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TNSCERT XII Standard Home Science Model Question Paper 2019 : Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu

Organisation : State Council of Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu
Exam : Higher Secondary Second Year
Document Type : XII Standard – Model Question Paper Download
Category or Subject : Home Science
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TNSCERT XII Standard Home Science Model Question Paper

The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken a policy decision on reducing the maximum marks for Higher Secondary Board Examination from 1200 to 600 in order to reduce the examination stress of students besides reducing the number of papers for Language subjects from two to one.

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Note :
** These are only model questions. Teachers and students need to focus only on the Pattern of the questions.

Home Science

Time : 2.30 Hours
Marks : 70


I. Answer all the questions. Choose the correct answer: 15×1=15
1. St. John Ambulance Association was formed in the year
(a) 1877
(b) 1977
(c) 1878
(d) 1879

2. Glaucoma is a disease of .
(a) Eye
(b) Ear
(c) Nose
(d) Intestine

3. Removal of toxins is done in
(a) Intestine
(b) Liver
(c) Stomach
(d) Oesophagus

4. Thyroxin is produced by gland.
(a) Adrenal
(b) pituitary
(c) Thyroid
(d) Pancreas

5. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes
(a) Glossitis
(b) Angular Stomatitis
(c) Scurvy
(d) Rickets.

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Model – 3 :

6. Cirrhosis is a disease.
(a) Liver
(b) Heart
(c) Kidney
(d) Brain

7. Metanil yellow is the adulterant in
(a) Butter
(b) Turmeric
(c) Khoa
(d) Coffee

8. The three ‘A’s of happiness are violated during
(a) Puberty
(b) Adolescent
(c) Adulthood
(d) Old age

9. is the time of “empty nest”.
(a) Adolescent
(b) Old age
(c) Middle age
(d) Puberty

10. as a social institution performs the activities of procreation, economy, and recreation.
(a) Family
(b) School
(c) College
(d) Office

11. Kneading dough is a work.
(a) Light
(b) Moderate
(c) Heavy
(d) Very heavy

12. needle has a long eye and a slender, pointed tip.
(a) Sharp
(b) Crewel
(c) Chenille
(d) Curved

13. An example of knotted stitch is
(a) French knot
(b) Satin stitch
(c) Chain stitch
(d) Back stitch

14. A is a bold illustration with little or no writing.
(a) Flipchart
(b) Poster
(c) Flashcard
(d) Chart

15. A is also known as “Circle graph”.
(a) Line graph
(b) Bar graph
(c) Pie graph
(d) curve graph.


II. Answer any six questions out of which question No.16 is compulsory : (6×2=12)
16. What is astigmatism?
17. Give the medicinal value of fenugreek seeds.
18. Mention the forms of PEM.
19. Adolescence is a problematic age why?
20. What is Braille?
21. What is meant by flexible standards?
22. Define hem.
23. Define a Specimen.
24. Write the aims of first aid.


III. Answer any six questions out of which Question No. 25 is compulsory : (6×3=18)
25. Give the reasons for slow growth of consumer movement in India.
26. Discuss clothing classifications.
27. State the objectives of an exhibition.
28. Explain the causes of blindness.
29. What is pasteurization? List the methods of pasteurization.
30. Explain ADH.
31. Explain the types of burns.
32. What is anorexia nervosa?
33. Write the functions of hydrochloric acid.


IV. Answer all the questions : (5×5=25)
34. A ten year old boy is drowned in a well. He suffers with asphyxia.
How will you manage the situation?
Explain the types of wounds in detail.

35. What are the phases of menstrual cycle? Explain.
Draw the structure of the eye and mention the layers of the eye.

36. Explain the dietary management of diabetes mellitus.
Explain the Food Adulteration Act.

37. Ram has left his elderly parents in an institution. Give the advantages and disadvantages of living there.
Explain Mendel’s classes of change in detail.

38. Write short notes on:
(a) Tailor’s chalk.
(b) Tape measure.
(c) Whipping.
Elaborate on Puppets.

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