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Organisation : Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board
Exam Name : Pre. Agriculture Test(PAT)/Pre. Veterinary Polytechnic Test(PVPT) Entrance Exam -2023
Year : 2023
Website :

Question Paper for PAT & PVPT Entrance Exam -2023

Pre. Agriculture Test(PAT)/Pre. Veterinary Polytechnic Test(PVPT) Entrance Exam -2023 Agriculture & Mathematics

1) Which of the following aliphatic carboxylic acid is a solid at room temperature?
A. Heptanoic acid
B. Octanoic acid
C. Nonanoic acid
D. Decanoic acid

2. “Gold number” is used for measurement of which property among the following?
A. Emulsifying strength
B. Protective power
C. Coagulation power
D. Peptization power

3. Fertilizer which supply only one major plant nutrient is-
A. Straight fertilizer
B. Complex fertilizer
C. Complete fertilizer
D. Double fertilizer

4. In an element the number of unpaired electron in 3p is maximum. Its atomic number will be-
A. 23
B. 33
C. 15
D. 26

5. With increase in temperature, which of these changes?
A. Molality
B. Fraction of solute present in water
C. Weight fraction of solute
D. Mole fraction

6. Acid present in both coconut oil and butter is-
A. Lauric acid
B. Stearic acid
C. Oleic acid
D. Linolenic acid

7. Stearic acid is present in-
A. Cotton-seed oil
B. Soya-been
C. Butter
D. Linseed

8. Organic compounds can be classified even based upon the function groups. Which of the following is not a functional group?
A. Isocyano
B. Carbonyl
C. Isocyanide
D. Carboxyl

9. Carotenes are found in-
A. Milk
B. Carrot
C. Meat
D. Lemon

10. Which one of them is the weakest?
A. Ionic Bond
B. Covalent Bond
C. Metallic Bond
D. Van-der Waals force

11. Which among following does not exhibit geometric isomerism?
A. 1-hexene
B. 2-hexene
C. 3-hexene
D. 4-hexene

12. Which of the following bond is made up of a large number of organic compounds?
A. Metallic Bond
B. Dipolar Bond
C. Ionic Bond
D. Covalent Bond

13. Which of these is not a Product of Fermentation?
A. Lactate
B. Oxygen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Ethano

14. Reason for three unpaired electrons in Nitrogen-
A. Pauli’s exclusion principle
B. Aufbau principle
C. Uncertainty principle
D. Hund’s rule

15. What is the Index for the Gold Number?
A. Protective Power of Lyophilic
B. Purity of Gold
C. Metallic Gold
D. Electroplated Gold

Instruction to Candidates

1. Immediately after getting the booklet read instructions carefully, mentioned on the front and back page of the question booklet and do not open the seal given on the question booklet, unless asked by the invigilator.

2. Write your Roll No., Answer Sheet No., in the specified places given above and put your signature.
3. Make all entries in the OMR Answer Sheet as per the given instructions otherwise Answer-Sheet will not be evaluated.

4. After Opening the seal, ensure that the Question booklet contains total no. of pages as mentioned above and printing of all the 200 questions is proper. If any discrepancy is found, inform the invigilator within 15 minutes and get the correct booklet.

5. While answering the question from the question Booklet, for each question choose the correct/most appropriate option out of four options given, as answer and darken the circle provided against that option in the OMR Answer sheet, bearing the same serial number of the question. Darken the circle only with Black or Blue ball point pen.

6. Darken the circle of correct answer properly otherwise answers will not be evaluated. The candidate will be fully responsible for it.

7. There are 200 objective type questions in this question booklet. 01 mark is allotted for each correct answer.
8. No negative marking will be done.
9. Do not write anything anywhere in the Question booklet and the Answer-Sheet except making entries in the specified places otherwise OMR sheet will not be evaluated.
10. After completion of the examination, only OMR Answer Sheet is to be handed over to the invigilator. Carbon copy of the Answer-Sheet and Question Booklet may be taken away by the examinee.

11. This question booklet contains three parts :-
Part Particular No. of Questions Marks
AG-I Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology 80 80
AG-II Crop Production and Horticulture 60 60
AG-III Elements of Animal Husbandry and Poultry Farming 60 60

12. Each question contains 01 marks. All question are compulsory.
13. In case of any ambiguity in Hindi version / English version the English version shall be considered authentic.

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