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Name of the Organization : SKD New Standard Coaching institute
Exam : SKD’S Talent Search Exam – SKD’TSE 2018
Document Type : Sample Question Papers
Classes : X, XII,XII
Exam Date : 8 December 2019
Website :

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SKD’S Talent Search Exam Sample Question Paper

Being Conducted by SKD New Standard Coaching institute for Class X, XI, XII studying students with sole objective of becoming a pioneer educational & career guidance group by enabling the bright students of the country to achieve what they deserve to.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility : Class X , XI, XII Studying students & XII Pass-Out Students
Result Dates : As per the undermentioned table
Examination Fee : 300/- (Including GST)

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In the SI system, the unit of temperature is
(a) degree centigrade
(b) kelvin
(c) degree celsius
(d) degree Fahrenheit

02. If error in measuring diameter of a circle is 4% the error in measuring radius of the circle would be
(a) 2%
(b) 8%
(c) 4%
(d) 1%

03. The work done by a force F ? (ˆi ? 2ˆj? 3kˆ) N, to displace a body from position A to position B is [The position vector of A is 1 r ? (ˆi ? 3ˆj? kˆ ) m and the position vector of B is 2 r ? (2iˆ ? 2ˆj? 3kˆ ) m]
(a) 5 J
(b) 3 J
(c) 2 J
(d) 10 J

04. Three balls of same masses are projected with equal speeds at angle 15°, 45°, 75°, and their ranges are respectively R1, R2 and R3, then
(a) R1 > R2 > R3
(b) R1 < R2 < R3
(c) R1 = R2 = R3
(d) R1 = R3 < R2

05. A boy throws a ball with a velocity u at an angle ? with the horizontal. At the same instant he starts running with uniform velocity to catch the ball before it hits the ground. To achieve this he should run with a velocity of
(a) u cos
(b) u sin
(c) u tan
(d) u sec

06. Two equal forces are acting at a point with an angle of 60° between them. If the resultant force is equal to 40 3 N, the magnitude of each force is
(a) 40 N
(b) 20 N
(c) 80 N
(d) 30 N

07. A man pushes against a wall but fails to move it. He does
(a) negative work
(b) positive but not maximum work
(c) maximum positive work
(d) no work at all

08. The force F acting on a particle is moving in a straight line as shown in figure. What is the work done by the force on the particle in the 4 m of the trajectory?
(a) 5 J
(b) 10 J
(c) 15 J
(d) 2.5 J

09. A particle moving along a circular path due to a centripetal force having constant magnitude is an example of motion with
(a) constant speed and velocity
(b) variable speed and variable velocity
(c) variable speed and constant velocity
(d) constant speed and variable velocity

10. A disc of mass 2 kg and radius 0.2 m is rotating with angular velocity 30 rad s–1. What is angular velocity, if a mass of 0.25 kg is put on periphery of the disc?
(a) 24 rad s–1
(b) 36 rad s–1
(c) 15 rad s–1
(d) 26 rad s–1


21. Which one of the following species has plane triangular shape?
(a) N3
(b) NO3
(c) NO2
(d) CO2

22. The pair of species with the same bond order is
(a) 22 O ,B2
(b) O2? , NO+
(c) NO, CO
(d) N2, O2

23. Which of the two ions from the list given below, have the geometry that is explained by the same hybridisation of orbitals, NO2 ,NO3 ,NH2 ,NH4 ,SCN ? ? ? ? ? ?
(a) NH4 and NO3
(b) SCN and NH2
(c) NO2 and NH2
(d) NO2 and NO3

24. Which of the following has the minimum bond length?
(a) O2
(b) 22 O
(c) O2
(d) 2 O?

25. In which of the following pairs of molecules/ions, the central atoms have sp2 hybridisation?
(a) NO2 and NH3
(b) BF3 and NO2
(c) NH2 and H2O
(d) BF3 and NH2

26. The correct order of increasing bond angles in the following species is
(a) 2 2 2 NO? ?NO ?NO?
(b) 2 2 2 NO? ?NO? ?NO
(c) 4 3 2 CH ?NH ?H O
(d) 2 2 2 NO NO NO

27. Equal moles of hydrogen and oxygen gases are placed in container with a pin-hole through which both can escape. What fraction of the oxygen escapes in the time required for one-half of the hydrogen to escape?
(a) 1/4
(b) 3/8
(c) 1//2
(d) 1/8

28. If a gas expands at constant temperature, it indicates that
(a) kinetic energy of molecules decreases
(b) presssure of the gas increases
(c) kinetic energy of molecules remains the same
(d) number of the molecules of gas increases

29. Which one of the following statements is wrong for gases?
(a) Gases do not have a definite shape and volume
(b) Volume of the gas is equal to volume of container confining the gas
(c) Confined gas exerts uniform pressure on the walls of its container in all directions
(d) Mass of gas cannot be determined by weighing a container in which it is enclosed

30. 600 cc of a gas at a pressure of 750 mm is compressed to 500 cc. Taking the temperature to remain constant, the increase in pressure is
(a) 150 mm
(b) 250 mm
(c) 350 mm
(d) 450 mm


41. Lining layer of fallopian tubes, bronchi and bronchioles consists of
(a) Transitional epithelium
(b) Ciliated epithelium
(c) Sensory epithelium
(d) Squamous epithelium

42. Mineral found in red pigment of vertebrate blood is
(a) Magnesium
(b) Iron
(c) Calcium
(d) Copper

43. Goblet cells of intestinal epithelium are examples of
(a) Unicellular glands
(b) Compound epithelium
(c) Striated epithelium
(d) None of these

44. An epithelial tissue which has thin flat cells, arranged edge to edge so as to appear like closely packed tiles, is found to be present at
(a) Outer surface of ovary
(b) Inner lining of fallopian tube
(c) Inner lining of stomach
(d) Inner lining of cheeks.

45. Triploblastic organ system grade body, coelomate and unsegmented animals are seen in-
(a) Echinodermata
(b) Ctenophora
(c) Arthropoda
(d) Porifera

46. Compound tissue is defined as
(a) Different types of cells performing one function
(b) Different types of cells which are different in structure and function
(c) Similar cells at different regions performing many functions
(d) Similar types of cells held together by connective tissue.

47. Rudimentary cephalization, protonephridia etc. characterize some members of phylum belongs to
(a) Arthropoda
(b) Cnidaria
(c) Platyhelminthes
(d) Mollusca

48. Trochophore larvae are characteristic of
(a) Arthropoda
(b) Cnidaria
(c) Platyhelminthes
(d) Annelida

49. Tapeworms are classified in phylum
(a) Porifera
(b) Cnidaria
(c) Platyhelminthes
(d) Ctenophora

50. A fluid-filled cavity that develops completely within mesodermal tissue is a characteristic of
(a) Coelomate
(b) Acoelomate
(c) Pseudocoelomate
(d) All of the above

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