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Organisation : A.P.J Abdul Kalam Welfare Society
Exam : All India Bright Student Award Test 2016
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Maths/Science
Year : 2016
Class : VI

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Class VI Model Question Paper :

Class :VI
Time:11 am to 1 p.m.
Mathematics :
1) Which is the biggest fraction?
2/3, 5/7, 7/4,4/7,6/11
a) 2/3
b) 5/7
c) 7/9
d) 4/7

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2) A sum of money increased by its fifth part amounts to Rs 5.40 find the sum?
a) Rs. 4.40
b) Rs. 4.50
c) Rs. 3.50
d) Rs. 3.90

3) One quarter of one seventh of house is sold for Rs. 6000 what is three fifth part of it?
a) 180000
b) 100800
c) 108000
d) 180800

4) Find the smallest fraction?
3/5, 5/8, 2/7, 7/9, 4/11
a) 3/2
b) 5/8
c) 7/9
d) 2/7

5) What fraction is Rs. 2.50 p in Rs. 250?
a) 1000
b) 1/1000
c) 1/100
d) 1/10

6) What fraction of 5 minutes is 60 seconds?
a) 1/10
b) 1/60
c) 1/5
d) 1/12

8)1/5 and 2/3 of a tree are respectively in mud and water if the tree is 45m. Height how muchportion Of it will be above water?
a) 6m
b) 34m
c) 37m
d) 39m

9) A boy has to multiply a certain number with ¾ but by mistake he multiply that number with 4/3 then the error is 14 find the actual number?
a) 25
b) 23
c) 24
d) 22

10) 0.5 x 0.05 x 0.005×50 =?
a) 0.625
b) 0.62500
c) 0.00625
d) 62500

11) The number whose square is equal to the difference of the square of 75.15 and 60.12 is?
a) 45.09
b) 46.09
c) 47.09
d) 48.09

12) (225)2.5 ÷ (225)? = 225
a) 0.5
c) 2
d)None of these

13) If 1.125 x 10k = 0.001125, then K =?
a) -4
b) -3
c) -2
d) -1

14) 3.75 + 2.832 – 1.001 + 1.803 =?
d) 8.385

15) Shruti bought some apples, she sold 1/3 of the apples at Rs. 2 each. She sold half of the remaining at Rs. 3 and the remaining at Rs. 2.50. If she got Rs. 145 find the total no. of apples she had?
a) 78
b) 58
c) 48
d) 68

Science :
51) Tiger is a ___________ because it eats only meat.
a) Herbivore
b) Omnivores
c) nivores
d) None of these

52) Deer eats only plant products and so is called ________?
a) Carnivore
b) Omnivores
c) Herbivore
d) Sugarcane

53) The process of making yarn from fibers is called _________?
a) Yarns
b) weaving
c) spinning
d) None of these

54) The process of arranging two sets of yarns together to make a fabric is called…..?
a) Yarns
b) weaving
c) spinning
d) None of these

55) Weaving of fabric is done on ____________?
a) Knitting
b) Fabric
c) Yarn
d) None of these

56) Materials of book is _________?
a) Glass
b) wood
c) Plastics
d) None of these

57) Plastics is used in________?
a) Book
b) Tumbler
c) Fabric
d) Toy

58) The process of conversion of water into its vapour is called _______?
a) Eveporation
b) Eveporation
c) Eaporation
d) Evaporation

59) The process of conversion of water vapour into its liquid form is called ………?
a) Condentsation
b) Condensation
c) Condesation
d) Condenzation

60) A solution is said to be …………. if it cannot dissolve more of the substance in it.
a) Saturation
b) Satureted
c) Saturated
d) Sedimentation

61) Salt is obtained from seawater by the process of ________ ?
a) Evaparation
b) Evaporation
c) Saturated
d) Saturation

62) Objects like the sun that give out or emit light of their own are called…….. objects
a) Luminous
b) Lumiouns
c) Transparent
d) Opaque

63) A shadow is obtained only on a……….?
a) Scream
b) Screen
c) Screan
d) Shadow

64) Never ever look directly at the ………?
a) Moon
b) Light
c) Fire
d) None of these

65) Burning can occur only in the presence of ……………………?
a) Nitrogen
b) Hydrogen
c) Carbon dioxide
d) None of these

66) The organisms that live in soil also need ………. to respire.
a) Nitrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
d) Carbon dioxide

67) Windmills are also used to generate ……………?
a) Light
b) Heat
c) Electricity
d) Energy

68) Collecting rainwater in this way is called ………….?
a) Rooftop rainwater harvesting
c) railwater harvesting
b) Rainwater harvesting
d) Rainwater harvearting

69) The circulation of water between ocean and land is known as the ……..?
a) Water Cycle
b) waste water
c) flood water
d) none of these

70) …… is another kind of force which can pull or push objects.
a) Magnetic Force
b) Frictional Force
c) Gravitational Force
d) None of these

71) The Magnetic force is a ………
a) Contact Force
b) Force at distance
c) consequential force
d) None

72) ________ conducts water to the leaves.
a) Stem
b) Soil
c) roots
d) all of the above

73) If a plant has leaves with parallel venation, what kind of the roots will it have ?
a) Tap root
b) fibrous root
c) artificial roots
d) none of these

74) Leaves give out water vapours through the process of ………..
a) Transpiration
b) Filtration
c) evaporation
d) None of these

75) The design made by veins in a leaf is called ……….?
a) Veins design
b) leaf design
c) leaf venation
d) none these

76) The contraction of the ………….. pulls the bones during movement.
a) Muscles
b) blood
c) joints
d) None

77) Soil, water and air are __________ factors of habitat.
a) Biotic
b) Natural
c) Abiotic
d) Al the above

78) __________ is not a magnetic material
a) Plastic
b) Paper
c) Iron
d) a & b

79) Artificial magnet were discovered in ……………..?
a) Greece
b) India
c) Germany
d) U.K

80) ___________ Object do not allow light to pass through them
a) Hard Object
b) Opaque
c) luminous object
d) translucent

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