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IITB UCEED 2021 Question Paper : Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination For Design

Organisation :IIT Bombay (IITB)
Exam Name : UCEED Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design
Year : 2022
Document Type : Question Paper
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IIT Bombay (IITB), UCEED 2021 Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design Question Paper.

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IITB UCEED Question Paper

Q.01 A solid square pyramid has triangular cut-outs that pass through and through, as shown in the figure. How many surfaces are there in the resultant solid?

Q.02 The figure shows different paths for going from A to B. The directions of the paths are indicated by arrows. No node can be visited twice. What is the total number of different paths to go from A to B?

Q.04 Shown below is a book shelf that has a kid’s adventure novel in a book series of 9 volumes. The spines (binding side) of these books contain parts of a treasure map. What is the sequence of the books that forms the completed treasure map? Enter the answer as a single nine-digit integer.
Q.05 Perform the following steps:
Step 1: Start with x=1, y=2
Step 2: Replace x by x multiplied by y
Step 3: Replace y by y+1
Step 4: If y=5, then go to Step 6, otherwise go to Step 5
Step 5: Go to Step 2
Step 6: Stop
What is the value of x?
Q.06 The animation depicts morphing of faces and abstract forms. A face consists of two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth. How many unique faces appear in this morphing animation?

Q.07 If SQ = QR = RS = SP = PQ and PR = 21 units, what is the area of the BLACK portion? (Assume π= 22/7)

Q.08 A circle and a semicircle are inscribed in a square as shown below. What fraction of the area of the square is the blue shaded area?

Q.09 A total of 200 people were surveyed for newspaper readership. It was found that 100 people read publication X, 120 people read publication Y and 50 people do not read either X or Y. What is the total number of people who read either publication X or publication Y but not both?

Q.10 Row 1 shows a word with 7 partial letters. Row 2 contains the parts that complete the word in Row 1. The parts in Row 2 are arranged randomly. What should be the correct sequence in Row 2?

Q.11 A square of side 10 units, shaded in yellow, is cut using a square of side 5 units as shown in the figure. What is the perimeter of the resulting shape, shaded in yellow?

Q.12 X is three times as old as Y was three years ago. After 17 years, Y will be as old as X is today. What is the sum of the ages of X and Y today?

Q.13 Shown below are three tubes P, Q and R with coloured marbles. Each tube can hold a maximum of 5 marbles. Only one marble can be transferred in a move. What is the minimum number of moves required to transfer the red marble from tube ‘P’ to the bottom of tube ‘R’?

Q.14 How many right-angled triangles are there in the image?

Q.15 The image shows a hanging sculpture created by tying fish-shaped cutouts of different weights by blue strings on brown sticks, as shown. The sticks and strings have negligible weight. The sculpture remains balanced after it is suspended from a ceiling. If the weight of the black fish is 5 grams, what is the weight (in grams) of the red fish?

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