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Banaras Hindu University M.Ed Entrance Exam Sample Question Paper :

Organisation : Banaras Hindu University
Exam : M.Ed Entrance Exam
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : M.Ed

Website :
Download Sample Question Paper :

BHU M.Ed Entrance Exam Sample Question Paper

Download Question Paper of M.Ed Entrance Exam Sample Paper is now available in the official website of Banaras Hindu University

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Instructions To Candidates

1. Within 10 minutes of the issue of the Question Booklet, check the Question Booklet to ensure that it contains all the pages in correct sequence and that no page/question is missing. In case of faulty Question Booklet bring it to the notice of the Superintendent invigilators immediately to obtain a fresh Question Booklet.

2. Do not bring any loose paper, written or blank, inside the Examination Hall except the Admit Card without its envelope.
3. A separate Answer Sheet is given. It should not he folded or mutilated. A second Answer Sheet shall not be provide!L Only the Answer Sheet will be evaluated.
4. Write your Roll Number and Serial Number of the Answer Sheet by pen in the space provided above.

5. On the front page of the Answer Sheet, write by pen your Roll Number in the space provided at the top and by darkening the Circles at the bottom. Also, wherever applicable, write the Question Booklet Number and the Set Number in appropriate places.

6 No overwriting is allowed in the entries of Roll No., Question Booklet no. and Set no. (if any) on OMR sheet and Roll No. and OMR sheet no. on the Question Booklet.

7. Any change in the aforesaid entries is to be verified by the invigilator, otherwise it will be taken as unfair means.

8. Each question in this Booklet is followed by four alternative answers. For each question, you are to record ti,e correct option 011 the Answer Sheet by darkening the appropriate circle in the corresponding row of tile Answer Sheet, by pen as mentioned in the guidelines given on the first page of the Answer Sheet.

9. For each question, darken only one circle 011 the Answer Sheet. If you darken more than one circle or darken a circle partially, the answer will be treated as incorrect.

10. Note that the answer once filled in ink cannot be changed. If you do Lot wish to attempt a question, leave all the circles in the corresponding row blank (such question will be awarded zero marks).

Sample Question Paper

Time : Two Hours
Full Marks : 450
Note :
The paper consists of 170 Objective Type Questions and is divided into Three Sections (I ,II & III) as under:
(a) Section· I consists of 130 Objective Type Questions.
(b) Section – II consists of20 Objective Type Questions on English Language Comprehension.
(c) Section-III consists of 20 Objective Type Questions on Hindi Language Comprehension.

Section – I :
01. Which of the following is not a function of Central Board of Secondary Education?
(1) Conducting secondary school examination
(2) Financing schools set up by Central Government
(3) Issuing SSC and SSSC certificates
(4) Conducting Joint Competitive tests

02. The establishment of first modern university in India was recommended by
(1) Hunter Commission
(3) Sargeant Committee
(2) Lord Macaulay
(4) Wood’s Dispatch

03. Who was the first Chainman of the U.O.C ?
(1) Dr. S.S. Bhatnagar
(2) Dr. S Radhakrishnan
(3) Dr. A.L Mudaliar
(4) Dr. D.S. Kothari

04. According to idealism, which of the following is true?
(1) Child is the falter of man
(2) Child is a natural Learner
(3) Teacher is the store house of knowledge
(4) Children learn by doing

05. Which of the following organization has nothing to do with school education?
(1) CBSE
(3) MCI
(4) NCTE

06. Which of the following universities is not a central university ?
(1) Aligarh Musluim University
(2) Banaras Hindu University
(3) University of Bombay
(4) H.S. Gaur University Sagar

07. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is a programme launched by the Government of India for promoting:
(1) Primary Education
(3) Elementary Education
(2) Literacy among adults
(4) All the above there

os. Which of the following states is rated as educationally backward?
(1) Haryana
(2) Himachal Pradesh
(3) Kerala
(4) Jharkhand

09. “The world is full of miseries which may be overcome by overpowering one’s desires”. This was stated by :
(1) Manu
(2) Gautama Buddha
(3) Mahatma J. Fulley
(4) Mahatma Gandhi

10. Who is the Union Minister for Human Resource Development?
(1) Arjun Singh
(2) Manmohan Singh
(3) Kapil Sibal
(4) Veerappa Moily

11. The UNESCO’S target year for achieving the goal of UEE by the developing countries is
(1) 2007
(2) 2012
(3) 2015
(4) 2017

12. Which of the following figures is the nearest to the total estimated populaction of India now?
(1) 600 million
(2) 900 million
(3) 1200 million
(4)1500 million

13. The total population of the world at present may be estimated to be around
(1) 4000 million
(2) 5000 million
(3) 6000 million
(4)7000 million

14. The current population growth rate (p~r year) in India may be around
(1) 1%
(2) 2%
(3) 3%
(4) 4%

15. The right to education (Bill) was passed by the Government of India in the year
(I) 2002
(2) 2005
(3) 2009
(4) 2011

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