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KIIT Entrance Examination B.Tech Sample Question Paper 2017 :

Name of the University : KIIT University
Type of the Exam : KIIT Entrance Examination (KIITEE-2017)
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2017
Subject : Physics,Chemistry
Department : B. Tech.(4 Years)

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KIIT Entrance Examination B.Tech Sample Question Paper

B.Tech (4 years)/B.Tech & M.Tech- Dual Degree/B.Tech & MBA- Dual Degree :
Physics :
1. The dimensions of entropy are
(A) M0L-1T0K
(B) M0L-2T0K2
(C) MLT-2K
(D) ML2T-2K-1

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2. In a vernier calipers, p divisions of its main scale match with (p+1) divisions on its vernier scale. Each division of the main scale is k units. Using the vernier principle, its least count will be
(A) k (1/p)
(B) (k+1)/p
(C) (p+1)/k
(D) k/(p+1)

Chemistry :
1. Silver nitrate (AgNO3) solution with sodium chloride (NaCl) forms a white colloidal AgCl. Predict the charge on the colloidal AgCl when the amount of AgNO3 is lower than the amount of NaCl.
(A) Neutral
(B) Positive
(C) Negative
(D) Zwitter ionic
2. Identify the correct diagram from the following figures that is suitable to fill up the gas jar with ammonia gas
3. How easily can you confirm the presence of charcoal powder in MnO2?
(A) Flame test
(B) Dry test tube heating
(C) Addition of water
(D) Heating on a charcoal block

4. Predict the pH of an aqueous solution of 10-8 M HCl.
(A) 8.0
(C) <7.0
(D) 0

1. A parallel plate capacitor has a capacitance of 2&F. If one of the sides of the plate is doubled and the distance between them is halved, the capacitance of the capacitor is
(A) 1&F
(B) 0.5&F
(C) 2&F
(D) 8&F

2. 1 µF capacitor is connected across a 12 volt battery, its steady state current will be
(A) Zero
(B) 0.001A
(C) 1mA
(D) 5

3. Two resistors each of 4 ohm are connected in parallel. The parallel combination is connected in series with a 2 ohm resistor. If this circuit is connected across a 100Volt supply, the total current drawn is
(A) 20A
(B) 25A
(C) 10A
(D) 16.33A

4. Current flowing through an inductor of inductance 2mH is 5A. The energy stored in the inductor is
(A) 50mJ
(B) 100mJ
(C) 25mJ
(D) 12.5mJ

5. A 1mA ammeter has a resistance of 100ohm. It is to be converted to 1 Amp ammeter. The value of the shunt resistance is
(A) 0.001 ohm
(B) 0.1001 ohm
(C) 100000 ohm
(D) 100 ohm

For B.Tech(4 Years):
** Candidates applying for B.Tech(4 Years) Course should fulfill the following criteria.
I. Candidates who have passed 10+2 examination in 2015,2016 or appearing in 10+2 examination in 2017 are only eligible to apply for B.Tech(4 Years) course of the University.

II. Should have studied in regular full time formal education in their schooling/college.
III. Pass in 10 +2 or its equivalent with at least 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics taken together.

IV. B.Tech & M.Tech.(Dual Degree) Biotechnology. Pass in 10+2 or equivalent with at least 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology taken together.
V. Should have born on or after 01.07.1996.

3.2 For B.Tech.-LE (3 years):
** Pass in three years diploma course in Engineering with at least 60% marks in aggregate from State Council of Technical Education of any state.

Course wise Eligibility Criteria B.TECH (L.E)

For Admission into Following Branches Eligible Diploma Holders
Civil Engg. Civil Engg
Mechanical Engg. Mechanical Engg /Automobile Engg/Production Engg/Mechatronics.
Electrical Engg. Electrical Engg./ Electronics & Electrical Engg
Electronics & Electrical Engg. Electrical Engg./Electronics & Electrical Engg./ Electronics &Telecomm./ Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.
Electronics & Telecomm.Engg. Electronics Engg./ Electronics & Communication Engg./ Electronics & Telecomm Engg/ Electronics & Instrumentation Engg./ Electronics & Electrical Engg.
Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. Electronics Engg./Electronics & Communication Engg./ Electronics & Telecomm Engg/ Electronics & instrumentation Engg./ Electronics & Electrical Engg.
Computer Science & Engg. Computer science/Information Technology/Electronics & Tele communcation Engg./ Electronics Engg./ Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.
Information Technology Computer Science/Information Technology/Electronics & Tele communcation Engg./ Electronics Engg./ Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.

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