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Pacific University Ph.D Admission Test Law Sample Question Paper

Name of the University : Pacific University
Exam : Ph.D. Admission Test
Degree : PhD
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Name of the Subject : Law
Website :
Download Model/Sample Question Paper :

Pacific University Admission Test Law Sample Paper

Download Sample Question Paper For Ph.D. Admission Test Law from the Above PDF link
Max. Marks : 100

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Instructions for Candidates

** Attempt all 50 questions, each question carry 02 marks.
** There is no negative marking.
** Please write the correct answer in the form of A/B/C/D at appropriate given place with blue/black pen.

Sample Questions

Q.1 Under section 99, the right of private defense is :
a) Not available at all against public servants engaged in the discharge of their lawful duties.
(b) Available against public servants only when their acts cause reasonable apprehension of death or grievous hart.
(c) Above “A” and “B”.
(d) All are wrong.

Q.2 Adultery as defined under section 497 of IPC 1860, is an offence against :
(a) Husband
(b) Wife
(c) Both (A) and (B)
(d) Minor wife

Q.3 Under section 46 of IPC 1860 “death” denutes :
(a) Death of an animal
(b) Death of human being and of an animal
(c) Death of human being
(d) All of the the above

Q.4 A writ of ………………is issued to an inferior court preventing the letter from assuming juriselication which is not legally vested in it.
(a) Prohibition
(b) Certiorari
(c) Mandamus
(d) All of the above

Q.5 A lock-out declosed in consequence of an illegal strike or strike in consequence of an illegal lock-out shall be deemed to be illegal
(a) No
(b) Yes
(c) Legal only when notice is given
(d) All above wrong

Q.6 Rights of arrested person are given in article
(a) 23
(b) 24
(c) 32
(d) All are wrong

Q.7 Treaties are the sources of international law.
a) No
(b) Yes
(c) Partly yes
(d) Partly no

Q.8 World health organization is a:
(a) Permanent organs
(b) Specialized agencies
(c) All the above
(d) None of the above

Q.9 “Extradition” is a right give by international law.
(a) No
(b) Yes
(c) Above (A or B)
(d) Above (A) and (B)

Q.10 Registration of trade unions is compulsory.
(a) No
(b) Yes
(c) Can’t say
(d) All the above

Q.11 When an individual dispute becomes industrial dispute.
(a) Never
(b) If court order
(c) When employee is terminated
(d) All are wrong

Q.1 2
Abetment is defined in section.
(a) 105
(b) 103
(c) 106
(d) None of the above

Q.13 A woman who causes herself to miscarry is not a crime under section 312 of IPC 1860; the statement is.
(a) True
(b) Wrong
(c) Can’t say
(d) Partly true

Q.14 Culpable homicide.
(a) Is crime
(b) Is like murder
(c) Above all
(d) None of above

Q.15 Secular is another word which was inserted in 1977along with “socialism” the statement is:-
(a) True
(b) Wrong
(c) Partly
(d) Partly wrong

Q.16 Rajya sabha composed of…………members.
(a) 238
(b) 250
(c) 245
(d) 233 [ ]

The constitution envisage…………..types of emergency
(a) (1)
(b) (2)
(c) (3)
(d) (6) [ ]

Q.18 The high court is not a court subordinate to the supreme court.
(a) True statement
(b) Wrong statement
(c) Partly true
(d) Partly wrong

Q.19 Jurisprudence is the science of “Civil Law” the statement is made by
(a) Salmond
(b) Halland
(c) Oppenhiem
(d) All above

Q.20 Which of the following statement is true?
(a) Consideration must be result in a benefit to both parties
(b) Past consideration is no consideration in india
(c) Consideration must be adeguate
(d) Consideration must be something which a promisor is not already bound to do.

Q.21 What are the constituents of valid customs?
(a) Reasonable
(b) Continuity
(c) Immemorial antiguity
(d) All above

Q.22 Judge are the discovers, not the creators of law the statement is made by.
(a) Black stone
(b) C.K Allen
c) Stendale
(d) All above

Q.23 Aminor’s liability for “necessaries” supplied to him
(a) Aries after he affairs majority age
(b) Is against only minor’s property.
(c) Does not arise at all
(d) Arises is minor gives a promise for it

Q.24 Jurisprudence is “social engineering” the statement is made by.
(a) Spencer
(b) August compte
(c) Pound
(d) All the above

Q.25 “International law is the vanishing point of jurisprudence the statement is made by :-
(a) Austin
(b) Holland
(c) Inhering
(d) Roguin

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