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Board : Jharkhand Academic Council
Class : Intermediate
Subject : Biology
Document type : Model Test Question
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Biology Model Test Question :

1. Embryo sac develops from:
(a) Pollen tube
(b) micro spore
(c) microsporangia
(d) megaspore

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2. In which of the following fruits aril is not found:
(a) Custard apple
(b) Litchi
(c) Mango
(d) Myristica

3. If two plants genotype aa BB and aa BB are crossed together then what genotype may be obtained is F1 generation:
(a) All aa BB
(b) 1 Aa BB : 1 aa BB
(c) 1 Aa BB : 3 aa BB
(d) 3 Aa BB : 1 aa BB.

4. What is the reason of down syndrome or Mongolism is children?:
(a) Nllisome
(b) gene mutation
(c) Trisomy
(d) none of these

5. By which experiment Grifith proved the DNA is a genetic material?:
(a) Transformation
(b) Transduction
(c) Transcription
(d) Translation

6. Which of the following code is called AMBER ?:
(a) UAA
(b) AUG
(c) UAG
(d) UGA

7. Efficiency of each cell of a plant to develop into a new plaint is called:
(a) a gene cloming
(b) Somato clonal variation
(c) Cellular totipotemey
(d) None of these

8. Culture nutrient medium is sterilized by:
(a) Keeping medium is 200C
(b) Auto claving the medium at 1200C for 15 minutes
(c) filtering the medium with fine filter
(d) adding antifungal powder in the medium

9. Enzyme ligase is used in:
(a) To break the DNA
(b) To join the broken DNA
(c) To purify DNA
(d) None of these

10. How Rhizobium bacteria present is soil help indirectly in increasing the plant population?:
(a) By nitrogen fixation and increasing the soil fertility
(b) Mycorhiza
(c) By antibiotics
(d) None of these

11. Cross pollination takes place in Bombax by —————- and in maize by ———————– agents

12. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Homogamy
(b) Triple fusion

13. The Process of formation of RNA form DNA is called —————– and synthesis of RNA to protein is called ———————-

(Short Answer type Question Carrying 03 Marks Each)

15. Explain why insectivorous plants are green and photo synthetic yet they feed on insects.

16. What is the importance of plants in pollution control and what will happen if there will be no plants on earth?

Group – D 5 X 2 = 10:
(Long/Essay type Question Carrying 05 Marks Each)

17. What is the role of biotechnology in agriculture? Give an account of the process of recombinant DNA Technology.

18. Describe the Miller’s experiment.

What do you understand by DNA replication? And how does it take place?

Section – B :
1. Humerus, Radio-ulna, Carples and Metacarples are the bones of
a. Fore limbs
b. Hind limbs
c. Skull
d. Pectoral Girdle

2. Lungs of the planet is called
a. Environment
b. Rain forest
c. Hills and mountains
d. Soil

3. IgA, IgM, IgE, IgG are examples of
a. Antigens
b. Antibodies
c. Inteferons
d. Thymus

4. Antibodies are found in
a. Blood
b. Lungs
c. Heart
d. Kidney

5. p2+2pq+q2=1 is a binominal expression of
(a) (p+q) 2
(b) (p-q) 2
(c) (p*q) 2
(d) (p/q) 2

6. Which one of the following is not an example of Mendelian disorders
a. Sickle-cell anaemia
b. Colour blindness
c. Phenylketonuria
d. Klinefelter’s Syndrome

7. Sickle-cell anaemia is expressed only in
a. Hbs (Hbs Hbs)
b. HbA
c. Both
d. None of them

8. Male germ cells are know as
a. Leydig cells
b. Spermatogonia
c. Interstitial cells
d. Sertoli cells

9. Central drug research institute is located in
a. Patna
b. Ranchi
c. Lucknow
d. Kanpur

10. ABO blood grouping in human being is an example of
a. Dominance
b. Co-dominance
c. Independent assortment
d. Linkage

Group – B :
Question no.11– 13 carries 2 marks each 2×3 = 6
11. Name the lymphocytes present in our body and give one function.
12. Name the islands, which Darwin visited during his journey. Give an example of Adaptive radiation.
13. Male reproductive system consists of?

Group – C :
Question no. 14 – 16 carries 3 marks each 3×3 = 9
14. What is biodiversity? Write the types of diversity you have read.
15. Give the three names of freshwater and marine fishes.
16. Complete the abbreviation
(a) AIDS
(c) MOET

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