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Shivaji University Ph.D. Entrance Examination Question Paper :

Organisation : Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Exam Name : Ph.D. Entrance Examination
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2024
Website :

Shivaji University Ph.D Entrance Exam Question Paper

1. Standard deviation is……
a. the square root of variance
b. measured using the unit of the variable
c. measured using the squared unit of the variable
d. values generally comparable with the average value

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2. Western blotting is the technique for the detection of …………
a. specific DNA in a sample
b. specific RNA in a sample
c. specific protein in a sampled.
d. specifie glycolipid in a sample

3. A water body with high values of Biological oxygen Demand (BOD) indicates it is………..
a. highly polluted b. highly clean
c. highly productive d. none of these

4. Climax community is best recognized by …………….
a. community metabolism P = R
b. community metabolism P R
c. community metabolism P<R
d. community metabolism P#R

5. A name of uncertain application either due to non availability of the original type and sufficient information, or because it is not possible to find out the taxon to which its type should be referred to
a. Nomen novum b. Nomen rejicundum
c. Nomen trivial d. Nomen dubium

6. Which one of the following is not included under in-situ conservation?
a. National park
b. Wild life Sanctuary
c. Zoological garden
d. Biosphere reserve

7. Transmission of action potential into the postsynaptic neuron is due to opening of present in the presynaptic neuron.
a. voltage gated calcium ion channels
b. ligand gated sodium channels
c. voltage gated ion channels
d. sodium potassium ATPase pump

8. ………………. seal the plasma membrane of two cells and do not allow the food particles / bacteria / drugs to enter into the submucosa through the intercellular space.
a. gap junctions
b. tight junctions
c. desmosomes
d. adherens junctions

9. Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is written as ……………
a. pH = pKa + log [Conjugate base]/[congugate acid]
b. pH = pKa + log [Conjugate acid]/[congugate base]
c. pH = pKalog [Conjugate base]/[congugate acid]
d. pH = pKalog [Conjugate acid]/[congugate base]

10. Which of the following enzyme is common in both glycolysis and gluconeogenesis?
a. Phosphofructokinase-1
b. Glucokinase
c. Aldolase
d. Fructose bisphosphatase

11. Which one of the following stored grain pests has elongated snout?
a. Rice moth
b. Rice weevil
c. Rust Red floor beetle
d. Pulse beetle

12. The ‘surra disease’ in cattle is transmitted by ……………….
a. Horse Fly
b. Warble Fly
c. Sand Fly
d. Mosquito

13. Brown colour to the fecal matter is due to………..
a. Uro bilinogen
b. Biliverdin
c. Bilirubin
d. Bile

14. In the respiration 760 mmlig stands for ………………..
a. 11 ATM
b. 0.5 ATM
c. 1 ATM
d. 0.001ATM

15. Trichomonas lives in …………..
a. Urinogenital system
b. Digestive system
c. Excretory system
d. Endocrine system

16. …………… is a tapeworm causing parasitic infestations in dogs.
a. E.granulosus
b. T.solium
c. T.saginata
d. Diphilabothrium

17. For the determination of N terminal amino acid peptide is reacted with ………
a. Hydrazine
b. Sangers reagent
c. Edman’s reagent
d. Dansyl chloride

18. EC number of enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is ……………

19. If an infinitesimal large population contains 36% individuals with homozygous dominant genotype. The frequency of heterozygous individuals will be
a. 0.48
b. 0.36
c. 0.16
d. 0.24

20. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding SRY?
a. SRY in the genital ridge cells induces the cells to secrete a chemotactic factor.
b. SRY permits the migration of mesonephric cells into the XY gonad.
c. In XX mice containing the SRY transgene, the mesonephric cells entered the gonads.
d. XY mouse with SRY knockout exhibited migration of mesonephric cells into the gonads.

21. What is true about Toxic action of Organochlorine insecticides?
a. Organochlorines binds with Acetylcholine esterase.
b. Interferes with transmission of nerve respiratory system.
c. OCs bind to Na channels in neurons increasing permeability to sodium.
d. None of the above.

22. Calculation of the LD50 is performed from …………
a. A hormesis dose response curve
b. A graded dose response curve
c. A quantal dose response curve
d. A log-log dose response curve

23. Split ratio is considered during ……….
b. passaging
c. study of carcinogenicity
d. contamination testing

24. Which of the following sentences about Capillary culture unit is not true?
a. In CCU the cell population grows within the extracapillary space.
b. In the CCU the culture medium flows within the capillaries and its composition can be kept constant.
c. In CCU the cell population grows within the lumen of the capillary.
d. In CCU, nutrients and metabolites are exchanged by diffusion from the perfusate within the capillaries.

25. Fibroblast line of baby hamster kidney cells is used for testing the
a. cytotoxicity
b. chemical carcinogenicity
c. malignancy
d. viability

26. What is a Research Design?
a. A way of conducting research that is not grounded in theory.
b. The choice between using qualitative or quantitative methods.
c. The style in which you present your research findings e.g. a graph.
d. A framework for every stage of the collection and analysis of data.

27. Which one of the following belongs to the category of good research ethics”?
a. Publishing the same paper in two research journals without telling the editors.
b. Conducting a review of the literature that acknowledges the contributions of other people in the relevant field or relevant prior work.
c. Trimming outliers from a data set without discussing your reasons, in a research paper.
d. Including a colleague as an author on a research paper in return for a favour even though the colleague did not make a serious contribution to the paper

28. A null hypothesis is ……………
a. when there is no difference between the variables
b. the same as research hypothesis
c. subjective in nature
d. when there is difference between the variables

29. Sampling error decreases with the ………..
a. decrease in sample size
b. increase in sample size
c. process of randomization
d. process of analysis

30. The depth of any research can be judged by ……………
a. title of the research.
b. objectives of the research.
c. total expenditure on the research.
d. duration of the research

Instructions of Candidates

Shivaji University, Kolhapur Ph.D. Entrance Examination, February-2024
Subject Code: 58793
Day and Date : Tuesday, 06-02-2024
Total Marks : 100
Time : 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Instructions :
1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Each question carries 2 marks.
3) Answers should be marked in the given OMR answer sheet by darkening the appropriate option.
4) Use black ball point pen only for marking the circle. Do not make any stray mark on the OMR Answer Sheet.
5) Follow the instructions given on OMR Sheet.
6) Rough work shall be done on the sheet provided at the end of question paper.
7) Only non-programmable calculators are allowed.

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