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Pacific University Ph.D Admission Test Library Science Sample Question Paper

Name of the University : Pacific University
Exam : Ph.D. Admission Test
Degree : PhD
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Name of the Subject : Library Science
Website :
Download Model/Sample Question Paper :

Pacific University Admission Test Library Science Sample Paper

Download Sample Question Paper For Ph.D. Admission Test Library Science from the Above PDF link
Max. Marks : 100

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Instructions for Candidates

** Attempt all 50 questions, each question carry 02 marks.
** There is no negative marking.
** Please write the correct answer in the form of A/B/C/D at appropriate given place with blue/black pen.

Sample Questions

Q.1 What is the unit if Informatio?
(a) Bit
(b) Byte
(c) Gram
(d) Hertz

Q.2 Who developed the term Information Society?
(a) Ranganathan
(b) Beesman chtesu
(c) J. Martin
(d) J.H. Shera

Q.3 The information is treated as……………….?
(a) Power
(b) Resources
(c) Product
(d) All the above

Q.4 When a committee was appointed to prepare National Policy about Library and Information System?
(a) 1980
(b) 1985
(c) 1987
(d) 1990 [ ]

Q.5 What do you mean by Information Marketing?
(a) Marketing of Books
(b) Marketing of Library Services
(c) Marketing of Library Product & Services
(d) Marketing of Library Periodicals

Q.6 Which Law of Library Services emphasizes on the obligation of State to enact librarylegislation?
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

Q.7 What is new name of Library cooperation?
(a) Cooperative Library
(b) Library Networking
(c) Shared Cataloguing
(d) Resource Sharing

Q.8 In how many states of India, the Public Library acts have been enacted till now?
(a) 9
(b) 10
(c) 11
(d) 14

Q.9 Mobile Services is the part of which service of the library?
(a) Resources Sharing
(b) Extension Services
(c) Inter Library Loan
(d) Reference Services

Q.10 When Indian Library Association was established?
(a) 1876
(b) 1877
(c) 1930
(d) 1933 [ ]

Q.11 Who categorized information sources into conventional, neo-conventional, nonconventional
and micro-documents?
(a) Bradford
(b) Ranganathan
(c) Grogan
(d) Henson

Q.12 Guide to literature comes under which category of sources?
(a) Primary Sources
(b) Secondary Sources
(c) Tertiary Sources
(d) Reference Sources

Q.13 Glossary, Lexicon, The squrus and Vocabulary are the term which can be used form which soruce?
(a) Encyclopedia
(b) Dictionary
(c) Directory
(d) Year book

Q.14 Who is the publisher of Indian Science Abstracts?
(a) ILA
(c) DST

Q.15 Presently mostly databases are abailable……………?
(a) Online
(b) CD-ROM
(c) DVD- ROM
(d) All the above

Q.16 Organisation of Information and knowledge is done in the libraries by which technique?
(a) Cataloging
(b) Classification
(c) Documentation
(d) Acquisition

Q.17 APUPA pattern is related with which process?
(a) Classification
(b) Cataloging
(c) Documentation
(d) Photocopying

Q.18 Who invented PRECIS?
(a) S.R. Ranganathan
(b) C.A. Cutter
(c) K.N. Raj
(d) Derik Austin

Q.19 Which name is given to controlled vocabulary?
(a) Dictionary
(b) Classification
(c) Thesaurus
(d) Documentation

Q.20 The Structure of CCF is based on……………?
(a) ISO 2709
(b) ISO 99
(c) ISO 2000
(d) ISO 2011

Q.21 When AACR-II came out?
(a) 1908
(b) 1934
(c) 1967
(d) 1978 [ ]

Q.22 Which organization developed the MARC format?
(a) British Library
(b) Library of congress
(d) ALA

Q.23 What is the main base of Library?
(a) Catalogue
(b) Library Building
(c) Staff
(d) Collection Development

Q.24 The principle of Right book to the right reader at the right time is related to which subject?
(a) Classification
(b) Reference Services
(c) Book Selection
(d) Documentation

Q.25 Check card is prepared in which system?
(a) One Card System
(b) Two Card System
(c) Three Card System
(d) Four Card System

Q.26 Which is the main record of library?
(a) Catalogue
(b) Accession Register
(c) Shelf list
(d) Collection Register

Q.27 How many digits in ISBN Number?
(a) 8
(b) 10
(c) 11
(d) 12 [ ]

Q.28 What is a budget?
(a) Annual Estimate of Income
(b) Annual Estimate of Expenditure
(c) Annual Estimate of Income & Expenditure
(d) Annual Estimate of Finance

Q.29 Which library started cataloguing – in – publication programme?
(a) Library of Congress
(b) British Museum
(c) Imperial Library
(d) National Library of India

Q.30 How many types of Switching Systems established?
(a) Two
(b) Four
(c) Five
(d) Three

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