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Organisation : Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology
Exam : Staff Nurse (Temporary)
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STAFF NURSE – 09.08.2015 :
STAFF NURSE – A, 28.11.2010 :

SCTIMST Staff Nurse Questions Paper

Duration : 90 Min
Time : 10. 00 A.M
Total Marks : 80
Written Test Held On 09/08/2015 :

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** Answer to this question paper are to be entered in the OMR sheet as per in the Instruction given in the admit card.

** Each correct answer will carry 1 mark. No negative marking for wrong responses in the written examination
** Darken only the bubble corresponding to the most appropriate answer

Sample Question

I. Nurse teaches the patient to rotate the site of injection insulin. Which of the following site is inappropriate to use

A. Thighs
B. Abdomen
C. Fore arms
D. Upper arms

2. Effects of Nicotin will increase the body’s secretion of
A. Thyroxine
B. Epinephrine
C. Pancreatic Juices
D. Histamine

3. Therapeutic effect of Digitalis is to
A. Dilate coronary arteries
C. Decrease Arrythmias
B. Strengthen the Heartbeat
D. Decrease the electrical conductivity of the Heart

4. Significant Nursing interventions required for a patient with activity intolerance include all except
A. Encourage ROM excercise
B. Use wheelchair for transporting
C. Give only fluid Diet
D. Encourage the patient to choose activities to build endurance

5. The part of the brain which controls heart rate and respiration
A. Cerebral Cortex
B. Thalamus
C. Medulla Oblongata
D. Diencephalon

6. Claustrophobia means
A. Fear of darkness
C. Fear of height
B. Fear of being alone
D. Fear of closed spaces

7. Which of the following term is an extra pyramidal symptom
A. Rigidity
B. Drymouth
C. Photosensitivity
D. Urinary retention

8. The condition in which excessive fluid moves into the intra cellular space and all body fluid compartment expands
A.Isotonic over hydration
C. Hypertonic over hydration
B. Hypotonic over hydration
D. Hypertonic dehydration

9. Hypernatremia is commonly detected in patients
A. On Corti co steroids
B. With fever
C. With Diarrhoea
D. On Digoxin

10. Mr X is on diuretics and Digoxin. Recent Serum Potassium value 2.9mEq/1. Which of the undermentioned food item is essentially required for the patient? .
A. Milk
B. Green leafy Vegetables
C. Oranges
D. Whole grain cereals

10. Mr Y is on low sodium (3g) diet. Choose the most appropriate food item from the under mentioned list
A. Bread with Jam
B. Cheese
C. Banana
D. Tomato ketchup

12. Milk is a rich source of
A. Vitamin A, D &B2
C. Vitamin E
B. Vitamin C&K
D. Vitamin B6 &B12

13. Indication of low-residue low fiber diet is .
A. Asymptomatic Diverticular Disease
C. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
B. Constipation
D. Renal Failure

14. Mr P was brought to the causality following accidental fall from a tree. He was transferred on a trolley. Suddenly the nurse noticed cessation of breathing and unresponsiveness. The preferred technique to open his air way is .
A. Head tilt-Chin lift manoeuvre
B. Jaw thrust manoeuvre
C. Abdominal Thrust manoeuvre
D. Ambu ventilation

15. Choose the inappropriate action of the heath care provider while performing BLS.
A. Determine unconsciousness
B. Open Airway
C. Defibrillate
D. Auscultate for heart sounds

16. What is the approximate haemoglobin in a normal newborn at birth?
A. 10-12 glI00mlofbiood
B. 14 gllOOmlofblood
C. 15-20 gllOOmlofblood
D.21-25 gllOOmlofblood

17. In a Post-operative patient Staphylococcus aureus found normally on the skin can cause
A. Cold sore
B. Pneumonia
C. Wound infection
D. Urinary tract infection

18. Braden scale is the assessment tool used for predicting the severity of the
A. Brain oedema
B. Pressure Ulcer
C. Myocardial ischemia
D. Cerebral ischemia

19. What is the maximum storage life of platelet concentrate?
A.3 months
B. 2 weeks
C.30 days
D. 3 days

20. What do you mean by pulse deficit?
A. Missing of a pulse in normal pulse rhythm
B. Difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressures
C. Difference between pulse in sitting and standing position
D. Difference between apical and radial pulse

21. When a person is infected with HIV, antibodies can be detectable in the blood
A. Any time after the exposure
B. 48 hours after the exposure
C. 2 weeks after the exposure
D. 3 months after the exposure

22. The nerve which supplies diaphragm
A. Phrenic nerve
B. Sciatic nerve
C. Trigeminal nerve
D. Accessory

23. Cushing’s triad is
A. High BP,edema,oliguria
B. Slow pulse, abnormal breathing pattern, high BP
C. Hypoxia, increased temperature, tachypnea
D. Slow pulse, hypoxia, pupillary asymmetry

24. Which vein is the most common source of thrombi that become a Pulmonary Embolism?
A. Great Saphenous Vein
B. I1io-Femoral vein
C. Popliteal Vein
D. PosteriorTibial Vein

25. Arterial blood gas result showing PH 7.45 and PC02. 30mm of Hg and HC03. 22 MEq / L can be interpreted as
C. Respiratory alkalosis
B. Respiratory alkalosis compensated
D. Respiratory acidosis compensated

26. While caring patient with DVT which among the following is most suitable.
A. Out of bed activities as desired B. Bed rest with affected extremity flat
C. Bed rest with elevation of the affected extremity
D. Bed rest with affected extremity in ‘a dependent position

27. A nurse is caring for a patient with chest tube. Accidently the tube got disconnected. What will the nurse do first?
A. Call the physician
B. Place the tube in a bottle of sterile water
C. Immediately replace the chest tube system
D. Place a sterile dressing over the disconnection site

28. On detecting the transfusion reaction the most significant action to be performed by the nurse is
A. Send a fresh sample of the patient’s blood to the Blood Bank
B. Place the Patient in Propped up Position
C. Start a new IN line and Remove the existing line
D. Start Oxygen

29. A patient is brought to OPD with diabetic keto acidosis. In the acute phase the priority action is to
A. Administer sodium bicarbonate
B. Administer 50% glucose IV
C. Administer insulin IN
D. Monitor the ECG

30. A patient is in sinus bradycardia with heart rate 45/mt complaining dizziness. His BP is 80/60mm of Hg. Which of the following should be the priority intervention?
A. Defibrillation
B. Administer digoxin
C. Continue monitor
D. Prepare for transcutaneous Pacing

31. When a patient is on continuous bladder drainage, the bag should not be raised above the hip level
A. Because the bag may fall down
B. Because the catheter may be pulled out
C. To avoid return flow of urine in to the urinary bladder
D. Because it may cause bleeding

32. Broca’s aphasia refers to-
A. Inability to understand spoken language
C. Fluent speech
B. Fluent nonsensical speech
D. Inability to express ideas

33. Fever, head ache and nuchal rigidity are classic symptoms in
A. Raised intracranial pressure
B. Alzheimer’s disease
C. Brain abscess D. Meningitis

34. The region of brain which is responsible for higher mental functions and decision making is located in
A. Parietal lobe
B. Temporal lobe
C. Occipital lobe
D. Frontal lobe

35. Diagnosis of Pulmonary embolism is confirmed by
A. PositiveTroponin T
B. Positive pro BNP
C. Positive D-dimer
D. Characteristic ECG

36. After clamping the Umbilical cord the new born starts to breathe in
A. 5minutes
B. 3minutes
C. <30seconds
D. I minute

37. ORS solution does not contain
A. Sodium Chloride
C. Magnesium sulphate
B. Potassium Chloride
D. Sodium bicarbonate

38. The word “cold chain” is the process used for
A. Prevention of Fever
B. Streptococcal prophylaxis
C. Prevention ofVAP
D. Preservation of vaccine

39. Wallace’s rule of nine denotes
A. Nine ways of assessment of Arterial Blood Gas
B. Assessment of the severity of Burns
C. Standard management of shock D. Systematic assessment of Stroke

40. Normal daily requirement of Sodium for an Adult
A.0-15 gms

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