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CBSE Academic Class XII Engineering Graphics Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Name of the Board : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Engineering Graphics
Year : 2022-23
Website :

CBSE XII Engineering Graphics Sample Question Paper

CBSE Students can download the Engineering Graphics Sample Question Paper for the year 2022-23 from the website of CBSE Academic.

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Engineering Graphics Sample Question Paper

Q 1 to Q 8 – Answer the following multiple choice questions. Print the correct choice on your drawing sheet:
1. Which one among the following methods cannot produce ‘One plane/pictorial’ drawings?
a) Isometric Projection
b) Perspective Projection
c) Oblique Projection
d) Orthographic Projection

2. ______________ resembles an inverted solid.
a) A cone filled with ice-cream
b) A glass prism
c) Pyramid of Giza
d) A cylindrical glass tumbler

4. A gasket in Flange Pipe Joint is provided to
a) align the two flanges.
b) check leakage of fluid in pipes.
c) support the nuts and bolts.
d) fill the gap between the flanges.

5. The joint used for tightening of electric overhead wires is
a) Spigot and Socket Joint
b) Turn Buckle / Tie Rod Joint
c) Gib and Cotter Joint
d) Knuckle Joint

6. CRS in Open Bearing stands for
a) Centre to centre distance
b) Edge to edge distance
c) Corner to corner distance
d) Top to bottom distance

7. P.C.D. in flange pipe joint means
a) Pitch corner diameter
b) Pitch counter distance
c) Pitch centre distance
d) Pitch circle diameter

8. Usually taper in cotter is given as
a) 1 in 10
b) 1 in 20
c) 1 in 30
d) 1 in 40

21. (a) Construct an isometric scale.
(b) Draw the isometric projection of a pentagonal prism (base edge 25 mm, axial length 55mm) resting on its face with its axis parallel to H.P. and V.P. both. Indicate the direction of viewing. Give all the dimensions. 10

22. Draw to scale 1:1, the standard profile of the Metric thread profile (Internal) with the pitch = 50mm. Give standard dimensions.
Draw to scale 1:1, the front view and top view of a square headed nut across flat, the diameter is given as 25 mm. The axis of the nut is vertical. Give the standard dimensions.

23. Figure 1 shows the details parts of an Open Bearing. Assemble all the parts correctly and then draw to scale 1:1; it’s following views:
(a) Front View, right half in section 13
(b) Top View

Download CBSE XII Engineering Graphics Question Paper

Download CBSE XII Engineering Graphics Question Paper Here :

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