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Organisation : Gujarat Public Service Commission
Post : Main Exam, Gujarat Administrative Service Class-1 & Class-2
Document Type : Sample Paper
Subject : Management
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GPSC Main Exam Management Sample Paper

Main Examination :
English Medium :

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Time : 3 Hours
Total Marks : 200


(1) The question paper has been divided into three parts, A, B and C. The number of questions to be attempted and their marks are indicated in each part.
(2) Answers of all the questions of each part should be written continuously in the answer sheet and should not be mixed with other parts’ Answer. In the event of answer found, which are belongs to other part, such answers will not be assessed by examiner.
(3) The candidate should write the answer within the limit of words prescribed in the parts A, B and C.
(4) If there is any difference in English language question and its Gujarati Translation, then English language question will be considered as valid.
(5) Answer should be written in one of the two languages. Write in the language (English or Gujarati) preference given by you. Answer should not be written in both the languages in the same paper.

Sample Question

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 1 to 20.
(2) Attempt all 20 questions.
(3) Each question carries 2 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 20 to 30 words.

Part – A

1. Define the term listening.
2. What is Collective Bargaining ?
3. Mention any five financial factors that boost the motivation of employees.
4. What is Breakeven Point ?
5. Which items are considered as current assets and current liabilities ? Mention any five of each of it.
6. Explain principle of unity of command and unity of direction.
7. Define the term branding.
8. What is brand equity ?
9. Which are the different sources of power ? Mention any four of it.
10. What is delegation of authority ?
11. Define fund in the view of funds flow analysis.
12. Which are the 4Ps in marketing ?
13. What is zero based budgeting ?
14. Which are the different methods of training ?
15. Explain planning function of management.
16. What is employee induction ?
17. What authorities have been provided in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 of India for the purpose of settlement of Industrial disputes ?
18. Define the term staffing.
19. Mention the various sources/bases of power of manager.
20. Which are the different functions of financial manager ?

Part – B

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 21 to 32.
(2) Attempt all 12 questions.
(3) Each question carries 5 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 50 to 60 words.

21. Explain the importance of motivation in an organization.
22. What is the concept of learning organization ?
23. State the key intents behind the enactment of Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 of India.
24. State the various steps in the process of marketing research.
25. Distinguish between Niche Marketing and Mass Marketing with an example.
26. State the steps involved in the process of development of a new product.
27. Explain Interest Coverage Ratio. Why is it important ?
28. Why fund flow statements are important for analysis of any company ?
29. Which factors affect dividend decisions of a firm ? Explain any two of it.
30. Mention the primary functions of human resource management and human resource development.
31. Discuss the methods of settlement of industrial disputes as per Industrial Disputes Act, 1974.
32. Which are the various sub functions of organizing ?

Part – C

Instructions :
(1) Question No. 33 to 39.
(2) Attempt any 5 out of 7 questions.
(3) Each question carries 20 marks.
(4) Answer should be given approximately in 200 words.

33. Is Management an Art or Science or Profession ? Justify your answer.
34. Which are the different marketing communication mix used in Indian environment ?
35. Ratio Analysis, although widely used technique, is not the best measure for evaluation of financial performance. Discuss.
36. “It is argued that employee retention is the key to success of any organization.” Comment.

37. Discuss the problems faced by public sector undertakings in their financial management.
38. Discuss different strategies that organizations should adopt to improve employee relations in organization.
39. Discuss different ways/steps to handle employee grievance.

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