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Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira Microbiology Admission Test Question Paper

Name of the Organisation : Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
Exam : Admission Test
Subject: Microbiology
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
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Vidyamandira Microbiology Admission Test Question Paper

Microbiology (Honours) :
Date : 13-06-2016
Full Marks : 50
Time: 02·00 p.m – 03·00 p.m

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Instructions For The Candidate

** Answer all the questions given below.
** Each question carries 1 mark. ½ mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.
** Tick the correct option either in English or in Bengali version.
** The tick must be very clear — if it is smudgy or not clear, no marks will be awarded.
** Name of the student _____________________________
** Application No. _____________________________
** Signature of the invigilator _____________________________
** There are 50 questions each carrying 1 mark.

** Candidates have to select the correct choice by marking in blue/black pen only in the optical mark recognition (OMR) to be provided during written test.
** Marking should be dark and should completely fill only one blank box out of four choices against the corresponding question number.

** Incomplete filling or multiple filling of boxes will be rejected.
** Once one answer is marked in OMR, there is no scope to alter the choice.
** Doing rough work, or use of eraser, blade, whitener, etc. on the OMR is strictly prohibited. One mark will be deducted for three wrong answers.

Multiple Choice Type Questions

1. When many cocci remain held in a bunch like grape then it is called
a) Staphylococcus
b) Streptococcus
c) Sarcina
d) Macrococcus

2. Identify the components labelled (A to D) in the given flow chart of the blood clotting process
a) A- Thromboplastin; B- Prothrombinase; C- Thrombin; D- Fibrinogen
b) A- Fibrinogen; B- thrombin; C- Prothrombinase; D- Thromboplastin
c) A- Prothrombinase; B- Fibrinogen; C- Thromboplastin; D- Thrombin
d) A- Thrombin; B- Thromboplastin; C- Fibrinogen; D- Prothrombinase

3. Amphipathic molecules of the plasma membrane are
a) Peripheral and integral proteins
b) Carbohydrates and phospholipids
c) Peripheral proteins and phospholipids
d) Phospholipids and cholesterol

4. Na+-K+ ATPase system of plasma membrane of living cell is concerned with
a) Uniport
b) Symport
c) Antiport
d) Facilitated diffusion

5. a- Helical form of a protein represents its
a) Primary structure
b) Secondary structure
c) Tertiary structure
d) Quaternary structure

6. Cytologically, Down syndrome is due to chromosomal aberration and exhibits
a) Monosomy
b) Trisomy
c) Double trisomy
d) Nullisomy

7. DNA is a polymer of nucleotides which are linked to each other by 5‘?3‘ phosphodiester bonds. To prevent polymerization of nucleotides, which of the following modifications would you choose?
a) Replace purines with pyrimidines
b) Remove/replace 3‘-OH group in deoxyribose
c) Remove/replace 2‘-OH group in deoxyribose
d) Both (b) and (c)

9. Chemically prions are
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Nucleoprotein
d) Protein

10. Glycosylation of protein occurs in
a) ER
b) Golgi complex
c) Lysosome
d) Peroxisome

11. The resolving power of a compound light microscope would be highest if the used light is
a) Violet
b) Blue
c) Green
d) Red

12. Passive immunity can be conferred directly by
a) Toxoid vaccine
b) Antitoxin
c) Colostrum
d) both (b) and (c)

13. To be a an expression vector, the following components should be contained within a vector
a) An origin of replication, a polycloning site, a selectable marker, a lac Z gene
b) An origin of replication, a polycloning site, a selectable marker, a promoter region and an antibiotic resistance gene
c) An origin of replication, a polycloning site, a selectable marker and a promoter-operator region
d) An origin of replication, a polycloning site, a selectable marker and an antibiotic resistance gene

14. Electrophoresis is a technique for separation of what type of molecules under the effect of electric current?
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Protein
d) All of these

15. You are performing a deplasmolysis experiment. As soon as deplasmolysis will be complete the turgor pressure (TP)
a) Becomes higher than osmotic pressure (OP)
b) Equals with diffusion pressure deficit (DPD)
c) Equals with osmotic pressure (OP)
d) Becomes lower than diffusion pressure deficit (DPD)

16. During protein synthesis by ribosome the required energy is furnished by
a) ATP
b) GTP
c) TTP
d) UTP

17. Single cell protein can be obtained from
a) Bacteria
b) Algae
c) Fungi
d) All of these

18. High energy bond in ATP is
a) C-O-C
b) P-O-P
c) P-O-C
d) C-O-N

19. Enormous diversity of protein molecules is due to
a) –NH2 groups of amino acids
b) –COOH group of amino acids
c) R group of amino acids
d) Sequence of amino acids

20. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in river water
a) Has no relationship with concentration of oxygen in the water
b) Gives a measure of Salmonella sp. in the water
c) Increases when sewage gets mixed with river water
d) Remains unchanged when algal bloom occurs

21. One pyruvate on complete oxidation in Kreb‘s cycle yields
a) 4 NADH + 4 H+, 1FADH2 and 1 GTP
b) 3 NADH + 3 H+, 1FADH2 and 1 GTP
c) 4 NADH + 4 H+, 2FADH2 and 2 GTP
d) 4 NADH + 4 H+, 2FADH2 and 1 GTP

22. A trienoic fatty acid is
a) Linolenic
b) Linoleic
c) Arachidonic
d) Oleic

23. To act as a genetic material, the following criteria should be fulfilled by a molecule. These are
A. It should be double-stranded
B. It should be able to replicate
C. It should be of high molecular weight
D. It should mutate slowly
E. It should obey Mendelian segregation
Which of the statements are wrong?
a) C, D and E
b) A, B and C
c) A, C, and E
d) B, C and D

24. In lac operon, the inducer lactose binds with
a) Promoter
b) Repressor
c) Regulator
d) Operator

25. The raw materials for replication are
a) dAMP, dGMP, dTMP, dCMP
b) dADP, dGDP, dTDP, dCDP
c) dATP, dGTP, dTTP, dCTP
d) dATP, dGTP, dUTP, dCTP

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