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Name of the University : Pondicherry University
Name of the Exam : BINC Bioinformatics National Certification Examination
Subject: Paper – II
Document Type : Sample paper
Year : 2015
Website :
Download Sample Question Paper :

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BINC Examination Paper – II Question :

Note :
** In Paper II of BINC – 2015, Candidates have to answer 20 questions out of a total of 55 questions divided into three sections as below.
** Each question will carry 10 marks.

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Section A: Bioinformatics (Answer any 10 out of 25 questions)
Section B: Biology, Chemistry & Physics (Answer any 5 out of 15 questions)
Section C: Mathematics, Statistics & IT (Answer any 5 out of 15 questions)

Section – A :
1. a) What do you understand by sensitivity and specificity in BLAST? (3)
b) Suppose in a BLAST search you got an E-value of about 2 x 10 -10. What does this E value mean? Name two parameters that determine the E-value. (4)
c) Briefly explain the major differences between BLAST method and PSI-BLAST Method. (3)

2. a) What is dynamic programming algorithm? (2)
b) What is the basic difference between Needleman-Wunsch and Smith-Waterman algorithm? (4)
c) What are BLAST and FASTA? (4)

3. a) State the database structure of Gen Bank and how it can be used to make discoveries.
b) Give the importance of OMIM andSNP database (DbSNP). Describe briefly these databases. (5+5)

4. a) Give examples of protein- protein interaction databases and describe their utility in understanding protein- protein interactions. (6)
b) How does species 2000 databases different from ICTV database? (4)

Section – B :
5. a) Golgi generates two types of vesicles that are destined for lysosomes and plasma membrane. In what way the two types of vesicles differ from each other?
b) Describe the mechanism by which these vesicles find and fuse with the right target. (4+6)

6. If Down’s syndrome occurs in 1 out of 700 births and Turner’s syndrome in 1 out of 5000 cases, answer the following:
I. What are the chances that two cases of Down’s syndrome occur in one hospital on the same day? (3)
II. If the number of births in a country is 3,50,00,000, how many cases of Down’s Syndromes are likely to be recorded among the new born? (3)
III. If Down’s syndrome and Turner syndrome are randomly distributed, what are the chances that the newborn will be found with both syndromes? (4)

7. a) Draw a peptide group and show where water molecules can be bound non-covalently (4)
b) Between the two molecules, water and carbon dioxide, which one has a dipole moment? Is carbon-dioxide IR active? Give reason. (4)
c) Between electrostatic and van der Waals energies, which effect will be felt at longer distances? (2)

8. a) If the pKa of the ? amino group in lysine is 9.2, what will be the percentage of the lysine that will have a ? protonated amino group at a pH of 7.0 (4)

b) A molecule shows an absorbance of 1.00. The concentration of the solution is 2 X 10-5 ML-1. The measurement was done in a cuvette of length 2 cm. (4)
1) What is the molar absorptivity?
2) What is the percentage of light that reaches the detector?

c) The activation energy for the hydrolysis of sucrose is 107 kJmol-1 in the presence of H+. When the enzyme saccharase is added, the activation energy is 36 kJmol-1. What is the order of magnitude change in the rate of the reaction of the enzyme catalysed to the H+ catalysed reaction? (2)

Application Instructions :
Steps for Registration for BINC 2017 are as follows :
** Register to create a Profile
** Login with system generated User ID and Password
** Submit Application, process payment (if applicable).

** Rs. 600 for General category, Rs. 400 for Women/OBC and Rs.200 for SC/ST candidates.
** Examination fee is waived for Physical Challenged candidates.
** Upon creating a profile, you will receive a User ID and Password on your registered email ID and mobile number.

** Using these credentials you can login as Registered Applicant to fill the Application form.
** The application may be saved at any stage and can be re-visited to complete later.
** Once the form is submitted, you will not be allowed to edit any details in the Application form.

Before you register, Kindly follow the instructions below :
1. Check your eligibility for BINC 2017 by referring to the advertisement on the website.
2. Ensure you have a valid email id and mobile number.
3. “*” (asterisk) indicates a mandatory field. The boxes marked with this symbol are mandatory.

4. Keep following information ready for filling the form:
a. Personal details
b. Qualifying Exam Mark sheets
c. Applicable Certificates to upload
d. Scanned images of your passport photo and signature (as per guidelines)

Step 1: Registration to get User ID and Password
Go to :
Then click on ‘BINC 2017 – Apply Online’
Then click on `New Registration’, you will be directed to registration form

The entries in registration form cannot be changed once submitted, hence, ensure that you enter the required information as below correctly.
Name of Candidate: This should be the same as on valid government id proof.
Date of Birth: Use the calendar icon to select the correct date.
Email Address: Should be valid and unique. You will receive your User ID and Password on this email address only.
Mobile Number: Should be valid and unique. You will receive your User ID and Password as an SMS on this number only.

Captcha :
** The Captcha box is a special set of characters displayed on the screen. You will need to retype the characters in the box provided.
** This is a safety feature designed to ensure that a human is entering the details and not a computer program.
** If you have trouble reading the characters, click on ‘Get a new image’ to refresh the letters.

Declaration :
** By selecting the ‘I Agree’ checkbox in the Declaration section, you are committing to be honest and fair in all your actions and information provided in the Registration Form.
** It is mandatory to agree to the contents in the Declaration to proceed to submit the form.

Confirmation of Registration :
** Within minutes of submitting the Registration Form, you will receive a User ID and password on the registered email address from the Administrator.

** Ensure that you check your mailbox immediately and that it is not considered as spam mail.
** You will also receive the User ID and Password as an SMS on the registered mobile number.
** Using these credentials, you may proceed to complete your application.
** This ends Step 1 of the Registration Process

Step 2: Fill Application Form :
** Registered Users Click on `Applicant login’ for Application form with User ID and password received on your email and mobile number.
** Please read the important instruction carefully and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

The Application Form is categorized into the following four sections :
1. Personal Details
2. Qualification Details
3. Document Upload
4. Declaration

** Read the Note on top of the form before you begin filling the information. You can Save and exit the form any number of times to edit and complete later or Save & Continue each section till you submit the application. However, you will not be allowed to continue, if mandatory information is not filled or the required Certificates are not uploaded.

** Once you have completed the last section, your application is considered complete. Post this, changes to any information provided on the application form is not possible. However, you may print or save the form from the website by login in again.

** Please note after the form is submitted, payment has to be made for the test (if applicable). You can login by visiting and proceed with your payment.

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