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Name of the Organisation : Karnataka Examinations Authority
Name of the Exam : Post Graduate Common Entrance Test
Subject: Mathematics and Computer Science
Year : 2015
Document Type : Question Paper
Website :
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PGCET Mathematics & Computer Science Question Paper

Time: 2 Hours
Max. Marks: 100

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** Write / Darken the particulars of your identity, Test Seat Number and afix your signature on the OMR Response Sheet before the start of the test.

** All Questions have multiple choices of answers, of which only one is correct.
** Mark the correct answer by completely darkening only one oval against the Question number using Black Ink Ball Point pen only.
** There will be no negative evaluation with regard to wrong answers.
** Marks will not be awarded if multiple answers are given.

** Do not make any stray mark on the OMR Response sheet. For rough work, use blank page on the question paper.

**   Taking the question paper out of the test hall is permitted only after the full duration of the test.
** Use of only non-programmable calculator is permitted.
** Start Answering Only At The Specified Time When The In Vigilator Gives Instructions.

Questions :
PART — I 50 Questions : 50 X l = 50 Marks
PART —  II 25 Questions : 25 x 2 = 50 Marks
Total = 100 Marks

Model Questions

1. One of the main reasons for the frequent occurrences of second order differential equations in physical sciences is ————————–
a. presence of Maxwell’s equations
b. presence of Newton’s laws
c. presence of arbitrary constants
d. presence of equation of maxima or minima.

2. If V(x) is a function of x and r is a constant then, where D is the differential operator._ 1
C. e’xfe Tx; ix + ce”_. 1
d. e “fer”; nix + ce”
3. The solution of the differential equation
a,- _ Fl _ a: $5 – _________________________ __
(J 1′ h) — ail- + dx) lS
a. (x + a)(ay + 1) = cy
b. (x + e)(ay — 1} =
C. (x — a}{ay — 1) = cy
d. (x —— a}{ay + 1) = cy

4. The man rows with the velocity ‘1) across a stream ?ow. The tangent of the path of his movement makes an angle ———– — with respect to his rowing and stream flow direction.
a. 90°
b. less than 90°
c. mnr-o than gnu

5. Different types of curves like a pair of straight lines, circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola are categorized as conics because they can be generated from intersection of a plane with —————- —
a. double right circular cone with common vertex & axis
b. a single right circular cone
c. a curve
d. another plane

6. The conic is symmetric with respect to an axis, if equation of the conic contains all ……….. .. .
a. even powers of coordinate value/s of the axis
b. even powers of coordinate value/s of the other axis
c. odd powers of coordinate value/s of the axis
d. odd powers of coordinate value/s of the other axis

7. The system software which is not a translator :
(A) Compiler
(B) Assembler
(C) Loader
(D) None of these

8. Storage mapping is done by —
(A) Operating System
(B) Compiler
(C) Linker
(D) Loader

9. Garbage collection system software
(A) Collects all free space
(B) Collects all allocates but not used space
(C) Frees all allocated but not used space
(D) Group spaces that are used one contiguous area .

10. The segment base speci?ed using the register named is
(A) ORG Instructions
(B) TITLE Instruetion
(C) ASSUME Instruction
(D) SEGMENT Instruction

11. A series of statements explaining how the data is to be processed is called
(A) Assembly
(B) Machine
(C) Pascal
(D) Program

12. The probability of getting at least TWO heads “when tossing a coin 3 times is
(A) 118
(B) 3/8
(C) 1/2
(D) 5/8

13. The probability that TWO friends share the same birth month is
(A) 116
(B) 1/ 12
(C) 11144
(D) 1/24

14. The mean and standard deviation of binomial distribution are 10 and 2 respectively. The value of p is
(A) 1.0
(B) 0.8
(C) 0.6
(D) 0.4

15. Linked lists are not suitable for implementing
(A) insertion sort
(B) Binary search
(C) Radix sort
(D) Polynomial manipulation

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