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TNSCERT X SSLC English Paper – I Model Question 2019 – 20 : Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu

Organisation : State Council of Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu
Exam : Secondary Second Year – SSLC
Document Type : X Standard – Model Question Paper Download
Category or Subject : English Paper – I
Website :

TNSCERT X English Paper – I Model Question Paper

Download TNSCERT X Standard SSLC English Paper – I Model Question Paper 2019 – 2020 from the official website of State Council of Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu.

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English Paper – I

Time: 15 min. +2.30 Hrs
Maximum Marks : 100
Part – I Answer all the questions. 14×1=14
Choose the most suitable answer and write the code with corresponding answer. Choose the appropriate synonyms for the italicised words.

1. The mother seagull swooped upwards.
a) Leap
b) rush
c) move very quickly
d) ascend

2. The attic has always been favourite with children.
a) Loft
b) affluent
c) apartment
d) strong room

3. It is a 55 foot sailing vessel built indigenously in India.
a) Fully
b) collectively
c) innately
d) specially
d) respectfully.

Choose the appropriate antonym for the italicised words.
4. She screamed back mockingly.
a) Disrespectfully b) ridiculously c) jeeringly

Download Question Paper :

5. We don’t have to use any means of repulsion.
a) Attraction
b) distaste
c) hate

6. I indulged in banking.
a) Took part b) participated c)abstained
d) horror
d) yielded

7. Choose the correct plural form of life
a) lives
b) live
c) lifes
d) life

8. Attach a suitable suffix to the word document :
There has been considerable document
a) ly
b) ism
c) cation
d) sion

9. The common expansion of 4G is
a) Fourth Group
b) Fourth Gender
c) Fourth Generation

10. Choose the correct meaning for the idiom once in a blue moon.
d) Fourth Gear.
a) happens rarely
b) happens often
c) hard work
d) extremely happy

11. Choose the suitable phrasal verb for the following:
The mother instructed the maid to the child carefully.
a) Look on
b) look upon
c) look after
d) look into

12. Read the following sentence and change the form of the italicised word as directed. The young seagull gave out a loud call. (to adverb)
13. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct options Priya has broken her (four/fore) limbs.

14. Choose the correct compound word for Noun+Gerund.
a) Bleaching powder b) housekeeping
c) watchman
d) mouthwash.


(10 x 2=20)
Answer any ten of the following:
* Question No. 28 is compulsory.
Section : A Answer any three of the following questions in a sentence or two. 15. Mention the special features of INSV Tarini. 16. What prompted the young seagull to fly finally? 17. What was the daily routine of Sanyal? 18. What were the various things that tempted Franz to spend his day outdoors?
Section – B Answer any three of the following questionsin a sentence or two. Read the following lines and answer the questions given below.

19. Let us learn to walk with a smile and a song, No matter if things do sometimes go wrong;
a) What does the poet wants everyone to learn? b) What should we do when things go wrong?

20. She’s a lioness; don’t mess with her.
She’ll not spare you if you’re a prankster. a) How is women described here? b) When will she not spare as?

21. Their hands are ours, and in their lines we read
A labour not different from our own.
a) Who does their’ refer to? b) What do we do in the lines?

22. Beside the house sits a tree
It never grows leaves.
a) What is found near the house? b) Why does it never grow leaves?

Section – C
Answer any four of the following.
23. Rewrite the following sentence to the other voice. Please assemble in the ground.

24. Combine the sentence using a relative pronoun:
Here is your watch. It has been found in the garden.
25. Combine the sentence using the appropriate connector: We came late. We did not miss the train.
26. Transform the following sentence as directed. On seeing the teacher, the children stood up. (Into a complex sentence)
27. Identify the clauses and classify them accordingly: Come back as soon as possible. Call me in case of an emergency.

28. Punctuate the following.
what s the matter he called are you hurt

Part – III

Answer any ten of the following questions in utmost ten lines. *Question no. 42 is compulsory. 10×5=50
29. Describe the struggles undergone by the young seagull to overcome its fear of flying.
30. ‘Technology is a boon to the disabled’. Justify.
31. Compare and contrast the attitude of the ant and the cricket.
32. How is mystery depicted in the poem “The House on Elm Street.

33. Read the following poetic lines and answer the questions given below.
The weather is always too hot or cold; Summer and winter alike they scold. Nothing goes right with the folks you meet Down on the gloomy Complaining street.

i) Pick out the rhyming words from the above lines. ii) Write the rhyme scheme of the poem. iii) Identify the figure of speech employed in the fourth line of the given stanza. iv) Pick out the alliterating words.

34. Paraphrase the following stanza.
We can pull and haul and push and lift and drive, We can print and plough and weave and heat and light, We can run and race and swim and fly and dive, We can see and hear and count and read and write!

35. Report the following dialogue.
Ravi : Where did you go, Rajan? I didn’t see for a long time? Rajan: I’ve just come back from my grandmother’s house. Ravi : Did you enjoy your stay with your grandmother? Rajan : Yes. I love to spend time with her.

36. Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.
a) in the platform / saw the train /he rushed / when he b) to Chennai / our way / we/ are on c) the first cricket / cup in 1983/world / India’won d) is a / pollution / in India / major issue. e) a graduate / I am / employment / seeking.

37. Read the story and rewrite it using the simple past tense.
Juno the elephant is lonely and tries to make friends with the other animals in the forest. But the other animals refuse to play with Juno because of his size. One day, all the animals are running away from Dera the tiger that is eating everyone he finds. Juno goes and gives Dera a swift kick. Dera runs away. Juno is now everyone’s friend.

38. Read the following passage and replace the italiced American English words with its
British English equivalent.
I came out of my apartment using the staircase as the elevatorwas out of service. I used the sidewalk to drop the envelope in the mailbox. After which I went to the pharmacy.

39. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.
Poor man! It was a honour this last lesson that he had put his fine Sunday clothes, and now I understood why the old men the village were sitting there
the back the room.

40. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles:
The next room,_ broad gallery about _quarter of_ Mile long, was devoted to publicity, for such Journal as Earth Herald had to be.

41. Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals/semi-modals.
Those are the times we _ _ be anticipate what_ be there ahead. Even during storm when three people
be out on watch the other three who be inside_ _be able to rest.

42. Identify which part of the sentence has the error.
a) You / may speak / politely / to the elders.
A B C D b) Many / people / behave rudely / now a days.
? ? ? D c) He / come / late / to school.
A B C D d) I / have / great confidence / on you.
A B C D e) Is this / a book / you / want to buy.

Part – IV

Answer both the questions. : 8 x 2 = 16
43. a. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: 4×2 = 8
Kung Fu – ‘kung’ meaning ‘energy’ and ‘fu’ meaning ‘time’ – is a Chinese martial art whose recorded history dates back to around 525 CE, during the Liang dynasty. The man credited with introducing martial arts to China is said to be an Indian monk known as Bodhidarma.
Many people have a misconception that Chinese Kung Fu is about fighting and killing. It is actually based on Chinese philosophy and is about improving wisdom and intelligence. Taoist philosophy is deeply rooted in and had a profound influence on the culture of Chinese martial arts.
The five traditional animal styles of Shaolin Kung Fu are the dragon, the snake, the tiger, the leopard and the crane. The union of the five animal forms clearly displayed the efficacy of both hard and soft movements, of both internal and external energy – this form of Chinese martial arts was known as Shaolin Kung Fu, named after the temple in which it was developed.

1. Which country does the martial art Kung Fu belong to? 2. What is the meaning of the term “Kung Fu”? 3. Write any two martial arts of India? 4. What are the five animal styles followed in Shaolin Kung Fu?
b. Read the following poem and answer the questions given below:
It you can’t be a pine on the top of the hill, Be a scrub in the valley – but be
The best little scrub by the side of the rill; Be a bush, if you can’t be a tree.
If you can’t be a bush, be a bit of the grass, And some highway happier make; If you can’t be a muskie, then just be a bass But the liveliest bass in the lake!
We can’t all be captains, we’ve got to be crew,
There’s something for all of us here. There’s big work to do and there’s lesser to do And the task we must do is the near.
If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail, If you can’t be the sun, be a star; It isn’t by size that you win or you fail Be the best of whatever you are!
1. Where does the best scrub grow?
2. What makes a highway traveller happy?
3. Does size matter? Give reason.
4. What is the underlying theme of the poem? 2 x 4 = 8

44. Quote from memory.
a) i) From: Let me …………..
To : …………that disappear. ii) From : The summer
To : ………. no fear.
b) i) From : We were ……
To : ……… gauged to fit.
ii) From : It is the human……
To : …. no countries strange.

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