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Organisation : Gujarat Public Service Commission
Post : Main Exam, Gujarat Administrative Service Class-1 & Class-2
Document Type : Sample Paper
Subject : History
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GPSC Main Exam History Sample Paper

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Time : 3 Hours
Total Marks : 200


(1) The question paper has been divided into three parts, A, B and C. The number of questions to be attempted and their marks are indicated in each part.
(2) Answers of all the questions of each part should be written continuously in the answer sheet and should not be mixed with other parts’ Answer. In the event of answer found, which are belongs to other part, such answers will not be assessed by examiner.
(3) The candidate should write the answer within the limit of words prescribed in the parts A, B and C.
(4) If there is any difference in English language question and its Gujarati Translation, then English language question will be considered as valid.
(5) Answer should be written in one of the two languages. Write in the language (English or Gujarati) preference given by you. Answer should not be written in both the languages in the same paper.

Sample Question

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 1 to 20.
(2) Attempt all 20 questions.
(3) Each question carries 2 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 20 to 30 words.

Part – A

1. What is Rta ?
2. Highlight the salient features of Gandhar Art.
3. What is the importance of Bhrugukach or Brigukach ?
4. What do you know about Dinar in ancient India ?
5. Who were the ‘Alwar’ and ‘Naynar’ in ancient India ?
6. Name the administrative units of Cholas Village administration.
7. What was the objective behind market control measures undertaken by Alauddin Khilji ?
8. Why period of Akbar was known as Renaissance for the development of Persian literature ?
9. Why Shershah is considered as a great reformer in Indian History ?
10. ‘Pietra Dura’ architectural style is known for what asset ?
11. What do you know about ‘Indian Reform Association’ ?
12. Answer in a brief causes of failure of a revolt of 1857.
13. ‘Great Game’ is a term used for the strategic rivalry and conflict between whom and why ?
14. What are the major findings of Nagpur Session (1920) of Indian National Congress ?
15. Who were the most prominent moderate leaders during the Indian national movement ?
16. Write in brief about Wandiwash War.
17. Did Napoleon rule fulfill or betray the French revolution ?
18. Is it true that Lincoln supported colonization and compensated emancipation ?
19. What was the immediate cause of the First World War ?
20. What India gained by joining NAM (Non-Alignment Movement) ?

Part – B

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 21 to 32.
(2) Attempt all 12 questions.
(3) Each question carries 5 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 50 to 60 words.

21. How did Buddhism spread to Sri Lanka ?
22. Outline the achievements of Harshvardhan as described in Harshacharita.
23. Throw light on the development of ‘Agriculture’ in the Early Medieval period.
24. Write a brief note on policy of blood and iron of Balban.
25. Write in a brief on monetary system of Vijaynagar Empire.
26. Compare the Peshwa’s local bureaucratic management with that of Imperial Mughal Administration.
27. Point out the expansion of Maratha power during Chhatrapati Shivaji regime.
28. What was the main land tenure systems adopted by British in modern India ?
29. Throw light on Geographical discoveries during the Renaissance.
30. Discuss in brief on the organizational structure of U.N.
31. Examine the factors responsible for the World-wide great recession during 1929 A.D. to 1930 A.D.
32. What was Fascism in Italy ?

Part – C

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 33 to 39.
(2) Attempt any 5 out of 7 questions.
(3) Each question carries 20 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 200 words.

33. Explain the nature of Indus valley civilization.
34. Enumerate the main achievements of Gupta Age in the field of Literature.
35. Discuss the impact of Bhakti movement on Indian Society.
36. Give an account of causes of the decline of Mughal Empire.
37. What was the impact of the Second World War on Indian National Movement ? Discuss.
38. Evaluate the factors for the rise of Hitler in Germany.
39. Elucidate the causes of collapse of Communism Rule in Russia.

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