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Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals Yoga Teacher Model Question Paper :

Organisation : Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals
Exam : Yoga Teacher
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Yoga

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Yoga Teacher Model Question Paper :

In the examination, you will be asked 60 multiple choice questions and 10 short notes type questions and the total time for written exam is 2.5 hours.

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As a model question paper, we have provided here 35 multiple choice questions and 5 short notes type questions for your reference.

1. How many chapters are there in Patanjali Yoga Sutra?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. None of the above

2. Which is the basic text of Yoga Philosophy?
A. Hatha Yoga Pradipika
B. GherandaSamhitha
C. Patanjali Yoga Sutra
D. Shiva Samhitha

3. The Sanskit word ‘Veda’ is derived from the root word ‘Vid’ which means
A. To Understand
B. To See
C. To know
D. To Hear

4. Six Technical subjects related to Veda are known as
A. Samhitas
B. Vedangas
C. Brahmanas
D. Aranyakas

5. According to which School of Vedanta ‘All Reality is Brahman’
A. Dvaita
B. Vishitadvaita
C. Advaita
D. Shudhadvaita

6. In which Bhava, the surrendering attitude of the servant to his master is involved
A. MaduryaBhava
B. DasyaBhava
C. SakhyaBhava
D. Santa Bhava

7. Yoga Karmasu _________________________[ Fill in the blanks]
A. Nischalam
B. Chalam
C. Kausalam
D. Phalam

8.Which of the following pranayama purifies the Astral body?
A. Ujjai
B. NadiShodhana
C. Surya Bedha
D. Moorcha

9. The word “Nadi” is derived from the word “Nad” which means
A. To flow
B. To blow
C. To Run
D. To carry

10. At which Chakra, the union of Ida and Pingalanadi takes place
A. Manipura
B. Anahata
C. Ajna
D. Visudhi

11. Raja Yoga is the yoga of controlling our
A. Sense Organs
B. Organs of Action
C. Mind
D. Our emotions

12. Which Prana governs our digestive system?
A. Apana
B. Vyana
C. Samana
D. Udana

13. Chakras and Nadis are components of which Kosha?
A. Annamaya
B. Pranamaya
C. Manomaya

14. Which of the following is not a Mahasiddha as per Hatha Yoga Sutra?
A. Kapali
B. Kapalika
C. Buddha
D. Matseyanda

15. The word ‘Guru’ means remover of _______________[Fill in the blanks]
A. Darkness
B. Laziness
C. Anger
D. Light

16. Who out of the following is an enlightened master?
A. Maharishi Vasishtha
B. Maharishi Vishwamitra
C. Maharishi Patanjali
D. All the above

17. Yoga of Synthesis is the contribution of which Yogi?
A. Sri Aurobindo
B. Swami Vivekananda
C. Sri Yogananda
D. Sri Chaitanya

18. Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali is otherwise known as which yoga as per Swami Vivekananda
A. Bhakti Yoga
B. Raja Yoga
C. Karma Yoga
D. Jnana Yoga

19. Which of the following is not a Vritti?
A. Pramana
B. Vikalpa
C. Viveka
D. Nidra

20 .By cultivating attitude of friendliness towards the happy and compassion towards the unhappy_____________–
A. The mind retains its disturbed calmness
B. The mind retains its undisturbed calmness
C. The mind will be preoccupied with thoughts
D. The mind will be preoccupied with emotions

21. Which of the following is a Klesha according to Patanjali?
A. Thoughts
B. Abhyasa
C. Arambha
D. Arogya

22. Who authored the SrimadBhagavatham?
A. Vishwamitra
B. Vedavyasa
C. Vasishta
D. Vidura

23. When the result of a deed is not expected it is called
A. Bhakti Yoga
B. Kriya Yoga
C. Raja Yoga
D. Karma Yoga

24. Svatmarama belongs to which sect?
A. NathParampara
B. AshtangaParampara
C. GherandaParampara
D. PatanjaliParampara

25. MitaHara in Hatha yoga means
A. Little eating
B. Neither overeating nor under eating
C. Under eating
D. Only over eating

26. What moves when Prana moves according to Hatha Yoga?
A. Manas
B. Mana Shakti
C. Chitta
D. Buddhi

27. Filtration is one of the primary functions of
A. Lung
B. Heart
C. Kidney
D. Liver

28. Which Asana is good for chronic low back pain?
A. Dhanurasana
B. Bhujangasana
C. Chakrasana
D. Halasana

29. Which one of the following attribute satisfies the criteria of Sattvic Food?
A. Spicy, hot, bitter, sour and pungent
B. Pure, essential, natural, vital, energy containing
C. Unnatural, overcooked, stale, left over and processed food
D. None of the above

30. Which of these is not a process of Cognition?
A. Perception
B. Attention
C. Memory
D. Sleeping

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