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Lulla Classes LSAT Scholarship Cum Admission Test VIII Std Sample Paper :

Organisation : Lulla Classes
Exam : LSAT Scholarship Cum Admission Test
Class : Moving to VIII Std
Document Type : Sample Paper
Website :

Lulla Classes LSAT Admission Test VIII Std Sample Paper

Time 1 hrs
Marks : 150

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General Instructions

1. This booklet consists of 50 questions. Time allowed will be 60 minutes
2. The answer sheet, OMR, is provided separately. DO NOT tamper with/ Mutilate the OMR or the booklet
3. Submit OMR sheet when asked for by the invigilator. Write all the details which are requested for in capital letters.

4. Side spaces of the question paper booklet may be used for rough work.
5. Marking System The total test is of 150 marks. +3 marks will be awarded for every correct answer and -1 will be awarded for every incorrect answer.

Download Question Paper :
Paper – I :
Paper – II :

Sample Questions

f x = 64, then ———– is value of ( x 3-1 || x/3 +1]
(a) 14

A camera was purchased for 875 Rs. and 25 Rs. were paid on repairs. ———- is loss percentage if it is sold for 855 Rs.
(b) 10%

For certain sum deposited the simple interest of first two years is 480 Rs. while compound interest is 36 Rs. more then ———— is rate of interest

———- should be subtracted from (6x² + x + 5) so that result is divisible by (2x – 1).
(a) 2x
(6) 3x
(c)2x + 2 Tu
(d) 3x + 2

Volume and lateral surface area of a hemisphere are numerically equal. Then ——— is radius of hemisphere in units.

Radius of base of right circular cylinder is halved keeping height same ———— is ratio of volume of smaller cylinder to that of original cylinder.

A solid cubic block of fine wood cost 256 Rs. at 500 Rs. per m². ——— is length of each side.
(a)0.6 m
(6)0.8 m
(c)0.9 m
(d)0.7 m

In adj. fig. DREAM is a regular pentagon. Bisectors Of ZMDR meets AE at Q. If bisectors of ZAER meets QD at P. Then ———— is ZEPQ.
(d) 120°

Philology is the study of
(a) Study of bones
(b) study of muscles
(c) Study of architecture
(d)science of languages

India’s satellite launching station is located at
(a) Sriharikota (A.P.)
(b) Solapur (Maharashtra)
(c) Salem (Tamilnadu)
(d) Warangal (A.P.)

A ‘Black Flag’ signifies
(a) Revolution
(6) Peace
(d) Truce

The chief constituent of gobar gas is
(c) Hydrogen
(d)carbon dioxide

World’s busiest airport by passenger traffic is in
(a) USA
(6) Tibet
(c)Saudi Arabia
(d) Chin

Organisms in a particular environment have special teeth structure, feet body shape & body coverings. These adaptations are called ——-
(a)Structural adaptations Ornamental adaptations
(c)Behavioural adaptations
(d) Temporary adaptations

Some animals hibernate by going into a long sleep which of the following statements hold true regarding this COOL
(a)The breathing & heart rate of animal increases.
(b)Body temperature of animal increases so that it survives through the winter.
(c) It is a way of surviving food scarcity & cold weather.
(d) All of above

During a cyclone, air moves from –
(a)Region of high to low pressure
(b) Region of low to high pressure
(c) Region of low velocity to high velocity.
(d) Region of high velocity to low velocity

A tornado is –
(a) Uneven heating between two regions is
(b) A violent twisting funnel of wind
(c) Strong circulatory winds in the tropical region
(d) None

Which of the following factors related to fibres decide the quality of wool ?
(i) Thickness
(ii) length
(iii) shine
(v) colour
(a) (i), (iii) & (iv)
(b) (i) (iv) and (v)
(c) (i), (iii), (iv) & (v)

Which of the following increases when a liquid becomes a gas at it’s boiling point ?
(a)The average kinetic energy of the molecules
(6) The molecular size
(c)The molecular spacing
(d) The total number of molecules

Chinmay is blowing into a beaker containing lime water through a straw. What will be observe
(a) Lime water turns violet
(6) Lime water turns yellow
(c) Lime water turns milky
(d) No change in colour

When a person breathes in, what happens to the diaphragm & to the rib cage ?
(a) Becomes flatten moves down ward & inward
(6) Becomes flatten moves outward & upward
(c) Becomes more curved moves downward & inward
(d) Becomes more curved moves outward & upward

Which of the following processes if absent would most significantly affect the movement of water through xylem in the stem ?
(a) Mineral salts being taken in by active transport in the roots ?
(b) Water lost from the aerial parts of the plant
(c)Water being given off during respiration
(d)Water taken in by osmosis in the roots.

Which of the following gives the correct functions of the xylem & phloem in a green plant ?
(a) Transport food water & minerals Provide support to plant
(6) Transport water, mineral & gases Provide support to plant
(c) Provide support to plant & transport Transport water & minerals

To & fro motion is an example of
(a) Oscillatory motion
(6) Periodic motion
(c) Circulatory motion
(d)Both A&B

Which of the following is not a unit of speed ASSE
(a) Meter/sec
(c) kilometer/hr

The necessary requirement for a fuse wire is –
(a)Conductor with low melting point
(b)Conductor with high melting point
(c)Insulator with low melting point
(d) Insulator with high melting point

Which of the following is correct for lateral inversion –
(a) Right side of the object will be right side of image
(b)Left side of the object will be left side of image
(c) Upside side of object will be downside of image
(d) Right side of object will be left side of image.

Choose the correct opposite for the word ‘fortunate’
(a) Misfortunate

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