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Organisation : Velammal Knowledge Park
Exam : Velammal Inter School Science Talent Olympiad
Document Type : Mock Test – 1
Category or Subject : Class VI
Year : VISTO -2016 – 2017

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VKP Class VI Mock Test Question Paper

VISTO – 2016 – 17 :
Season – I (Mock Test 1) :
Class – VI :
Duration : 2hrs
Max.Marks : 100

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Instructions To the Candidate
1. a) Write your NAME and CLASS in the space provided on OMR Response sheet.
b) You have to mark the answers on the OMR Response sheet only.
c) You have to handle the OMR Response sheet with utmost care.
d) Do not fold/mutilate or make any unnecessary markings on the OMR Response sheet.
e) Use BLUE or BLACK BALL POINT PEN only to darken the appropriate circles in OMR Response sheet.

2. Answers marked with PENCIL will not be considered for evaluation.
3. This Question Paper consists of 100 QUESTIONS, under four subjects heads, MATHEMATICS (40 Questions), PHYSICS (20 Questions), CHEMISTRY (20 Questions) and BIOLOGY (20 Questions).

4. Each question has four alternative responses marked a, b, c, d. You have to darken the appropriate circle provided in the OMR Response sheet against each question.
5. 1 MARK will be awarded for every correct response for all the questions in ALL THE FOUR SUBJECTS.

6. NO mark will be deducted for incorrect response.
7. Usage of Calculators, Log tables and Electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
8. Return the OMR Response sheet to the Invigilator at the end of Examination, before leaving the examination hall.


Single Response Type :
1. Write the greatest 7-digit number having three different digits
A) 9998997
B) 9899997
C) 9989997
D) 9999987

2. Identity the greatest and the smallest in 2853, 7691, 9999, 12002, 124
A) 12002, 124
B) 2853, 124
C) 9999, 124
D) None

3. Using digits 4, 5, 6 and 0 without repitition make the greatest form digit
A) 6405
B) 4650
C) 6540
D) 5640

4. What is the product of place value and face value of 5 in 4567?
A) 500
B) 2500
C) 5
D) 505

5. Find the L.C.M. of the following number 9 and 4
A) 30
B) 9
C) 36
D) 4

6. Using divisibility test, determine 5445 is divisible by ______
A) 11
B) 5
C) 7
D) 9

7. A number is divisible by both 5 and 12 by which other number will that number be always divisible?
A) 5
B) 12
C) 17
D) 60

8. Determine the greatest 3-digit number exactly divisible by 8, 10 and 12
A) 940
B) 960
C) 980
D) 990

9. Whole numbers are closed under which operation?
A) Addition
B) Subtraction
C) division
D) none

10. Which number is identity for multiplication of whole numbers?
A) 3
B) 2
C) 0
D) 1


Single Response Type :
41. Pick the odd one out.
A) milli
B) kilo
C) micro
D) centi

42. Length of curved line can be measured by using
A) Threads
B) Vernier scale
C) Measuring rod
D) Measuring tap

43. Which one unit is used to measure the mass of the objects?
A) Kiloliter
B) Hectare
C) Kilogram
D) Kilometer

44. Small thickness is measured by using
A) Measuring tape
B) Vernier scale
C) Measuring rod
D) Barometer

45. During measuring the length
A) Measuring tape should be long
B) Eyes should be in correct position
C) Measuring tape should be made up of plastic
D) Measuring tape should be flexible

46. Which of the following is not an oscillatory motion?
A) Motion of the swing
B) Motion of a pendulum
C) Motion of earth around the sun
D) Movement of merry go round

47. The C.G.S unit of displacement is ______________
A) metre
B) centimetre
C) millimetre
D) no unit

48. The MKS unit of distance is
A) Foot
B) Metre
C) Second
D) Centimetre

49. A man leaves his house at 5.00 a.m. for morning walk for 2km and returns at 6.00. a.m. What is his displacement traversed by him in this time?
A) 4 km
B) 8 km
C) 2 km
D) Zero

50. In the above question, what is the distance travelled by the man?
A) 4 km
B) 8km
C) 2 km
D) Zero


Single Response Type :
61. Yarn is converted into fabric by which of the following process?
A) Spinning
B) Weaving
C) Pasting
D) Sowing

62. Which of the following is a manmade fiber?
A) Wool
B) Flex
C) Terrylene
D) Cotton

63. Statement-I : The silk yarn (thread) is obtained from the cocoon of the silk moth.
Statement-II : Silk fibres are used for weaving silk cloth.
A) Both Statement-I, and Statement-II are true.
B) Both Statement-I, and Statement-II are false.
C) Statement I is true, Statement II is false.
D) Statement I is false, Statement II is true.

64. Which pair of substance float in water?
A) Plastic ball, feather
B) Coin, rubber band
C) Pin, oil drops
D)Thermocol, Cotton thread

65. Shopkeepers usually prefer to keep biscuits, sweets and other edibles in glass or transparent plastic container, so that
A) Classification is grouping of
B) Insects not reach their
C) It do not get spoiled
D) Buyers can easily see these items

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