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PUMDET Old Question Paper Presidency University Master’s Degree Entrance Test : WBJEEB West Bengal

Organisation : West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board (WBJEEB)
Exam Name : PUMDET Presidency University Master’s Degree Entrance Test
Document Type : Old Question Paper
Year : 2023
Website :

PUMDET Old Question Paper

Year : PUMDET-2023
Subject : Political Science
Duration : 90 Minutes
No. of Questions : 50
Full Marks : 100

1. The book ‘The Concept of the Political’ is written by
(A) Theodore Adorno
(B) Immanuel Kant
(C) Niccolo Machiavelli
(D) Carl Schmitt

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2. Match the List I with List II in connection with the approaches to political theory :
List I List II
(a) Historical (i) John Rawls
(b) Empirical (ii) C. Wright Mills
(c) Normative (iii) David Easton
(d) Post-Behavioural (iv) George Sabine
(A) a-i, b-ii, c-iii, d-iv
(B) a-ii, b-i, c-ii, d-iv
(C) a-iv, b-ii, c -i, d-iii
(D) a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-ii

3. Fifth Schedule of the Indian Constitution resolves to set up in each federal unit –
(A) Scheduled Caste Advisory Council
(B) Tribes Advisory Council
(C) Scheduled Areas Advisory Council
(D) None of the Above

4. The politics – administration dichotomy primarily depends upon –
(A) The focus or “what” of public administration
(B) The locus or “where” of public administration
(C) The actors or “who” of public administration
(D) The time span or “when” of public administration

5. Humza Alavi in theorizing the over developed post-colonial State focused on
(A) Bangladesh
(B) Pakistan
(C) Bangladesh and India
(D) Bangladesh and Pakistan

6. Machiavelli is considered the first political thinker because of his focus on
(A) Democracy
(B) Republicanism
(C) Power
(D) Communitarianism

7. Match the List I with List II in connection with the approaches to political theory :
List I List II
(1) Dharma (a) Material Wealth
(2) Artha (b) One’s Duty
(3) Karma (c) Liberation of Soul
(4) Moksha (d) Gratification of Desires
(A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d
(B) 1-b, 2-a, 3-d, 4-c
(C) 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a
(D) 1-c, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b

8. Who argued that nationalism strives for one culture or ethnicity under one roof or state ?
(A) Hans Kohn
(B) Ernest Gellner
(C) Eric Hobsbawm
(D) Benedict Anderson

9. The Transgender person (Protection of Rights) Act was passed in :
(A) 2017
(B) 2018
(C) 2019
(D) 2020

10. Who coined the term ‘information elites’ in Political Communication discourse ?
(A) Robert Denton
(B) Karl Deutsch
(C) Everett Rogers
(D) Daniel Lerner

11. In reference to the theory of multiculturalism, match the following :
(i) Will Kymlicka (a) Intercultural dialogue
(ii) Charles Taylor (b) Freedom from domination
(iii) Phillip Pettit (c) Politics of recognition
(iv) Bhikhu Parekh (d) Group differentiated rights
(A) i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d
(B) i-d, ii-c, iii-b, iv-a
(C) i-b, ii-c, iii-d, iv-a
(D) i-c, ii-d, iii-a, iv-b

12. Who made a pioneering distinction between political society and civil society in Marxist discourse ?
(A) Antonio Gramsci
(B) Louis Althusser
(C) Ralph Miliband
(D) Partha Chatterjee

13. What is/are the features of the shift in the defense policy of Japan in December, 2022 ?
(A) Focus on National Defense Strategy
(B) Focus on Defense Buildup Programme
(C) Focus on Free and Open Indo Pacific
(D) All of the above

14. Which of the following section of the Indian Penal Code is related to LGBT Community ?
(A) 377
(B) 370
(C) 375
(D) None of the above

15. The 103rd Constitutional Amendment regarding the reservation for the Economically
Weaker Section amended the following articles :
(A) Articles 9 and 10
(B) Articles 15 and 16
(C) Articles 18 and 19
(D) Articles 30 and 31

16. Dalit Panthers was founded by
(A) B. R. Ambedkar
(B) Jyotiba Phule
(C) Namdeo Dhasal
(D) Kanshiram

17. Who is the author of ‘The Indian War of Independence 1857’ ?
(A) B. G. Tilak
(B) G. K. Gokhale
(C) M. N. Roy
(D) V. D. Savarkar

18. Who proposed the concept of ‘bounded rationality’ ?
(A) F. W. Taylor
(B) H. A. Simon
(C) L. Gullick
(D) F. W. Riggs

19. Kenneth Neal Waltz is associated with
(A) World System theory
(B) World Culture theory
(C) Neorealism
(D) None of the above

20. First Past the Post voting system is known as
(A) List system
(B) Simple majority system
(C) Mixed-member system
(D) None of the above

Important Instructions for Candidates

1. All questions are of objective type having four answer options for each. Only one option is correct. Correct answer will carry full marks 2. In case of incorrect answer or any combination of more than one answer, ½ mark will be deducted.
2. Questions must be answered on OMR sheet by darkening the appropriate bubble marked A, B, C or D.
3. Use only Black/Blue ink ball point pen to mark the answer by complete filling up of the respective bubbles.
4. Mark the answers only in the space provided. Do not make any stray mark on the OMR.
5. Write question booklet number and your roll number carefully in the specified locations of the OMR Sheet. Also fill appropriate bubbles.
6. Write your name (in block letter), name of the examination centre and put your signature (as is appeared in Admit Card) in appropriate boxes in the OMR Sheet.

7. The OMR Sheet is liable to become invalid if there is any mistake in filling the correct bubbles for question booklet number/roll number or if there is any discrepancy in the name/signature of the candidate, name of the examination centre. The OMR Sheet may also become invalid due to folding or putting stray marks on it or any damage to it. The consequence of such invalidation due to incorrect marking or careless handling by the candidate will be sole responsibility of candidate.

8. Candidates are not allowed to carry any written or printed material, calculator, pen, docu- pen, log table, wristwatch, any communication device like mobile phones, bluetooth devices etc. inside the examination hall. Any candidate found with such prohibited items will be reported against and his/her candidature will be summarily cancelled.

9. Rough work must be done on the question booklet itself. Additional blank pages are given in the question booklet for rough work.
10. Hand over the OMR Sheet to the invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.
11. Candidates are allowed to take the Question Booklet after examination is over.

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