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1. The most stable form of cocoabutter is
[A] alpha
[B] beta
[C] gamma
[D] crystalline

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2. The metric volume of household measurement for one tumblerful is
[A] 120 ml
[B] 240 ml
[C] 60 ml
[D] 30 ml

3. Excellent powder flow is characterized by an angle of repose value
[A] <25
[B] >40
[C] 25-30
[D] 30-40

4. Reciprocal of viscosity is termed as
[A] relative viscosity
[B] specific viscosity
[C] fluidity
[D] kinematic viscosity

6. Degree of flocculation relates
[A] sedimentation volume of flocculated suspension to sedimentation volume of suspension when deflocculated
[B] sedimentation volume of deflocculated suspension to sedimentation volume of suspension when flocculated
[C] sedimentation volume of flocculated suspension
[D] sedimentation volume of deflocculated suspension

7. Amphetamine is a
[A] Schedule G drug
[B] Schedule H drug
[C] Schedule X drug
[D] Schedule C drug

8. Stearic acid and potassium hydroxide are used in the preparation of
[A] cold cream
[B] vanishing cream
[C] night cream
[D] hand cream

9. Cyclones are used primarily for the separation of
[A] solids from gases
[B] solids only
[C] fluids only
[D] solids from fluids

10. Boiling point diagrams represent boiling point and equilibrium composition relationship of all mixtures at
[A] constant pressure
[B] constant temperature
[C] constant pH
[D] constant composition

11. MRT means
[A] Mean Residual Time
[B] Minimum Residual Time
[C] Mean Residence Time
[D] Minimum Residence Time

12. The kinetics of capacity limited processes is described by
[A] Arrhenius equation
[B] Noyes-Whitney equation
[C] Michaelis-Menten equation
[D] Hixson Crowell equation

13. The approximate filling capacity of empty size 2 capsule is
[A] 0·15 ml
[B] 0·75 ml
[C] 0·55 ml
[D] 0·4 ml

14. Propellant 144 means
[A] dichlorotetrafluoroethane
[B] dichlorodifluoromethane
[C] difluoroethane
[D] butane

15. Long term stability testing is carried out for a minimum period of
[A] 6 months
[B] 12 months
[C] 3 months
[D] 9 months

16. Water attack test is conducted for
[A] highly resistant borosilicate glass
[B] soda lime glass
[C] general purpose soda lime glass
[D] treated soda lime glass

17. MedDRA is assigned under the category of
[A] multidisciplinary guidelines
[B] quality guidelines
[C] safety guidelines
[D] efficacy guidelines

18. CTD contains
[A] 3 modules
[B] 4 modules
[C] 5 modules
[D] 6 modules

19. TIFAC stands for
[A] Technical Information Formation and Assessment Council
[B] Technical Information Forecasting and Assessment Council
[C] Technology Implementation Formation and Assessment Council
[D] Technology Information Formation and Accreditation Council

20. Level 6 of six sigma concept represents a percent accuracy of
[A] 93·33
[B] 69·10
[C] 97·77
[D] 99·99

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