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Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira Industrial Chemistry Admission Test Question Paper

Name of the Organisation : Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
Exam : Admission Test
Subject: Industrial Chemistry
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Website :
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Vidyamandira Industrial Chemistry Admission Question Paper

Industrial Chemistry (Honours) :
Date : 14-06-2016
Full Marks : 50
Time: 02·00 p.m – 03·00 p.m

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Instructions For The Candidate

** Answer all the questions given below. Each question carries 2 marks. Tick (?) the correct option.
** For every wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted.
** The tick must be very clear — if it is smudgy or not clear, no marks will be awarded.
** There are 25 questions each carrying 2 marks.
** Candidates have to select the correct choice by marking in blue/black pencil only in the optical mark recognition (OMR) to be provided during written test.
** Marking should be dark and should completely fill only one blank box out of four choices against the corresponding question number.
** Incomplete filling or multiple filling of boxes will be rejected. Once one answer is marked in OMR, there is no scope to alter the choice.
** Doing rough work, or use of eraser, blade, whitener, etc. on the OMR is strictly prohibited. There is no negative marking.
** Name of the student ________________________
** Application No. ________________________
** Signature of the student ________________________
** Signature of the Invigilator ___________________

Sample Questions

1. The equivalent weight of K2Cr2O7 in acidic medium is expressed in terms of its molecular weight (M) as
a) M/3
b) M/4
c) M/6
d) M/7

2. How much CO2 will be released by reaction of 10 g CaCO3 with excess of dil. HCl?
a) 44 g
b) 4·4 g
c) 88 g
d) 0·4 g

3. The work function of a metal is 4·0 eV. The longest wave length of light that can cause photoelectron emission from metal is approximately:
a) 540 nm
b) 400 nm
c) 300 nm
d) 220 nm

4. The principle that is based on electrons attempting to be as apart as possible is
a) Bohr’s theory
b) Heisenberg principle
c) Exclusion principle
d) Hund’s rule

8. Workout the heat change (cal) when 40 gm of He gas at 27°C undergoes isothermal and reversible compression from initial pressure of 1 atm to 10 atm (R = 2 cal K–1mol–1)
a) 13·818 Kcal
b) –13·818 Kcal
c) 55·272 Kcal
d) –55·272 Kcal

9. The second law of thermodynamics says that in a cyclic process
a) work cannot be converted into heat
b) heat cannot be converted into work
c) work cannot be completely converted into heat
d) heat cannot be completely converted into work

10. According to Le Chatelier principle, adding heat to a solid and a liquid in equilibrium will cause the
a) amount of solid to decrease
b) amount of liquid to decrease
c) temperature to rise
d) temperature to fall

11. The dissociation constant of benzoic acid at 25°C is 1×10–4. The pH of 0·01(M) solution of its sodium salt is
a) 7·5
b) 8
c) 8·2
d) 6

12. Amongst the following, the strongest oxidising agent is
a) KMnO4
b) K2Cr2O7
c) H2O2
d) O3

13. In photography, sodium thiosulphate is used for
a) softening very dark images
b) making the latent image visible
c) intensifying faint images
d) dissolving residual silver bromide

15. Which of the following crystal lattice has the minimum unoccupied space?
a) Simple cubic
b) Body-centred cubic
c) Face-centred cubic
d) Simple tetragonal

17. Which of the following represents increasing order of ionic conductance?
a) F Cl Br I
b) I Br Cl F
c) F Cl I Br
d) F I Cl Br

18. We know that farmers used CaO to reduce the acidity of soil and they use ammonium sulphate [(NH4)2SO4] as a nitrogenous fertilizer. Why is it not possible to use a mixture of CaO and ammonium sulphate?
a) The dry mixture is quite explosive in nature
b) CaSO4 formed on mixing may cause hardness in water
c) NH3(g) may be given out when the mixture is dampened
d) The constituents of mixture may react to form H2SO4

19. Which of the following compounds is most sensitive to light?
a) AgCl
b) AgNO3
c) AgI
d) AgBr

20. Octahedral complex of Cr(III) will be
a) sp3d2 in case of weak field ligand
b) d2sp3 in case of strong field ligand
c) d2sp3 always
d) sp3d2 always

23. Which polymer can produce HCl gas upon degradation above 200°C?
a) PVC
b) Polyethylene
c) Styrene
d) Dacron

24. Natural rubber is an example of
a) Copolymer
b) Condensation polymer
c) Addition polymer
d) Thermosetting polymer

25. Which of the following polymer is most likely to suffer chemical degradation on exposure to atmospheric ozone?
a) Propylene
b) Natural rubber
c) Polyvinyl chloride
d) Teflon

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