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ISTSE Class 9th Sample Paper : Indian School Talent Search Exam

Organisation : Educational Excellentia
Exam : Indian School Talent Search Exam (ISTSE)
Document Type : Sample Paper
Class : 9th
Website :

What is ISTSE Exam?

ISTSE is a single level examination, open to all the students of class 1 to 10. Question paper will comprise of Mental & Logical Ability, Mathematics, Science and English questions. ISTSE exam is conducted separately online for direct/individual candidates and paper-based only through schools. You can directly register for ISTSE Olympiad exam by visiting Olympiad Exam Registration Page.

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ISTSE Class 9th Sample Paper

Indian School Talent Search Exam (ISTSE) Class 9th Sample Paper

Section-1, Mental and Logical Ability (1 mark for correct answer. 0.25 mark will be deducted for wrong answer)
1. Find the missing term(?).
1, 5, 14, 30, 55, ?
a) 140
b) 95
c) 91
d) 88

2. If Riya says – “Devika’s father Raj is the only son of my father-in-law Mahesh”, then how is Bindu, who is the sister of Devika related to Mahesh?
a) Grand-daughter
b) Sister
c) sister-in-law
d) None of these

3. If CAFE is coded as 3165 and HIDE is coded as 8945, how will you encode HEAD?
a) 5816
b) 9156
c) 8154
d) 8514

4. In a queue, Reena is the last person while Amit is 7th from the start. If a person exactly between Reena and Amit is on the 23rd position from the start, how many people are there in the queue?
a) 36
b) 39
c) 38
d) 37

5. How many triangles are there in the following figure?
a) 31
b) 25
c) 29
d) 20

6. Rohit ranks seventh from the top and twenty-eighth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?
a) 58
b) 16
c) 2934
d) 27

7. One evening before sunset Meeta and Rahul were talking to each other face to face. If Rahul’s shadow was exactly to the right of Rahul, which direction was Meeta facing?
a) Data is inadequate
b) West
c) South
d) North

8. Count each 8 in the following sequence of numbers that is immediately followed by 2, if 2 is not immediately followed by 3. How many such 8’s are there?
a) 7
b) 5
c) 2
d) 4

9. 583 is related to 293 in the same way as 488 is related to____
a) 378
b) 487
c) 291
d) 581

Section-2, Mathematics (2 marks for correct answer. 0.50 mark will be deducted for wrong answer)
10. Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 15 cm and 10 cm. If the distance between 15 cm sides is 8 cm; find the distance between 10 cm sides.
a) 12 cm
b) 25 cm
c) 11 cm
d) None

1. Duration of the test is 60 minutes.
2. Total marks are 100.
3. Questions paper contains 50 Questions.
4. The question numbers
** 1 to 9 belong to “Mental and Logical Ability”
** 10 to 21 belong to Mathematics
** 22 to 33 belong to Science
** 34 to 45 belong to English and
** 46 to 50 are “Scholars Section”
5. Each question carries negative marking.
6. Please leave the question in case you are not sure about answer.
7. Un- attempted questions do not attract negative marking.
8. Answers are to be given on a separate OMR sheet.
9. Rough work can be done anywhere in the booklet but not on the OMR sheet/loose paper

Download ISTSE Class 9th Sample Paper

Download Indian School Talent Search Exam (ISTSE) Class 9th Sample Paper by clicking the link given below

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