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CBSE Academic Class XII Graphics Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Name of the Board : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Graphics
Year : 2022-23
Website :

CBSE XII Graphics Sample Question Paper

CBSE Students can download the Graphics Sample Question Paper for the year 2022-23 from the website of CBSE Academic.

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Graphics Sample Question Paper

Q1. Select the right answer from the given options:
(A)The Chakra in our Indian National Flag is represented by
(i) 24 hours commitment to duty and constant movement
(ii) 24 states and province
(iii) 24 laws and rules
(iv) 24 caste and class

(B) The Yellow colour painted in the costume of the lord Krishna in the miniature paintings is commonly known as
(i) Shwetambar
(ii) Nilambur
(iii) Pitamber
(iv) Digambar

(C) The borders made by the artists of Mughal miniatures while making the paintings like ‘Darashikoh ki Baraat’ were majorly based on
(i) Abstract design
(ii) Floral designs
(iii) Geometric designs
(iv) Simple and flat designs

(D) Mention the name of the Sub- School of the famous miniature painting of Rajasthani school ‘Bharat meets Rama at Chitrakuta’ included in your course of study
(i) Mewar
(ii) Jodhpur
(iii) Krishanagar
(iv) Jaipur

(E) In which miniature painting indoor and outdoor activity are well depicted by dividing the composition into two sections:
(i) Krishna with Gopi
(ii) Maru Ragini
(iii) Krishna on Swing
(iv) Chaugan players

(F) The application of colours during the Mughal school were unique. In these paintings along with colours we also see the use of:
(i) Aluminum
(ii) Copper
(iii) Silver
(iv) Gold

(G) The medium and technique used in the Graphic print of ‘Man Women and Tree’ is known as:
(i) Etching print
(ii) Water colours
(iii) Lino cut
(iv) Lithograph

(H) ‘Maru Ragini’ is the famous painting from Rajasthani school which created a benchmark in the formation of Rajasthani style was painted by the artist:
(i) Sahibdin
(ii) Jamini roy
(iii) Guman
(iv) Miskin

(Short answer type questions)
Answer for this question is expected in around 100 words
Q2. Give your observations and describe the subject matter and composition of any one of the Deccan miniature paintings given below:
Chand Bibi playing polo
Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and Amir Khusro

Q3. ‘Triumph of Labour’ represents the strength and importance of the teamwork which is well communicated through this sculpture. Define and elaborate on the technique, medium and depiction of human forms in this sculpture.
Who is the Sculptor of ‘Cries Unheard’? Critically evaluate and describe as to why do you like this sculpture?

Q4. Evaluate the aesthetic grandeur of any one of the Pahari miniature paintings given below and throw light on the use of bright colours and depiction of nature by their artists: ‘Krishna with Gopis’
‘Nand, Yashoda and Krishna with Kinsmen going to Vrindavan’

Q5. Write any TWO qualities or characteristics of the painting ‘Chaugan Players’ from Rajasthani school that you admire.? Give the answer with special mention to the sub school and the artist.
The paintings made during Jahangir period depict his love towards nature and flora fauna which is clearly represented in the painting ‘Falcon on a Bird Rest’. Appreciate this painting on the basis of aesthetic parameters with context of the importance of bird rest in your own words.

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