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Khalsa College Model Test Paper M.Sc Agriculture Entrance Exam

Organisation : Khalsa College
Entrance Exam : M.Sc Agriculture Entrance Test/Exam
Document Type : Model Test Paper
Year : 2024
Website :

Khalsa College M.Sc Agriculture Entrance Test Paper

Time Allowed: 2 hours
Multiple Choice Questions
Max Marks: 100
1. Method demonstration works on the principle of
A) Learning is believing
B) Learning by teaching
C) Seeing and doing
D) Learning by doing

2. An extension worker help farmers to attain desirable changes in his:
A) Temperature
B) Behavior
C) Health
D) Wealth

3. The T& V System was sponsored by :
C) World bank

4. Which of the following is not a principle of extension education :
A) Need and interest
B) Principle of learning by doing
C) Principle of cultural difference
D) None of these

5. The length of time required to pass through the innovation-decision process is called as :
A) Diffusion period
B) Adoption
C) Overtime
D) Innovation-decision period

6. An agricultural innovator is generally viewed as :
A) Opinion leader
B) Social deviant
C) Skeptical
D) Traditional

7. Total number of adopter categories are
A) 2
B )4
C )3
D) 5

8. An innovation has relatively high degree of complexity, its adoption will be
A) Quick
B )Fast
D) Can’t be said

9. Who is considered as the father of extension in India?
A) KN Singh
B) R N Singh
C) Shoemaker
D) Rogers

10. The S-M-C-R Model of communication is given by
A) Berio
C) Rogers

11. The adopter category, which is considered as the custodian of indigenous knowledge is called as
A) Laggards
B) Late majority
C) Early adopters
D) None of these

12. National rural development guarantee act (NREGA) was enacted in ………………………………
A) September 2006
B.) September 2005
C) January 2006
D) January 2005

13. A registered society of key stakeholders involved in agricultural activities for sustainable agricultural development of the district is known as:
D) T and V System.

14. Cost B2 include
A) Cost B1 +rental value of owned land
B) Cost B1 + rental value of leased land
C) Cost A1 + rental value of owned land
D) Cost A2 +rental value of leased land

15. The objective of product-product relationship’s
A) Optimization of production
B) Cost minimization
C) Profit maximization
D) All of above

Instructions for Candidates

1. Every candidate should carry his/her valid Roll No. cum Admit Card to the Entrance Test. No candidate without the valid Roll No. cum Admit Card will be allowed to enter the examination centre.
2. The question paper will be of Two Hours duration and will comprise of hundred Multiple Choice Questions of One mark each.
3. The candidate has to mark the right option against the question number in the OMR sheet with blue / black pen. The circles marked with pencil will not be marked.
4. There will be no negative marking.
5. The OMR must be handed over to the Room Supervisor even if the candidate has not filled any option.
6. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before two hours.
7. Do hot write/make any identification mark(s)/religious symbols/slogan(s) on the OMR sheet.
8. T he candidate must ensure that his/her OMR has been duly stamped.
9. Please ensure that you have signed the attendance sheet.
10. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets such as Bluetooth etc. are strictly prohibited in the Examination Centre.

Download Model Test Paper

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