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Balbharati History & Political Science Question Paper :

Organisation : Balbharati
Exam : History and Political Science Practice Paper
Document Type : Question Paper
Subject : History & Political Science
Class : X Std
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ebalbharati History & Political Science Question Paper

Balbharati is publishing practice question sets for the students appearing for the March 2019 Exam. Syllabus of Standard 10th has changed form Academic Year 2018-19. Accordingly the Textbooks for Standard 10th have changed.

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Time : 2.30 Hours
Marks : 60


(1) All questions / activities are compulsory.
(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(3) Question No. 1 to 5 are based on History and Question No. 6 to 9 on Policital Science.
(4) It is mandatory to write complete statement in Question No. 1 (A).

(5) While solving Q.1 (B), correction of wrong pair in every set is expected in 2nd group. Keep factors in first group as it is.
(6) The concept map given in Question No. 2 (A) should be drawn/written with pen in answersheet, according to the framework.

Download Question Paper :
Set – I :
Set – II :
Set – III :


Q.1 (A) Choose the correct alternative and write the complete (Marks 4) statement.
1. The book ‘Reason in History’ is written by .
(a) René Descartes
(b) Michel Foucault
(c) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
(d) Karl Marx

2. translated the Sanskrit text ‘Hitopadesh’.
(a) James Mill
(b) Friedrich Max Muller
(c) Mountstuart Elphinstone
(d) Sir John Marshall

3. The foundation of Indian iconography was laid by school of art.
(a) Nagar
(b) Dravid
(c) Gandhar
(d) Mathura

4. Bhilar village near Mahabaleshwar is wel-known for .
(a) books (b) plants
(c) mangoes (d) forts

(B) Find the incorrect pair in every set and write the (Marks 4) correct one.
1. (i) Nationalistic Historiography – Vinayak D. Savarkar
(ii) Marxist Historiography – Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi
(iii) Subaltern History – Ramchandra Guha
(iv) Feminist History – Shrmila Rege

2. (i) Kootiyattam – Sanskrit Theatre, Kerala
(ii) Ramman – Dance of West Bengal
(iii) Ramlila – Traditional performance of North India
(iv) Kalbelia – Folk songs and dances of Rajasthan

3. (i) Murals in old wadas at Wai and Satara – Maratha style of painting
(ii) The rock shelters in the caves at – Folk style of painting Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh
(iii) The tradition of narrating stories from – Chitrakathi Tradition Ramayana, Maharashtra
(iv) The portrait of Savai Madhavrao and – Mughal Miniature Nana Phadnavis

4. (i) Maharaj Sayajirao University – Delhi
(ii) Banaras Hindu University – Varanasi
(iii) Aligarh Muslim Universiy – Aligarh
(iv) Jivaji University – Gwalior

Q.2 (A) Complete given concept maps. (Any 2)
Q.2 (B) Write short notes. (Any 2) (Marks 4)
1. The role of newspaper in the Indian struggle for independence
2. Saraswati Mahal Library
3. Sports Tourism

Q.3 (A) Explain the statements with reasons. (Any 2) (Marks 6)
1. Bakhar is an important type of historical documents.
2. The list of world Heritage sites is announced by UNESCO.
3. Knowledge of history is essential for newspaper articles.
4. Currently the structure of sports economy has been significantly affected.
5. We should conserve our Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Q.3 (B) Answer in brief. (Any 2) (Marks 6)
1. Common people’s life was thoroughly depicted through the Subaltern history. Give your opinions.
2. Which fields are included in Applied Art?
3. State the world cultural heritage sites located in Maharashtra and give information about any one of them.

Q.4 Read the following passage and answer the questions based on it. (Marks 4)
The movement started by Vishnudas Bhave was followed in Maharashtra by historical, mythological and also light farcical stage plays. The farcical plays dealt with social issues in a humorous way.
Initially no written scripts were used. Often, only the lyrics were written down but the dialogues used to be spontaneous. V.J. Kirtane was the first author who wrote the script of Thorale Madhavrao Peshwe in 1861 and its printed copy was made available. This was the beginning of the tradition of having a complete written script ready before staging a play

1. Who presented the play Seetaswayamvar in theatre?
2. Who is the author of the drama Sangeet Sharada?
3. Explain how drama creates social awakening.

Q.5 Answer the questions in detail. (Any 2) (Marks 8)
1. Explain Karl Marx’s ‘Class Theory’.
2. Write about the indoor games and outdoor games.
3. Which tasks are important in archives management?
4. What kind of professional opportunities are available in the field of arts?

Political Science

Q.6 Choose the correct alternative and write the complete statement.(Marks 4)
1. The essence of democracy is .
(a) universal adult franchise
(b) decentralisation of power
(c) policy of reservation of seats
(d) judicial decisions

2. The election commissioner is appointed by the .
(a) President
(b) Prime Minister
(c) Speaker of Loksabha
(d) Vice President

3. Shiromani Akali Dal is a party in State.
(a) Odisha
(b) Assam
(c) Punjab
(d) Jammu and Kashmir

4. In a democracy participate in elections and get political power.
(a) political parties
(b) courts
(c) social organisations
(d) non Government Organisation

Q.7 Explain whether the statements is true of false with reasons. (Any 2) (Marks 4)
1. The nature of the Constitution is seen as a living document.
2. The Election Commission decides as to when and in how many stages the elections would be held in a particular state.
3. Movements do not need a strong leadership.

Q.8 (A) Explain the concepts. (Any 2) (Marks 6)
1. Decentralisation of Power
2. Mid-term Elections
3. Left Extremists

Q.8 (B) Do as directed/instructed. (Any 2) (Marks 4)
1. Complete the following flow chart related to election process.
2. Complete the concept map.

Q.9 Answer the following questions in brief. (Any 2) (Marks 6)
1. State the information about post of the Election Commissioner.
2. What is meant by establishment of Social Justice?
3. Explain the functions of Environmental Movement.
4. What efforts are undertaken to bring transparency in political process?

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