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Organisation : Kumarbharati
Exam : Kumarbharati English Practice Paper
Document Type : Question Paper
Subject : First Language
Class : X Std
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Kumarbharati English First Language Question Paper

Balbharati is publishing practice question sets for the students appearing for the March 2019 Exam. Syllabus of Standard 10th has changed form Academic Year 2018-19. Accordingly the Textbooks for Standard 10th have changed.

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Time – 3 Hours
Marks – 100

Section I – Language Study

Q.1(A) Do as directed. (08)
(A1) (1) Pick out the infinitive from the given sentence.
The school authorities congratulated all the winners and encouraged to participate in all the activities.
(2) Make a sentence of your own using the following phrase: ‘In search of’

(3) Find out 2 hidden words of minimum 4 letters from – ‘Introduction’

(4) Punctuate the following sentence. dr a p j abdul kalam was the past president of india
(5) Identify the kinds of sentence. You are not tone deaf.

(6) Spot the error in the following sentence and rewrite it. My friend and I am going for a movie.

(7) Choose and insert the proper Homophones in the appropriate blank to make the sentence meaningful.
The judge did not _______ any evidence __________ the last document. (expect / except / aspect / accept)

(8) Write two present participles, in which the last letter of the main word is doubled. For example, stopping (A2) Do as directed. (08)
(1) Prepare a word chain of VERBS. Enact, T___________, ___________, __________, __________ .
(2) Rewrite in indirect speech. “Did you enjoy the music, today?” he said to me.
(3) Insert the appropriate Modal Auxiliary as directed.
(a) You ____ to improve your handwriting (necessity).
(b) There ______ be about fifty chocolates in that box. (possibility)
(4) Make a word register of 8 words related with ‘Cultural Heritage’.

Download English Question Paper :
Set – I :
Set – II :
Set – III :

Section II – Textual Passages

Reading Skill, Vocabulary and Grammar :
Q.2 (A) Read the following passage and do the activities. (10)
(A1) Rewrite the following sentences in proper sequence. 02
(a) It starts wilting.
(b) Through the day, it smiles with the sun.
(c) It withers completely.
(d) Every fortnight a flower blooms.

big, bright and tender. Through the day it smiles with the sun and dances with the wind, but as evening approaches, it starts wilting. The morning after, it withers completely and by evening it falls and becomes one with the earth again. The flower comes to life only for a day, yet it does so in full splendour. What if we too lived our life, however short, to its fullest?
(A2) Complete the following sentences. 02
(1) Our problems are ……………………….. .
(2) However impossible things may look ……………………………………….. .

(A3) Match the columns. 02
(1) Drying and drooping (a) Conviction
(2) Huge, massive (b) Splendour
(3) Grandeur (c) Colossal
(4) Firm belief (d) Wilting

(A4) (1) Do as directed. 02
(a) We went to the rocky beach and saw the spread of the majestic ocean. (Begin with ‘After going to….’)
(b) We have a hibiscus plant in our garden. (Write a question to which the underlined word is the answer).

(A5) What role does nature play in our lives? 02
Q.2 (B) Read the following passage and do the activities. (10)

(B1) Who said to whom. 02
(1) This is not the last time they are going to play.
(2) We have done things together.

(B2) Describe the condition of Smita and her reaction to Anant when she came to know about the concert.
(B3) Write the root forms of the given words from the passage. 02
1. Indulgence 2. Surroundings 3. Fulfilment 4. Happiness
(B4) Choose the appropriate adverb or adjective to fill in the gaps. 02
1. He was able to compose his own tunes. (use ‘could’ and rewrite the sentence.)
2. Smita cried out in a choked voice. (Identify the tense.)
(B5) The two contradictory pictures are depicted in the story. Describe them in your own word.

Section III – Poetry

Q.3 (A) Read the following extract and do the activities. (05)
(A1) Choose the correct alternative from the following. 02
(1) The first gift that God gave man is _________
a. Wisdom
b. Strength
c. Beauty
d. Rest

(2) The poem displays ___________ as the main theme.
a. Origin of human species
b. Origin of universe and galaxy
c. Origin of spirituality
d. Origin of earth and space

(A2) Explain the reason why rest is withheld from man by God. 02
(A3) Write the rhyme scheme of the first stanza. 01
Q.3 (B) Read the following poem and write an appreciation of it with the help of the given points in paragraph format.
You can use the following points while appreciating the given poem.
• Title
• Poet
• Theme/Central Idea (At least 2 to 3 lines)
• Rhyme Scheme
• Figures of Speech
• Special Features (Type of the poem, imagery, implied meaning if any etc.) (At least 3 to 4 lines)
• Favourite line/lines
• Why I like/don’t like the poem

Section IV – Non-Textual Passages

Reading Skill, Vocabulary, Grammar and Summary :
Q.4 (A) Read the following passage and do the activities. (10)
(A1) State whether the following statements are true or false. 02
(1) The most common type of galaxy is the barred spiral.
(2) Galaxies are clusters, held by gravity.
(3) Scientists do not believe in the Big Bang explosion.
(4) Galaxies are moving from each other.

(A2) Complete the web chart.
(A3) (a) Find out similar words from the passage. 01 (i) mass (ii) happenings
(b) Give the verb form of the given words. 01 (i) classified (ii) directions
(A4) Identify and name the clause. 02 Scientists believe that the galaxies were formed from the lumps of matter.
(A5) Can there be life in another galaxy? Give reasons for your answer. 02

Q.4 (B) Read the passage given in Q. 4 (A) and write the summary of it. Suggest a suitable title to your summary. (05)

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