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Velammal Inter School Science Talent Olympiad Class VII Mock Test Paper 2017 :

Organisation : Velammal Knowledge Park
Exam : Velammal Inter School Science Talent Olympiad
Document Type : Mock Test – 1
Category or Subject : Class VII
Year : VISTO -2016 – 2017

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Mock test Paper :
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VKP Mock Test Class VII Question Paper

Velammal Inter School Science Talent Olympiad :
Season : I (Mock Test 1)
Class : VII
Duration : 2hrs
Max.Marks : 100

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1. a) Write your NAME and CLASS in the space provided on OMR Response sheet.
b) You have to mark the answers on the OMR Response sheet only.
c) You have to handle the OMR Response sheet with utmost care.

d) Do not fold/mutilate or make any unnecessary markings on the OMR Response sheet.
e) Use BLUE or BLACK BALL POINT PEN only to darken the appropriate circles in OMR Response sheet.

2. Answers marked with PENCIL will not be considered for evaluation.

3. This Question Paper consists of 100 QUESTIONS, under four subjects heads,MATHEMATICS (40 Questions), PHYSICS (20 Questions), CHEMISTRY (20 Questions) and BIOLOGY (20 Questions).

4. Each question has four alternative responses marked a, b, c, d. You have to darken the appropriate circle provided in the OMR Response sheet against each question.

5. 1 MARK will be awarded for every correct response for all the questions in ALL THE FOUR SUBJECTS.
6. NO mark will be deducted for incorrect response.

7. Usage of Calculators, Log tables and Electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
8. Return the OMR Response sheet to the Invigilator at the end of Examination, before leaving the examination hall.


Single Response Type :
1. What is the absolute value of ?2
A) 1/2
B) 1
2 C) -2
D) 2

2. ?45 ? 9 ? ?
A) 5
B) -5
C) 9
D) -9

3. Simplify 36 – [18 – {14 – (15 – 4 ? 2 × 2)}]
A) 21
B) 20
C) 22
D) 24

4. Find the value of (-20)x(-1)+(-28)/7
A) 10
B) 12
C) 14
D) 16

5. What should be added to 53/7 to get 12?
A) 46/7
B) 7/46
C) 44/7
D) 7/44

6. The cost of 5 2 kg 5 of sugar is Rs 101 1 4 . Find its cost per kg?
A) Rs 18 1/2
B) Rs 18/4
C) Rs 18 3/4
D) Rs 18


Single Response Type :
41. Heat is a form of energy which may only be _________
A) seen
B) felt
C) heard
D) see and felt.

42. The degree of hotness or coldness of the body is called
A) heat
B) temperature
C) pressure
D) force

43. Heat is a _______quantity.
A) vector
B) scalar
C) both A and B
D) none

Linked Comprehensive Type :
Temperature can be measured in °C and °F
44. The boiling point of water is
A) 180°C
B) 12°C
C) 40°C
D) 100°C

45. The temperature of human body
A) 300K
B) 37 K
C) 310 K
D) 98.6 F

46. The melting point of ice is
A) 0°C
B) 273°C
C) 40°C
D) 100°C

47. A thermometer when put in a water bath at 27°C reads 300. The scale of the thermometer is in
A) Fahrenheit
B) Kelvin
C) Reaumur
D) none of these

48. Normal temperature of the body of a healthy person is 98.4°F. Its equivalent in celsius scale is
A) 37°C
B) 40°C
C) 50°C
D) 100°C


Single Response Type :
61. Why are cotton clothes more common than silk clothes?
A) Cotton clothes are more beautiful
B) Cotton clothes are more durable
C) Cotton clothes can be used rough
D) Cotton is less expensive than silk

62. Which breed of sheep produce good quality wool?
A) Marwari
B) Lohi
C) Rampur buhair
D) Nail

63. Silk fibre are as strong as steel wire and made up of
A) Glycogen
B) Lactones
C) Proteins
D) Fats

64. Which of the following is not found in both natural as well as artificial forms :
A) Wool
B) Jute
C) Silk
D) Rubber

65. Which of the following acids is called king of chemicals?
A) Hydrochloric acid
B) Suphuric acid
C) Nitric acid
D) Formic acid

66. Which of the following substances is an acid?
A) Alcohol
B) Sea water
C) Ammonia
D) Soap solution

67. The pH of basic solution is
A) 1
B) 3
C) 7
D) 9

68. Melting of wax involves in
A) Physical & chemical changes
B) Periodic & non – periodic changes
C) Reversible & irreversible changes
D) Un desirable changes

69. Which of the following is/are physical changes?
A) Freezing of ice.
B) Evaporation of water by the heat of sun.
C) Expansion and contraction of metals on heating.
D) All the above

70. Which one of the following statement(s) is not correct for a chemical change?
A) Always new substances are produced .
B) It is a permanent change .
C) There is no net absorption or release of energy.
D) There is no change in the weight of the substances .

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