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YADURISE – 2 : Yaduvanshi Renowned Intellectual Search Exam Mock Test Paper 2019

Name of the Organization : Yaduvanshi group of Schools
Exam : YADURISE-2 – Yaduvanshi Renowned Intellectual Search Exam
Document Type : Mock Test Paper
Classes : II to XII
Paper First : 15th December 2019
Website :

YADURISE – 2 Mock Test Paper

Download Question Paper of YADURISE-2 2019 Mock Test Paper is now available in the official website of Yaduvanshi group of Schools .

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Exam Pattern

II to V: Reasoning-20, Eng-15, Maths-20, EVS-15
VI to VIII: Maths-25, Sci.-25, Reasoning-25
IX & X: Phy-15, Che. 15, Bio-15, Maths-15, Reasoning-15
XI & XII Science Stream: Phy.-25, Chem.25, Maths/Bio-25
XI & XII Commerce: Eco.-20, B.St.20, Acc.-20, Engg.-15
XI & XII Arts: His.-15, Geo-15, Pol. Sci.-15, Reasoning-15, Eng.15
There will be same syllabus for Paper-I/II (There will be 1/4 Negative Marking for Class 9th to 12th in Paper-II)

Mock Test Paper :
2nd Class :
3rd Class :
4th Class :
5th Class :
6th Class :
7th Class :
8th Class :
9th Class :
10th Class :

Class – 10th

Part – I

Physics :
1. Two mirrors labelled L1 for left mirror and L2 for right mirror in the figure are parallel to each other and 3.0 m apart . A person standing 1.0 m from the right mirror (L2) looks into this mirror and sees a series of images. The second nearest image seen in the right mirror is situated at a distance :
(A) 2.0 m from the person
(B) 4.0 m from the person
(C) 6.0 m from the person
(D) 8.0 m from the person

2. A concave mirror of focal length 20 cm is cut into two parts from the middle and the two parts are move dperpendicularly by a distance 1 mm from the previous principal axis AB. The distance between the images formed by the two parts is :
(A) 2 mm
(B) 6 mm
(C) 3 mm
(D) 4 mm

3. The focal length of a concave mirror is 50 cm. Where an object be placed so that its image is two times magnified, real and inverted
(A) 75 cm
(B) 72 cm
(C) 63 cm
(D) 50 cm

4. A square of side 3 cm is placed at a distance of 25 cm from a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm. The centre of the square is at the axis of the mirror and the plane is normal to the axis. The area enclosed by the image of the wire is –
(A) 4 cm2
(B) 6 cm2
(C) 16 cm2
(D) 36 cm2

5. A point object is placed at a distance of 10 cm and its real image is formed at a distance of 20 cm from a concave mirror. If the object is moved by 0.1 cm towards the mirror, the image will shift by about.
(A) 0.4 cm away from the mirror
(B) 0.4 cm towards the mirror
(C) 0.8 cm away from the mirror
(D) 0.8 cm towards the mirror

Part – II

Chemistry :
16. When 8.3 g copper sulphate reacts with excess of potassium iodide then the amount of Iodine liberated is
(A) 42.3 g
(B) 24.3 g
(C) 4.23 g
(D) 2.43 g

17. To 50 mL of 1.5 M NaOH solution, 2M HCl solution is added gradually. The pH of the reaction system after the addition of 35 mL of HCl solution will be
(A) 0.84
(B) 1.23
(C) 12.77
(D) 7.95

18. In the following reaction 3Ba(NO3)2 + 2Na3PO4 ??? Ba3(PO4)2 + 6NaNO3
2 mol each of Ba(NO3)2 and Na3PO4 form Ba3(PO4)2
(A) 1 mol
(B) 2 3 mol
(C) 12 mol
(D) 4 mol

19. Which is not the disproportionation reaction
(A) 3H3PO2 ??? 2H3PO3 + PH3
(B) HCHO + OH– ??? HCOO– + CH3OH
(C) NH4NO3 ??? NO2 + 2H2O
(D) Cl2 + 6OH– ??? 5Cl– + ClO3 – + 3H2O

20. Identify the correct order for the strength of the acids
(A) H2CO3 > HNO3 > HClO4
(B) HClO4 > HClO3 > HClO2
(C) H3PO4 > H3PO3 > H3 PO2
(D) HF > HCl > HBr

Part – III

Biology :
31. Coenzymes NAD and NADP contains vitamins:
(A) niacin
(B) biotin
(C) thiamine
(D) vitamin B12

32. Brunner’s Gland is present in
(A) duodenum
(B) jejunum
(C) ileum
(D) rectum

33. The pneumotaxic centre and rhythm centre are respectively present in
(A) pons and medulla oblongata
(B) corpus callosum and pons
(C) medulla oblongata and hypothalamus
(D) diencephalon and pons

34. Mega Karyocytes, special cells in the bone marrow that produce cell fragments are called:
(A) leucocytes
(B) erythrocytes
(C) thrombocytes
(D) fibrinogen

35. When 2 to 3 drops of Benedict’s regeant are added to a urine sample and heated gently, it turns yellow. This colour change indicates that
(A) Urine contain 2% Glucose
(B) Urine contain 0.5% Glucose
(C) Urine contain 1.5% Glucose
(D) Urine contain 1% Glucose

Part – IV

Mathematics :
46. x4 – 4×3 + ax2 – bx + 1 = 0 has positive real roots. What is the maximum possible value of a + b ?
(a) 20
(b) 12
(c) 8
(d) 10

47. If a three digit number ‘abc’ has 3 factors, how many factors does the 6-digit number of form ‘abcabc’ have?
(a) 16 factors
(b) 24 factors
(c) 16 or 24 facotrs
(d) 20 factors

48. A polynomial f(x) leaves remainder 75 and 15 respectively when divided by (x –1) and (x + 2). Then the remainder when f(x) is divided by (x – 1) (x + 2) is
(A) 5(4x + 11)
(B) 5(4x – 11)
(C) 5(3x + 11)
(D) 5(3x – 11)

49. A railway half ticket costs half the full fare and reservation charge is same on half ticket as on full ticket. One reserved first class ticket from Chennai to Trivandrum costs Rs. 216 and one full and one half reserved first class tickets cost Rs. 327. What is the basic first class full fare and what is the reservation charge?
(a) Rs. 105 & Rs. 6
(b) Rs. 210 & Rs. 12
(c) Rs. 216 & Rs. 12
(d) Rs. 210 & Rs. 6

51. The sum of 2n terms of A.P.{1, 5, 9, 13, ……..} is greater than sum of n terms of A.P. {56, 58, 60, …..}. What is the smallest value n can take?
(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 9
(D) Cannot determined

52. An A.P. has a property that the sum of first ten terms is half the sum of next ten terms. If the second term is 13, then the common difference is
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 5
(d) 4

53. Consider the points A(–5, –1), B(–1, 0), C(1, 2) and D(1, 3). Let P be a point such that d = PA2 + PB2 + PC2 + PD2. The least possible value of d is
(a) 28
(b) 30
(c) 32
(d) 34

54. If the polynomial f(x) = ax3 + bx – c is divisible by the polynomial g(x) = x2 + bx +c, then ab will equal to:
(a) 1
(b) 1 c
(c) – 1
(d) 1 c

55. A triangle ABC is divided into four regions by three lines parallel to BC. The lines divide AB into four equal segments. If the second largest region has area 225, what is the area of ABC?
(A) 600
(B) 700
(C) 720
(D) Cannot determined

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