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Lulla Classes LSAT Scholarship Cum Admission Test IX Std Sample Paper :

Organisation : Lulla Classes
Exam : LSAT Scholarship Cum Admission Test
Class : Moving to IX Std
Document Type : Sample Paper
Website :

Lulla Classes LSAT Admission Test IX Std Sample Paper

Time 1 : hrs
Marks : 150

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General Instructions

1. This booklet consists of 50 questions. Time allowed will be 60 minutes
2. The answer sheet, OMR, is provided separately. DO NOT tamper with/ Mutilate the OMR or the booklet
3. Submit OMR sheet when asked for by the invigilator. Write all the details which are requested for in capital letters.

4. Side spaces of the question paper booklet may be used for rough work.
5. Marking System The total test is of 150 marks. +3 marks will be awarded for every correct answer and -1 will be awarded for every incorrect answer.

Download Question Paper :
Paper  – I :
Paper  – II :

Sample Questions

In figure ZPOR, ZQOR form a linear pair and a – b = 40°. Then, a, b respectively are ——–
(a)110°, 70°
(6)70°, 100°
(d)120° ,80°

In given figure, AABC is an Isosceles triangle with AB = AC and AABC = 50 ° ———— is ZBDC.
(a) 100°, 60°
(6)50°, 120°
(c)60°, 80°
(d)80°, 100°

————- change in percent is made in area of rectangle by decreasing its length and increasing its breadth by 5%.
(a)2.5% increase
(5) 0.25% decrease
(c)0.25% decrease
(d) 2.5 decrease

If volume of two cones are in ratio 1:4 and their diameters are in ratio 4:5, then ratio of their heights is ————
(a) 1:5
(d)25: 64

Average of 12 students is 15. The marks of a student who scored zero were wrongly taken as 18 and average was determined. The correct average marks is —–
(a) 15
(c) 14.5
(d) 13.5

A man is three years elder than his wife and four times as old as his son. If son shall attain an age of fifteen years after three years, ———— is percent age of his mother.
(a)60 years
(6)51 years
(c)48 years
(d)45 years

A, B and Center into partnership by making investments in ratio 3:5:7. After a year C invests another Rs.337600 while A withdraw Rs.45600.Ratio of investments then changes to 24:59:167. —— amount did A invest initially.
(b) Rs.96000
(c) Rs. 141600
(d) None

Total number of Quadrilaterals in a following figure is ———
(d) None

————- is value of a if (x –a) is a factor of polynomial [x• – ax + x4 + ax + 3x – a +2]

Number of ways of writing the number — in form (a, b are integers) is
(c)Finitely many
(d)Infinitely many

ABCD and ABEF are two cyclic quadrilaterals in following figure. If ZBCD = 110°, then ZBEF = —-

What is the unit of frequency.
(a) Hertz
(d) All of the above

Guru Gobind singh was
(a) 10th Guru of Sikhs
(b)Founder of khalsa
(c)Author of Daram Granth
(d)All of the above

The ozone layer restricts
(a) Visible light
(b) Infrared light
(c) x rays
(d) UV rays

Ecology deals with
(a) Birds
(c) Relation between organism & environment

Golden Temple is India’s
(a)Largest Gurudwara est Gurudwa A & B
(d) None

Dr Zakir Hussain was
(a)The first muslim president of India 1S V
(b) First vice president of India

Which of the following cell-organelle initiate & regulate cell-division –
(a) Ribosome
(b) Nucleus
(d) Centrosome

The first true synthetic fibre is –
(a) Rayon
(6) Nylon
(c) Polyester
(d) Spandex

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