D. fleet

2. Which of the following is correctly punctuated ?
A. this is his fathers pen
B. this is his father’s pen.
C. This is his father’s pen.
D. This is his father’s pen

Select options correctly replacing the groups of words.
3. That which can’t be seen
A. insensible
B. intangible
C. invisible
D. unseen

Select the options which are similar in meaning to the given words.
4. Famous
A. noted
B. everywhere
C. actual
D. intelligent

Select options showing meaningful arrangement of the four jumbled parts of sentences given (Do not add any punctuation. You may ignore capitalisation).
5. P. This evening Q. Phone
R. You can S. Me

Class – IV

1. Select the option showing correctly the part of speech of the underlined word in the following sentence
Wow ! They are going to Goa today.
A. conjunction
B. interjection
C. noun
D. verb

Use correct options to fill the blanks.
2. You ________touch the walls. They have just been painted.
A. can
B. can’t
C. won’t
D. wouldn’t

3. She cried ___________ on hearing the news of her failure.
A. bitter
B. better
C. bitterly
D. bitterness

Choose the options carrying the wrongly spelt word.
4. A. physician
B. handkerchief
C. paragraph
D. autobiographi

Select the option showing the jumbled parts of the given sentences arranged correctly, to make a meaningful sentences, in each case. (Ignore punctuation).
6. P. back
Q. two hours
R. within
S. I’ll be

Class – V

1. Select options, showing correctly the parts of speech of the underlined words, in the following sentences.
1. The bravery of the soldier saved many lives.
A. noun
B. pronoun
C. adverb
D. adjective

Select appropriate options for replacing the blanks.
2. My father is going to buy________for my study room.
A. some furnitures
B. a furniture
C. some furniture
D. furnituer

Choose options with correctly punctuated statements.
3. After which option would you put a comma ?
Could you pass me the salt please ?
A. could
B. me
C. pass
D. salt

Choose options showing the correct form of indirect speech of the following.
4. “The train leaves in five minutes,” said the man.
A. The man said that the train leaves in five minutes.
B. The man said that the train left in five minutes
C. The man said that the train left in five minutes.
D. The man said that the train would leave in five minutes.

Select options similar in meaning to the given words.
5. Despise
A. loss
B. true
C. hate
D. real

Class – VI

Select correct options (verbs) to replace the blanks.
1. I only ______ a little salt for my biryani.
A. want
B. wanting
C. have wanted
D. will want

2. These bangles __________ cheaper in Sultan Bazar.
A. is
B. was
C. are
D. will

Select correct options (with the most suitable form of the verb agreeing with the subject) to fill the blanks.
3. Everyone selected for the team_________to come for practice.
A. have
B. had
C. will
D. has

4. Some of the products__________to be contaminated.
A. appear
B. will appear
C. appears
D. has appeared

Select options (synonyms) to the underlined words.
5. His behaviour is idiotic. I don’t encourage him ever.
A. important
B. foolish
C. ideal
D. intellectual

Class – VII

Select the most suitable options to fill the blanks.
1. He did___________food to the beggar, yesterday.
A. has offered
B. had offered
C. offered
D. offer

2. She __________late, as it’s a holiday.
A. will rise
B. is rising
C. will raise
D. rose

Select the most suitable options for the blanks.
3. Nisha is ________driving the car.
A. with care
B. careful
C. careless
D. carefully

4. Swimming is a_________ activity.
A. healthy
B. healthier
C. healthiest
D. health

Select options (synonyms) to the given words.
5. Eminent
A. famous & respected
B. superior to all
C. efficient & attractive
D. Very important

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