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TNSCERT XII Standard Biology Model Question Paper 2019 : Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu

Organisation : State Council of Educational Research and Training Tamilnadu
Exam : Higher Secondary Second Year
Document Type : XII Standard – Model Question Paper Download
Category or Subject : Biology
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TNSCERT XII Standard Biology Model Question Paper

The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken a policy decision on reducing the maximum marks for Higher Secondary Board Examination from 1200 to 600 in order to reduce the examination stress of students besides reducing the number of papers for Language subjects from two to one.

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Note :
** These are only model questions. Teachers and students need to focus only on the Pattern of the questions.


Time : 2.30 Hrs
Marks : 70

Section- I

I. Answer all the questions : 8×1 = 8
1 The standard size of a herbarium sheet
a) 41m x 29cm
b) 42cm x 31cm
c) 42cm x 29cm
d) 42cm x 29cm

2 Bracteoles are not present in
a) Malva sylvestris
b) Pavonia odorata
c) Abutilon
d) Sida cordifolia

3 Primary vascular tissues arise from
a) Protoderm
b) Procambium
c) Ground meristem
d) Cortex

4 Lampbrush chromosomes are observed at the following stage of meiotic of in cyctes of salamander
a) Zygotene
b) Pachytene
c) Diplotene
d) Diakinensis

5 The two protoplasts are fused with a fusogen called
a) Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
b) Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)
c) Polyethane glycol (PEG)
d) Phosphoric ethane

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Model – 1 :
Model – 2 :
Model – 3 :

6 The following enzyme unwinds the DNA strands during replication
a) Polymerase
b) Ligase
c) Helicase
d) Permease

7 Which of the following is not a C4 plant?
a) Maize
b) Tribulus
c) Amaranthus
d) Wheat

8 Certain angiosperms lack chlorophyll and have mycorhizal roots
a) Cuscuta
b) Drosera
c) Nepenthes
d) Monotropa

Section- II

Answer any four of the following : 4 X 2 = 8
9 What is atropine?
10 What is callose?
11 Differentiate gene and genome
12 Name any four organisms used for scp production?
13 What is Photolysis of Water?
14 What is carbondioxide compensation point?

Section- III

Write any Three of the following in which question no. 18 is comppulsory : 3 X 3 = 9
15 Bring out the economic importance of teak
16 Differentiate Dicot root and monocot root
17 Write about the physiological effects of cytokinn?
18 Draw the structure of t-RNA?
19 Explain the significance of herbarium

Section- IV

Give the answer for the following questions : 2 X 5 = 10
20 Explain hibiscus rosa-sinensis in technical terms
Explain vascular tissue system

21 Explain calvin cycle ( Flow Chart or Explanation)
Write any essay on recombinant DNA technology

Bio Zoology

Section- I

I Answer all the questions : 8×1=8
Choose the most suitable answer from the given four alternatives
1 In adults vitamin D and calcium deficiency leads to
b) Rickets
b) Osteomalcia
d) Nyctalopia
d) Keratomalacia

2 Demineralization of the bones is due to
b) Less secreation of paratharmone
c) Excess secretion of partharmone
d) Excess secretion of calcitonin
e) Lack of adrenalin

3 Transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another bacterium through bacterio phage is known as
b) Conjugation
b) transduction
c) Translation
d) Transformation

4 The mucosa is endowed with
b) IgA
b) IgG
c) IgM
d) IgE

5 Renal stone is made up of
b) Calcium carbonate
b) Potassium oxalate
c) Calcium oxalate
d) Sodium carbonate

6 Human egg belongs to
b) Mesolecithal
b) Microlecithal
c) Alecithal
d) Macrolecithal

7 Enlargement of liver is called as
b) Spleenomegaly
b) Thalassemia
c) Hepatomegaly
d) Anaemia

8 The battery in the artificial pacemaker can last for
b) 6-7 years
b) 5-6 years
c) 3-4 years
d) 7-8 years

Section- II

Write any four of the following : 4×2=8
9 How does obesity assessed?
10 A patient who is over 40 years of age having refractive defects and who does not want
to wear glass or contact lens. Suggest an alternate option
11 What is molecular cloning?
12 What are attenuated strains? State their use
13 What is Bubble boy syndrome?
14 Name few exotic breeds of cattle

Section- III

Write any three of the following in which question no. 18 is compulsory : 3 X 3 = 9
15 What are the function of corpus callosum and anterior commissure? If corpus callosum is damaged what will happen?
16 What treatment is made for coronary artery blockage? Explain
17 Distinguish between Active and passive immunity
18 What are the methods adopted to remove stones in the bladder and lower ureter?
19 Distinguish between vaccines and antibiotics

Section- IV

Give the answer for the following questions : 2X 5 = 10
20 Describe the functioning of cerebral cortex
A proper balance between insulin and glucogon production is necessary to maintain proper blood glucose level – Discuss

21 Write an essay on protozoan diseases caused to human being
“Conservation of fresh water” – Discuss

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