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Name of the University : Pacific University
Exam : Ph.D. Admission Test
Degree : PhD
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Name of the Subject : Education
Website :
Download Model/Sample Question Paper :

Pacific University Admission Test Education Sample Paper

Download Sample Question Paper For Ph.D. Education Admission Test from the Above PDF link
Max. Marks : 100

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Instructions for Candidates

** Attempt all 50 questions, each question carry 02 marks.
** There is no negative marking.
** Please write the correct answer in the form of A/B/C/D at appropriate given place with blue/black pen.

Sample Questions

1. Which of the following statement is correct?
(A) Education is an art
(B) Education is a science
(C) It is neither an art nor a science
(D) To some extent it is an art and some extent it is a science [ ]

2. Which of the following education system supports scientific progress?
(A) Realistic Education
(B) Idealistic Education
(C) Naturalistic Education
(D) None of these [ ]

3. Why is curriculum activity used in teaching?
(A) Make teaching easy
(B) To make teaching interesting easy to understand & effective
(C) To make teaching attractive
(D) To assist the teacher

4. Which of the following is the contribution of Rousseau to education?
(A) Education for freedom
(B) Education for democracy
(C) Education for state control
(D) Education for nationalism [ ]

5. The important characteristics of Philosophy are…..
(A) Philosophical Method
(B) Philosophical attitude
(C) Philosophical conclusions
(D) All of these [ ]

6. Which of the first school for a children education?
(A) Society
(B) Friends
(C) Family
(D) School

7. Which of the statement is correct for social change subject !
(A) Social change is compulsory
(B) Social change is not compulsory
(C) Social change is my will
(D) None of the statement is correct

8. Changes in social structure are known as –
(A) Cultural change
(B) Social change
(C) Physical change
(D) None of these

9. How is social change?
(A) Essential
(B) Equal type of all places
(C) Non essential
(D) Compulsory

10. Who among the following is not follower of Pragmatic Philosophy?
(A) William James
(B) Pesh Talozzi
(C) John Dewy
(D) Kil Patric

11. What is education?
(A) Only teacher gives the education
(B) Education is a book
(C) Education is knowledge & experience
(D) Education is a thing

12. Educational sociology deals with which aspect of education?
(A) Social
(B) Political
(C) Economic
(D) Psychological

13. Education provided to the child by the schools is –
(A) Formal
(B) Informal
(C) Highly standardized
(D) Traditional

14. “Educational sociology is the study of interaction of the individual and his culture environment” this was stated by.
(A) Brown
(B) Carter
(C) Otto way
(D) Skinner

15. Which of the following is an example of an aggregate?
(A) A rotary club gathering
(B) Individuals of meeting
(C) Tax payer’s meeting
(D) Airlines passengers

16. Work of educational philosophy is –
(A) Normative
(B) Critical
(C) Speculative
(D) All of these

17. In the following which is not the type of naturalism –
(A) Physical naturalism
(B) Psychological naturalism
(C) Mechanical naturalism
(D) Biological naturalism

18. Match the list A to B.
List A List B
(A) Sankhya 1) Swami Mahaveer
(B) Vedanta 2) Gautam Buddha
(C) Buddhism 3) Kapil
(D) Jainism 4) Shankracharya
5) Kanad
(a) (b) (c) (d)
a. 1 5 3 2
b. 4 1 2 5
c. 3 4 2 1
d. 5 2 1 3

19. The function and structure of nervous system includes.
(A) A.N.S only
(B) P.N.S & A.N.S
(C) C.N.S & P.N.S
(D) Only P.N.S

20. Which of the following is the function of N.C.E.R.T –
(A) Frame of text books
(B) Subject choose
(C) School organization
(D) Establishing schools

21. The best education which is helpful in making individual.
(A) Self dependent
(B) Money earner
(C) Intelligence
(D) Reputation

22. Out of a boy and girl who develops more in first two years?
(A) Boy
(B) Girl
(C) Both A & B
(D) Unknown

23. The main processes of socialization are –
(A) 4
(B) 6
(C) 8
(D) 3

24. Who was the father of experimental psychology?
(A) Watson
(B) Freud
(C) Wudent
(D) Hall

25. Boys score ____ in intelligence test as compare to girls
(A) Lower
(B) Higher
(C) Similar
(D) Cannot say

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