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TNSCERT SSLC Social Science Model Question Paper 2019 – 20 : Educational Research & Training Tamilnadu

Organisation : State Council of Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu
Exam : Secondary Second Year – SSLC
Document Type : X Standard – Model Question Paper Download
Category or Subject : Social Science
Website :

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TNSCERT X Social Science Model Question Paper

Download TNSCERT X Standard SSLC Model Question Paper 2019 – 2020 from the official website of State Council of Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu.

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Social Science

Time Allowed : 15min + 21/2 hrs
Maximum Marks : 100
Instruction :
(1) Check the question paper for fairness of printing. If there is any lack of fairness, inform the Hall Supervisor immediately.
(2) Use Blue or Black ink to write and underline and pencil to draw diagrams.

Note : This question paper contains four parts.

Part – 1

Marks : 14 14X1=14
Note :
(i) Answer all the 14 questions
(ii) Choose the most suitable answer from the given four alternatives and write the option code with the corresponding answer

1. With whom of the following was the Lateran Treaty signed by Italy?
a) Germany
b) Russia
c ) Pope
d) Spain

2. Where was the third session of the Indian National Congress held?
a) Marina
b) Mylapore
c ) Fort St. George
d) Thousand Lights

3. Who was the first Indian Judge of the Madras High Court?
a) T. Muthuswamy
b) P.S. Sivasamy
C) V.S. Srinivasa Sastri
d) G.A. Natesan

4. India’s first organised trade union, the Madras Labour Union was formed in
a) 1918
b) 1917
C) 1916
d) 1914

Download Question Paper :

5. Assertion (A): The Revolt of 1857 was brutally suppressed by the British army. Reason
(R): The failure of the rebellion was due to the absence of Central authority.
a) Both (A) and (R) are wrong
b) (A) is wrong and (R) is correct
c) Both (A) and (R) are correct and R is the correct explanation of A
d) Both (A) and (R) are correct, but R is not the correct explanation of A

6. Pick the odd one out :
a) Khadar
b) Bhangar
c) Alluvial soil
d) Black soil

7. Aline joining the places of equal rainfall is
a) Isohyet
b) Isobar
c) Isotherm
d) Latitude

8. The first paper Industry was started in
a) Raniganj
b) Durgapur
C) Hoogly
d) Baliganj

9. The scientific study of different aspects of population is called
a) Photography
b) Demography
c) Choreography
d) Population density

10. The latitudinal extent of Tamil Nadu is
a) 8°5’N to 13°35’N
b) 8°5’S to 13°35’S
c) 8°O’N to 13°5’N
d) 8°0’S to 13°05’S

11. Arrange the following in the correct chronological order and choose the correct answer from the code given below.
(i) Panchsheel
(ii) Nuclear test at Pokhran
(iii) Twenty-year Treaty
(iv) First Nuclear test
a) (1), (i), (iv), (i)
b) (1), (i), (i), (iv)
c) (i), (i), (iv), (i)
d) (1), (i), (i), (iv)

12. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can hold the office up to the age of in year
a) 58
b) 60
c) 62
d) 65

13. Choose the incorrect statement(s):
(1) Shortage of goods, whether natural or artificial, is the root cause of black money. (ii) Industrial sector has been the major contributor to black money. (iii) Smuggling is one of the major sources of black money.
(iv) When the tax rate is low, more black money is generated.
a) (1) and (i)
b) (iv)
C) (1)
d) (ii) and (iii)

14. Basic Component(s) of food and nutrition security is / are
a) availability
b) access c) absorption
d) all

Part – II

Marks : 20
Answer any 10 questions. Question No. 28 is compulsory.
15. Explain the Monroe Doctrine.
16. What was Marshall Plan?
17. Write the objectives of Home Rule Movement.
18. Name the Sangam texts for which Maraimalai Adigal wrote commentaries.
19. Name the neighbouring countries of India. State the types of agriculture practices in India?
20. Define “International trade”.
21. Write a short note on Mangrove forest in Tamil Nadu.
22. What is Money Bill?
23. Mention the names of the member countries of BRICS.
24. What is per capita income?
25. Define: Food Security according to FAO.
26. Define: Tax
27. What do you know about Renewable resources?

Part – III

Marks : 50
1. Answer any 10 questions. Question No. 42 is compulsory.
Fill in the blanks :
was the Headquarters of the Council of Europe. Soil is suitable for the cultivation of tea and coffee plants. is the first women Governor of Tamil Nadu.
(iv) The term globalization invented by is the highest peak of South India.

2. Match the following :
(i) Hindenburg – Titu Mir
(ii) Wahhabi Rebillion – Kalayar Kovil – Germany
(iii) Tani Tamil Iyakkam (iv) Syngman Rhee – Maraimalai Adigal
(v) Marudhu Brothers – South Korea

3. Match the Following:
(i) Mazagaon Dock – Coal
(ii) Black Gold – Nanda Devi
(iii) Hirakud – Brahmaputra
(iv) Biosphere Reserve – Mahanadi
(v) Tsangpo – Mumbai

4 a) Distinguish between
(i) Weather and Climate
(ii) Agro based Industries and Mineral based Industries
b) Give reason: Rain water harvesting is necessary.

5. Assess the structure and the activities of the UN. What do you know about ‘salt march to vedaranyam’?
6. Write about southwest monsoon. Give an account of water resources of Tamil Nadu.
7. Point out the Fundamental Rights.
8. Explain about Panchsheel principles.
9. What are the Important characteristics of successful Industrial Clusters.
10. What are the methods of calculating Gross Domestic Product? and explain. GDP

Note :
1. Blind Candidates have to write only notes for the questions related to Time Line Chart and Map
41. Draw a time line for the following: Write any five important events between 1920-1940. 1920
42 Mark the following places on the World map.
(1) Great Britain
(ii) Germany
(iii) Russia
(iv) Hiroshima
(v) Hawai Island

Part – IV

Marks : 16
Answer both questions. 2X8 = 16
43 (a) Balkan Wars
(i) Why was Balkan League formed?
(ii) What was the outcome of the first Balkan War?
(iii) Who were defeated in this war?
(iv) What was the name of the Treaty signed at the end of this second Balkan War?

(b) Subhas Chandra Bose and INA
(i) How did Subhas Chandra Bose reach Japan?
(ii) Who headed the women wing of Indian National Army?
(ii) How did Subhas Chandra Bose reorganize the INA?
(iv) Name the slogan provided by Subhas Chandra Bose.

43 c Ramalinga Adigal
(1) What is Jeevakarunya?
(ii) What are the Songs of Grace?
(iii) Point out the major contribution of Samarasa Vedha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam?
(iv) Where did he establish his free feeding house?

(d) Vellore Revolt
(i) When did Vellore Revolt break out?
(ii) Who introduced new military regulation?
(iii) Who was the first victim of the revolt?
(iv) Who was proclaimed by the rebels as their new rules?

Note: Blind Candidates have to write only notes for the questions related to Map

44. Mark the following places on the given outline map of India.
(1) Aravalli range
(ii) River Cauvery
(iii) Direction of South-West monsoon winds
(iv) Agasthiyamalai bio-sphere reserve
(v) The main region of black soil
(vi) Any one International Airport
(vii) Atomic power station in Tamil Nadu
(viii) Railway route from Mumbai to Kolkata

Mark the following places on the given outline map of Tamil Nadu.
(i) Nilgiri hills
(ii) Coromandel Coast
(iii) A paddy growing area
(iv) Bavani Sagar Dam
(v) Thoothukudi Port
(vi) Any one International Airport
(vii) Pulicat lake
(viii) Kanyakumari

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