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KV Gachibowli Maths Class VIII Session Ending Exam Sample Papers 2018-19 :

School Name : Kendriya Vidyalaya Gachibowli, GPRA Campus, Hyderabad
Exam Name : Maths Class VIII Session Ending Exam Sample Papers
Subject : Mathematics
Class : VIII
Year : 2018-19
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Website :

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KV Gachibowli Class VIII Maths Sample Paper

Kendriya Vidyalaya Gachibowli, Maths Class VIII Session Ending Exam Sample Papers.

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General Instructions

(i).All questions are compulsory.
(ii).This question paper contains 30 questions divided into four Sections A, B, C and D.
(iii).Section A comprises of 6 questions of 1 mark each. Section B comprises of 6 questions of 2 marks each. Section C comprises of 10 questions of 3 marks each and Section D comprises of 8 questions of 4 marks each.
(iv).Use of Calculators is not permitted


Section – A:
1.Solve: 5t – 3 = 3t – 5
2.If three angles of a quadrilateral are each equal to 75°, then find the fourth angle.
3.Find the square of the number 42.
4.Find the product : a2(2ab – 5c)
5.Find the value of ??11168?? ??
6.Find the area of the below trapezium.

Section – B:
7.Draw the top view of the given solid:
8.2025 plants are to be planted in a garden in such a way that each row contains as many plants as the number of rows. Find the number of rows and the number of plants in each row.
9.Find m so that (–3)m + 1 × (–3)5 = (–3)7
10.An electric pole, 14 metres high, casts a shadow of 10 metres. Find the height of a tree that casts a shadow of 15 metres under similar conditions.
11.Factorise (i) 6xy – 4y + 6 – 9x(ii) x2 + x y + 8x + 8y
12.The ratio of exterior angle to interior angle of a regular polygon is 1 : 4. Find the number of sides of the polygon.

Section – C:
13.Find x in the following figure.
14.What is the least number that should be added to 6200 to make it a perfect square?
15.Factorise: (i) 4p2– 9q2 (ii) a4 + 2a2b2 + b4.
16.Simplify: (i) (x2– 5) (x + 5) + 25 (ii) (a2 + 5) (b3 + 3) + 5
17.The shape of a garden is rectangular in the middle and semi circular at the ends as shown in the diagram. Find the area and the perimeter of this garden
18.Verify Euler’s formula for these solids
19.Simplify: 25Xx-4/ 5-3X10Xx-8
20.Numbers 1 to 20 are written on ten separate slips (one number on one slip), kept in a box and mixed well. One slip is chosen from the box without looking into it. What is the probability of (i) getting a number less than 6?(ii) getting a number greater than 6?(iii) getting a 1-digit number?
21.The internal measures of a cuboidal room are 12 m × 8 m × 4 m. Find the total cost of white washing all four walls of a room, if the cost of white washing is Rs 5 per m2. What will be the cost of white washing if the ceiling of the room is also white washed


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