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KV Gachibowli Maths Class XI Session Ending Exam Sample Papers 2018-19 :

School Name : Kendriya Vidyalaya Gachibowli, GPRA Campus, Hyderabad
Exam Name : Maths Class XI Session Ending Exam Sample Papers
Subject : Mathematics
Class : X
Year : 2018-19
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Website :

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KV Gachibowli Class XI Maths Sample Paper

Sample Papers For Session Ending Exam (2018-19)

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General Instruction

(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) This question paper contains 29 questions.
(iii) Question 1- 4 in Section A are very short-answer type questions carrying 1 mark each.
(iv) Question 5-12 in Section B are short-answer type questions carrying 2 marks each.
(v) Question 13-23 in Section C are long-answer-I type questions carrying 4 marks each.
(vi) Question 24-29 in Section D are long-answer-II type questions carrying 6 marks each.


Section – A: Questions 1 to 4 carry 1 mark each.
1.Write the negation of the statements “For every real number x, x2 > x”.
2.Find the number of arrangements of the letters of the word INDEPENDENCE.
3.Let f = {(1,1), (2,3), (0, –1), (–1, –3)} be a linear function from Z into Z. Find f(x).
4.Find the distance of the point (3, – 5) from the line 3x – 4y –26 = 0. ((OR) )Slope of a line joining the points (7, 3) and (k, 2) is – 4. Find the value of k

Section – B : Questions 5 to 12 carry 2 marks each.
5.Find the multiplicative inverse of 4 – 3i.
6.Find the number of 4-digit numbers that can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 if no digit is repeated. (OR) In how many ways a group of 11 boys can be divided into two groups of 6 and 5 boys each
7.Insert 6 numbers between 3 and 24 such that the resulting sequence is an A.P. (OR) Insert If the A.M. between pth and qth terms of an A.P. be equal to the A.M. between the rth and sth terms of the A.P., show that p + q = r + s.
8.A coin is tossed thrice, what is the probability that at least one tail occurs?(OR) A card is drawn from the pack of 52 cards. What is the probability that it is a king or queen
9.Given below are two statements:p : 25 is a multiple of 5.q : 25 is a multiple of 8.Write the compound statements connecting these two statements with “And” and “Or”. In both cases check the validity of the compound statement.
10.Prove that: cos 7x + cos 5x / sin 7x – sin 5x = Cot x
11.Find the derivative of f(x) = sin2x w.r.t. x.
12.Let A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 6}. Let R be the relation on A defined by {(a, b): a, b ?A, b is exactly divisible by a}. (i) Find the domain of R (ii) Find the range of R

Section – C : Questions 13 to 23 carry 4 marks each.
13.Draw appropriate Venn diagram for each of the following : (i) (A ??B)’, (ii) A’???B’ (iii) (A ??B)’, (iv) A’???B’
14.A committee of 7 has to be formed from 9 boys and 4 girls. In how many ways can this be done when the committee consists of: (i) exactly 3 girls ? (ii) at least 3 girls ? (iii) at most 3 girls ?
15.The vertices of a triangle PQR are P(2, 1), Q(–2, 3) and R(4, 5). Find the equation of the median through the vertices R.
16.Find the domain and range of the function (i) f (x) = 1x? (ii) f (x) =|1 |x?
17.Find the equation of the ellipse, with major axis along the x-axis and passing through the points (4, 3) and (– 1,4).
18.Find the ratio in which the line segment joining the points (4, 8, 10) and (6, 10, – 8) is divided by the YZ-plane.
19.Differentiate sin x + cos x / sin x – cos x w.r.t.x (OR) Find the derivative of tanx from the first principle.
20.Solve the system of inequalities graphically: 3x + 2y = 150, x + 4y = 80, x = 15, y = 0
21.Find the modulus and argument of the complex number 1 21 3ii??ORFind the square root of –5 + 12i.
22.Find the probability that when a hand of 7 cards is drawn from a well shuffled deck of 52 cards, it contains (i) all Kings (ii) 3 Kings (iii) atleast 3 Kings.
23.Prove that 3sin 3sin 2sin4 sin cos cos22xxxxxx???OR Solve sin3x + sin2x – sinx = 0


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