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Board : Tripura Board Of Secondary Education
Exam : Class XI
Subject : Home Management And Home Nursing
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
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Home Management & Home Nursing :

Class-XI :
Full Marks : 70
Time : 3 hours

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General instructions :
i) All questions are compulsory
1.A ) Choose the correct answers : 1×4=4
(i) Osteoporosis is caused by the deficiency of :
(a) Calcium and vitamin C
(b) Magnesium and Iron
(c) Phosphorus and vitamin-A
(d) Calcuim and vitamin-D

(ii) Authority of the matriarchal family remains with
(a) Father
(b) Wife
(c) Child
(d) Mother

(iii) Ethical value of man is developed by :
(a) opportunities
(b) Skill
(c) philosophy of life
(d) Work efficiency

(iv) Time of B.C.G vaccination of a child is :
(a) At the time of birth of within one year
(b) Within five years
(c) Within twelve years
(d) Within three months

B. Answer with one word or very brief : 1×10=10
(i) What is the name of the adminiatrative system of a family life?
(ii) Who help to develop ethical value of a child in the family.
(iii) How expertness could be aquried?
(iv) Write the full name of O.P.V
(v) What disease develop due to deficicency of folic acid?
(vi) Name one metal fibre.
(vii) Which fibre is called the queen of frbres?
(viii) What should be the background of a dark colour in decoration?
(ix) What is dressing?
(x) Which vaccine should be taken after Dog bites?

Q2. Answer in brief : 2×10=20
(i) Mention two essential works of House.
(ii) What are the different types of ethical values? Name them.
(iii) Write two objectives of Integrated child Development Services Scheme
(iv) Mention the source and deficiency symptonus of vitamin C and D.
(v) Write the daily requirement and deficiency discase of Iodine.
(vi) What is Mercerizing?
(vii) What do you mean by Tie printing?
(viii) What are the principles of Design?
(ix) Write the names of primary and secondary colours of prang colour wheel.
(x) What is first Aid?

Q3. Answer in following question : 4×6=24
(i) Which factors should be considered for the selection of Residential site?
(ii) What are the necessary steps to be taken for saving cooking fuel?
( iii) Write in brief the duties of parents for growth and development of a child
State the benefits of mothers milk
(iv) What is malnutrition? State the main causes of malnutriction. 1+3=4
Mention the role of fibres in food.
(v) Write the main features of fibres for textils
(vi) What are the necessities of Bandage?

Q4. Answer in following questions: 6×2=12
(i) Describe the different milestones in development of a child
Describe the factors affecting the growth and development of a child.
(ii) State the sources and functions of the chief components of food
What do you mean by undernutrition? Write the different causes of undernutrition. 2+4=6

Syllabus :
Unit-I : An Introduction to Home Management (Periods 10)
i) Role of Home and functions of Home
ii) Selection of residential accommodation
iii) Furniture arrangement in different rooms
iv) Concept of Home Management, its meaning and definition
v) Relevance of the study of this discipline to other fields of Home Science
vi) Family- its type, stages and functions
vii) Role of Women in this changing world
viii) The nature and role of Home Management in a changing world

Unit-II : Values, Goals and standards (Periods 10)
i) Values – its types and source and characteristics
ii) How family value pattern develops
iii) Types of goal and why goals change
iv) Concept of standard and classification of standards
v) Interrelatedness of values, goals and standards

Unit-III : Family Resources (Periods 12)
i) Resources – meaning and types
ii) Management and use of different resources including Human and Non- Human resources
iii) Characteristics of resources
iv) Guides to increasing satisfaction

Unit-IV : Child Development and Immunization (Periods 30)
i) Concept of growth and development
ii) Factors and process of growth and development of children, milestones of development from ages 0 to 12 years
iii) Periods of growth and development during childhood – (from conception to about 12 years of age) – Physical, Motor, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and language development
iv) Characteristics of development of human life

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