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A.P.J Abdul Kalam All India Bright Student Award Test Class V Model Question Paper :

Organisation : A.P.J Abdul Kalam Welfare Society
Exam : All India Bright Student Award Test 2016
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Maths/Science
Year : 2016
Class : V

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Class V Model Question Paper :

Class : V
Time : 11 am to 1 p.m.
Mathematics :
1) Find the least number which when divided by 9,18,24,15,30 and 42 will leave the reminder 1 in each case
a) 2521
b) 5221
c) 2512

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2) Find the least number when divided by 24,32, and 36 leaves the remainder 19,27,31 respectively?
a) 258
b) 453
c) 283

3) Find the greatest number that will exactly divide by 200 and 320
b) 60

4) Find the least number which is a perfect square and that contains 540 as a factor?
a) 3600
b) 4900
c) 8100
d) 625

5) The product of two nos. is 3624 and HCF is 24 find the LCM?
a) 48
b) 106
c) 126
d) 151

6) Find the greatest number that will divides by 72 and 120 and will leave the remainder 3 and 5 respectively?
a) 20

7) Find the number between 200 and 300 such that when they are divided by 6,8, and 9 leaves no remainder?
a) 221,293
b) 224,296
c) 221,122
d) 216,288

8) The lowest decimal number which is exactly divisible by .3, .006, .0024, .00081 is?
a) 0.24
b) 0.36
c) 0.18
d) None of these

9) The common highest factor of 1.284, 22.47, and 17.334 is?
a) 0.624
b) 0.321
c) 0.171
d) 0.212

10) Five bells first begin to toll together and then at intervals of 3,5,7 and 8 seconds. Find after what intervals they will toll together?
a) 480 sec
b) 14 mins
c) 814 sec
d) never

11) There are two electrical wires where one is 9m 60 cm long wire and other is 5m 12cm long wire, Find maximum length, that can be equally cut from each wire in such a way that the total legth of each wire is exactly divisible by it?
a) 46m
b) 64
c) 49
d) 94

12) Among how many boys 175 breads and 105 ice creams can be equally divided?
a) 105
b) 45
c) 49
d) 35

13) Find two nos that lie between 100 and 200 such that their HCF is 48?
a) 144,129
b) 192,144
c) 219,140
d) 124,149

14) The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 21 and 4641 respectively if one of the number lie between 200 and 300 find out that numbers?
a) 257
b) 237
c) 273 and 357
d) 253

15) Find the number of student among whom 1001 pens can be equally distributed?
a) 7
b) 13
c) 91
d) a,b and c

16) In a division the divisor is 12 times the quotient and 5 times the remainder. If the remainder is 48 then the dividend is?
a) 8484
b) 8448
c) 4848
d) 4884

17) Which of the following number is exactly divisible by 13?
a) 10626
b) 11232
c) 106601
d) 211112

18) The smallest number of 5 digits, is divided by the greatest number of two digits, what would be the Quotient, some reminder will be there?
a) 101
b) 110
d) cannot be determined

19) The divisor is 25 times the Quotient and 5 times the remainder. If the Quotient is 16 the dividends is?
a) 12
b) 6400

20) How many different divisors are there 224?
a) 11

Science :
51) A bud on a potato is called
a) Eye
b) bulb
c) node
d) None

52) The air tubes are called
a) Globules
b) Trachea
c) Air sacs
d) Air holes

53) The _________ has store food that is used by the embryo to grow out the time of germination
a) Monocotyledons
b) Dicotyledons
c) Cotyledons
d) None

54) If all plants were to grow at the same place there would be
a) Over population
c) causes rain
b) Overcrowding
d) all

55) Most insects have ____________ to crawl
a) 4 legs
b) 12 legs
c) 6legs
d) 8legs

56) Some birds like ostrich, rhea, and emu are called
a) Strong peak
b) the fast running bird
c) flight less
d) migrating birds

57) Animals like bears and chimpanzees can walk only on their
a) Hind limbs
b) fore limbs
c) mind limbs
d) A & B

58) The bones are hold together by strong by strong and flexible tissue called
a) Ligaments
b) Tibla
c) Fibula
d) None

59) The upper seven pairs of ribs are attached to the breath bone and are called
a) Floating ribs
b) True ribs
c) False ribs
d) None

60) The shoulder girdle comprises a pair of collar bones called the _________ and upper of shoulder blades are the ____________
a) Tibia and fibula
b) radius and ulna
c) Clavicle and scapula
D) None

61) The lower leg is the part from the knee to the ankle. It has two bones the ____ &______
a) Radius and ulna
b) Tibia and fibula
c) Clavicle and scapula
d) None

62) The joints that are movable contain a fluid that enables smooth movements. There are four types of _____
a) Hinge joints
b) movable joints
c) Immovable joints
d) Ligaments

63) It fits into the _____ or the pelvic girdle with the help of a ball and socket joints
a) Hinge joints
b) movable joints
c) Immovable joints
d) None

64) The muscles system consist of more than _____ muscles
a) 620
b) 650
c) 206
d) 220

65) _______ pair of thin flat and bow shaped bones form rib cage
a) 10

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