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Organisation : Gujarat Public Service Commission
Post : Main Exam, Gujarat Administrative Service Class-1 & Class-2
Document Type : Sample Paper
Subject : Sociology
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GPSC Main Exam Sociology Sample Paper

Main Examination :
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Time : 3 Hours
Total Marks : 200


(1) The question paper has been divided into three parts, A, B and C. The number of questions to be attempted and their marks are indicated in each part.

(2) Answers of all the questions of each part should be written continuously in the answer sheet and should not be mixed with other parts’ Answer. In the event of answer found, which are belongs to other part, such answers will not be assessed by examiner.

(3) The candidate should write the answer within the limit of words prescribed in the parts A, B and C.
(4) If there is any difference in English language question and its Gujarati Translation, then English language question will be considered as valid.

(5) Answer should be written in one of the two languages. Write in the language (English or Gujarati) preference given by you. Answer should not be written in both the languages in the same paper.

Sample Question

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 1 to 20.
(2) Attempt all 20 questions.
(3) Each question carries 2 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 20 to 30 words.

Part – A

1. What is the meaning of Social Institution ?
2. What is Dominant Caste according to M.N. Srinivas ?
3. How does Functionalism view society ?
4. What is exploratory research ?
5. How does Weber define an Ideal Type ?

6. What is ‘Sanskruti’ in the concept of Sanskritisation ?
7. Define Social stratification.
8. Outline the two approaches in the five year plan.
9. What is ‘positive discrimination’ ?
10. What is ‘Snowball technique’ in social research ?

11. What is ‘Vishakha’ in ‘Vishakha Guideline’ in the context of atrocities on women ?
12. What is the concept of Civil Society ?
13. Define the term State.
14. What are the basis of Reservation for Scheduled Caste and Other Backward Classes ?
15. What is Gender ?

16. Explain differences between ‘Community’ and ‘Group’.
17. What is the meaning of inclusive growth in reference to development of weaker section ?
18. What is Action Research ?
19. How Robert Merton define Interdependence between theory and Research ?
20. What are the intellectual roots of Social Exchange theory ?

Part – B

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 21 to 32.
(2) Attempt all 12 questions.
(3) Each question carries 5 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 50 to 60 words.

21. What is the difference between Method and Technique in social research ?
22. Write a short note on Ethnomethodology.
23. Distinguish between ‘Varna’ and ‘Jati’.
24. How is Sociology different from Social Anthropology ?

25. Explain the case in which Supreme Court laid down the guidelines and norms in the context of Sexual Harassment at the workplace.
26. Which recommendations were made by Dhebar Commission for tribal development ?
27. Describe the process of Sanskritization according to M.N. Srinivas.
28. Explain with illustration the concept of surplus value of Karl Marx.

29. Describe the Socio-legal problems of Mentally Challenged people in India.
30. What are Parson’s views on the functions of the family ?
31. What is scientific temper ? How it is important for the Social development of India ?
32. How Michel Foucault conceptulized the Discourse in context of Post Modernism ?

Part – C

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 33 to 39.
(2) Attempt any 5 out of 7 questions.
(3) Each question carries 20 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 200 words.

33. Explain the impact of women’s movement on Indian Society.
34. Describe the problem of suicide in India and relate it with Emile Durkheim’s theory of suicide.
35. What is the contribution of I.P. Desai in Indian Sociology ?

36. Explain the Jacques Derridy’s theory of Deconstruction.
37. Discuss the importance of water, forest and land in the lives of Indian tribals.
38. Explain the socio-legal impact of surrogacy.
39. Discuss the role of caste in different aspects of Indian cities.

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