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Organisation : Sri Siddhivinayaka Residential School
Exam : Common Entrance Test
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : VI Standard

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VI Standard Model Question Paper :

Class: VI Std Marks: 60 Time: 1 hour 15 min.
English : 2×5=10
1. Give the opposite words of the following.
a. Beautiful
b. Happy

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2. Underline the nouns in the following sentences:
a. Ashok has three Sisters.
b. My aunt has a house in Kolkata.

3. Give the plural of the following –
a. Child
b. Story

4. Write an essay on any one of the following –
a. My hobby
b. My country

5. Use the following words in your own sentence –
a. Country
b. Village

Mathematics : 1×12=12
6. Find the L. C. M of 20 and 24.
7. Write the given number 7632 in the expanded form.
8. Add – 1/2+3/5
9. Multiply – 2/3 X 9/20
10. Simplify : 4/15 ÷ 2/5

Science : 1×12=12
18. Defeciency of ‘vitamin A’ causes ———— disease.
19. Name three states of matter?
20. What is force?

21. Which planet is callad ‘Red planet’ in our Solar System?
22. Write any two types of Environmental pollution?
23. Why are the atoms tightly packed in solids?
24. Amoeba is an example of ———– celled organism.
25. Which is the respiratory organ in fish?

History & Civics, Geography : 1×10=10
30. Who built ‘Kutub Minar’?
31. Mention any two main Food crops of India?

32. Which is the highest mountain peak in India?
33. What was man’s first major discovery?
34. How many Continents are there in the World?
35. What is the duration of Earth’s rotation?

General Knowledge : 1×4=4
40. Who is the present President of India?
41. Name the cricket player who is honoured with Bharatha Rathna Award?
42. Who was the father of Dhuryodhana?
43. How many states are there in India?

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