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Organisation : Sido Kanhu Murmu University
Exam : B.Ed
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Childhood & Growing up
Year : 2016 – 2017

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Set II :
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Childhood & Growing up Model Question Paper :

B.Ed 1st Year (2016-2017) :
Subject : Childhood & Growing up (Set-I)
Full Marks : 80
Paper : CC1
Time : 03 hours

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i. Candidates are required to give your answer in own words and sentences.
ii. All questions contain equal marks. Answer any five out of ten questions.

Answer all the questions :
1. Define growth and development. Write meaning, nature and characteristics of growth and development.

2. Write mental development according to Piaget’s Theory. What is relation between mental development and education?
3. Write developmental characteristics of backward children from different sociocultural background.
4. State the developmental nature of adolescence related to physical and mental aspects.

5. How neighborhood influence the child development? Explain it.
6. How urbanization and economic condition effect the adolescent’s development? Illustrate it.
7. Write the role of media highlighting events for development of thought of adolescents.

8. What are the causes of individual differences? How education influences the individual differences?
9. What do you mean by moral development? Describe the changes occur due to moral development.
10. Write short notes on any two
(i) Stages of Development
(ii) Children in slum area
(iii) Development of minority children
(iv) Kohlberg theories

Set II :
Answer all the questions :
1. What do you mean by Growth and Development? Focus its characteristics.
2. Discuss the cognitive theory of Piaget. Writes its educational implication.

3. “The role of parents & teachers should be friend, philosopher and guide during adolescence” write opinion yourself.
4. What is the problem of minority community student in development, specially related to education?

5. What do you mean by exceptional children? Define it and how do you identify? Describe its type.
6. What do you mean by individual difference? Write down its types and explain the effecting factors.
7. How communication system affects adolescence thought and experiences? Explain it.

8. Explain the factors affecting moral development. Describe its role in character development of adolescent.
9. What is the role of family, school and community in the development of child?
10. Write short notes on any two:
(i) Stages of Development E
(ii) Girl education in slum area
(iii) Kohlberg theory
(iv) Infancy

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